The manuscript of survival 20121123 Let Your Children Be Heavenletter #4382 Published on: November 23, 2012 God said:


Sometimes you make correlations that are not to your benefit nor to the benefit of your children, and you speak them. You say certain combinations of words more than once. They are habits of speech. They are predictions you make. You may not realize what you are saying. This may be especially true as you raise your children.

Be careful what you are putting into the minds of your children and what you are echoing to the Universe. You may want to bite your tongue. Increase the range of what you say to Our children who depend upon you.

Sometimes you create what you don’t want. You might say to your child at meals: “If you don’t eat, you will get sick.” You may say: “Good boys eat.” You may say: “You want Santa Claus to come to you, don’t you?” You draw conclusions. You make one thing dependent upon another. You make conditions.

Your child will grow up and not remember your words, and yet, as an adult, the unremembered cautions may set off a mechanism within him that make him eat too much or have indigestion. He wants to be the good boy who grows up to be a good man. Your edicts may follow him.

The words you say to your children may predict their future. What are your expectations, and what are you saying? Better to say nothing than to program your child in the ways you don’t want him to go. Attribute health to your children.

Children absorb what you say into their cells. You may think they are not absorbing at all. You may forget. Your children may forget and yet, somewhere deep within, your words hammer away at them.

Beloved mothers and fathers, it is natural for your children to eat. Eating is one of the pleasures on Earth. Let mealtime be a pleasure for your child. It’s all right if he doesn’t eat this time. He will eat another.

Start expecting your child to eat, and leave him alone. Expect your child to be in good health, and let him be. No need to hover over him. Enjoy your children. Let them enjoy you. Think of enjoying them more than you think of raising them. No need to be a quartermaster. Merriment is worth far more than correction.

Your children, regardless of appearance, take you seriously, every word you say.

The best thing you can do for your children is to enjoy them. As you enjoy them, they become more and more enjoyable. Remember they are children. They may get under your feet. They may be in your hair, yet they look up to you and rely on you for everything.

Childhood is meant to be happy.

Giving happiness is not spoiling your children. Spoiling them is when you give them something as a means of appeasement so you don’t have to bother with them. Things are not a substitute for your love.

Of course, you are entitled to a break. You have your needs too. Respect your child, and he will respect you. Listen to your child, and he will listen to you. Respect doesn’t mean catering to your child.

To your child, you are a God. He expects you to know everything and be everything. He doesn’t yet understand that you are a mortal with anxieties of your own. Yes, to your young child, you are a Supreme Being. You are only human, yes, but you are also your child’s shining light.

Have faith in your child. Be faithful to love over impatience.





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