Good Vibrations from SIRIUS 20121015 Laura – How do the Galactics Protect Mother Earth?


Today’s Solar Flares were felt in a powerful way, although they were prevented from reaching us.

Laura – How do the Galactics Protect Mother Earth?

Looking at this picture from facebook for today, 14th Oct 2012, it is very clear to me that it is no coincidence that our planet is still alive and kicking. I am receiving the distinct impression that it is no coincidence that the most powerful solar flares are avoiding mother Gaia.

My intuition tells me that, although the power of the Sun is not something many Galactic Civilisations can easily toy with, we are being helped and protected here in a huge way.

I have no proof as such, other than my own Higher Self guidance and intuition of course. However, we do have something if we consider all these UFOs gravitating around our Sun.

One can see the huge starship working on the Sun here. This ship is the size of a planet

One can wonder what are they doing there? My own hypothesis is that they are monitoring the Sun, utilize its energy, but they can also ignite explosions in areas close to affection Gaia if a solar flare was to be potentially heading directly our way. In other words, when too much pressure and energy builds up in an area threatening our planet and our satellite network system, they have the go ahead to divert these potential energetic flares from reaching our planet.

A little like a pressure cooker works, when too much pressure is built up inside, there is a release system. Our safety nets are the Galactics, who are here to ignite potentially harmful flares away from Earth.

This could be done with their technology, and remember that Type 3 Galactic Civilisations can utilise and work with Suns energy. Star main stream scientists such as Michio Kaju and Geoff Marcy are firm believers of on the possible existence of the billion years old type of advanced civilisations.

They are doing this without asking us for money or other gains, they are not waiting for us to ask for their help and protection. They are doing this, as usual, while most of us are unaware of their helping hand, while others fear them, and while our government has been doing everything to “take them down”.

Seems rather selfless and like unconditional to me! Personally this is a rather humbling and extremely grateful thought, how does it make you feel?

Hugs to everybody! Have a super week! Laura

Note from Laura:

According to Michio Kaku (also Geoff Marcy and it is pretty much an accepted idea among scientists like Tyson De Grasse etc), if i recall properly from TV and articles:
TYPE 1 civilisation can are at pretty much powerless in front of their own planet’s weather patterns.
TYPE 2 civilisations can control and utilise their own planet’s weather and harness its natural energy, such as Nikola Tesla used to speak of, and also what Egyptians and Atlanteans used to do for breakfast :)
TYPE 3 civilisations can work and harness and control their own or any Sun’s energy.
We are now officially between type 1 and type 2.
Hugs and good night :)






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