The manuscript of survival 20121025 The manuscript of survival – part 213


As you have already ascertained, the sun is starting to deliver her gifts to you once again. The energies will be intense this time around, and for many, that will mean some rather acute physical symptoms too. Do not worry dear ones, as they will not be anything aside from a bit irritating. In other words, even if the fallout from some of these incoming rounds of energetic bombardements may leave you feeling more than a little exhausted, it will not have any lasting effects on you. Or rather, the lasting effect will as always be a very beneficial one, even if your body will try to tell you otherwise. So please, stay calm and centered and remember to breathe into it all, even if your body or even your mind will try to get you into overdrive. There is nothing to fear in any of this, only that you should lose yourself to the temptation of going into fear, as this is only the next phase in this long line of energetic imprints that is being placed into your bodies. So again, feel free to revel in the fact that any physical or mental unpleasantness that may erupt in the days ahead will only be a signal of something very positive coming into your system, so do not take it as anything else. And remember, even if you do not exhibit any kind of ”symptoms” because of this, it will not mean that you have been left out of it. It will only mean that these energies coming in do not trigger anything in your system, but they will deliver their message into you as well. So stay centered, and keep breathing, and know that the next few days will bring along many a message from ”outer space” and into you all.





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