Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20120916 The Dolphin Collective ~~ The new way of communication is telepathy ~~ 15/09/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont


Hello, my lovely ones. Once more we have arrived at a point in time where we bring our collective energy together to share this message with all of you.


Cooperation is of the utmost importance now; the oceans are being purified to a very high degree and much transpires as to the effects of this clean-up. This is our task and our greatest Love that we implement now, as our oceans and Mother Earth are so very dear to our hearts. They fully deserve to once again be rendered into their original purified state and to that end we gladly contribute our big mite. Of course, we are not alone in this and we are supported by many others, including some  specific human souls. During your sleeping hours we may expect this support from specific human souls amongst you and each time it has been a truly pleasant cooperation. We are so grateful for this!


To humanity, and more specifically to those who from their hearts have sent Love to us and to the oceans, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks for the support and assistance that we have received. We were in a position to really sense and observe this; the Love you’ve sent was so astonishingly beautiful and pure of heart. You do so much more than you give yourself credit for and that applies to your Selves as well.

It is not because something is invisible that it does not exist, far from it, my lovely ones. In fact, there is as much power and Light present in energy meaning that it can be used by all and for everything in order to convert it into manifestation, into creation, into expression and into something visible. It is recommended that you use your sixth sense, also called your third eye for this. Your sixth sense is a beautiful and powerful sense-organ capable of showing you everything that is considered “invisible”, but which in fact is very real! Let this function properly, by showing you what has always played out around you : the things you have never seen but have sensed nonetheless on an inner level. Your third eye is your eye, your perception in images, your vision, your communication. As you already know, we communicate telepathically with each other :  we have a non-stop system of communication which joins us with each other and with ourSelves as well as with our star family on Sirius. We possess these gifts as does the human race.


The new way of communication is telepathy : your telephone – and internet systems are not a patch on it. In all honesty we can say that you will no longer need those devices! They certainly are not devices that bring you closer to each other. Rather, they are subversive forms of authority and control. Everything that is communicated and shared using telephones or the internet can be followed and controlled : there is no freedom in this. It only gives the illusion of freedom to communicate this way with whomever you want and wherever you want. Only telepathy can procure true freedom, my lovely ones. No more phone – or internet bills, no reaching bandwidth limitations and absolutely no control whatsoever. It is your communication and you are totally free in this as nobody can eavesdrop on your conversation. Doesn’t that sound far better? We surely think so and we would be most pleased to again offer you this kind of freedom. It is all contained in your Selves, my lovely ones, in the one and only You!


We develop our capabilities and our natural gifts ad infinitum just as you do, but telepathy is our strongest asset. Now it will become yours as well, facilitating our mutual connections in times to come. As we’ve already pointed out, telepathy is the new way of communication with us and others, with your Self and your guides and with whomever you want. Telepathically we also provide our messages through this beloved soul, who is now carefully typing out this message. We love her so dearly and we love you all so much! Develop your third eye as it will assist you in your evolution. The coming energies and activations will assist in this regards; however, it is ultimately up to all of you to develop this gift effectively on an increasingly higher level. We wish you much fun in the discoveries you will all make the moment this possibility has been activated in you and we sincerely hope to talk to you all when the time is ripe. Until then we will continue to lovingly give our messages through this beloved scribe as it will be our pleasure to do so.


We are the Dolphin Collective and we thank you heartily. 


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