AA Michael by Ron Head Eng 20120914 Enjoy each experience now and relish each forward step. – Michael channeled by Ron Head



We begin today’s message by noting with chagrin the current squabbles about different channels.  We see no positive potential in such conflict.  Channels receive information from whomever they resonate with.  Readers choose which to read or not read.  The ultimate choice is with the individual reader. Discernment is urged when reading all channels.  At this point in your journey, you should be able to make such distinctions for yourselves, either between channels, or even between concepts from the same channel.  Please see that, in the developing conversation between our dimension and yours, you are growing and progressing daily.  It is not that we are coming to your rescue, dear ones.  It is that you are approaching the dimensional awareness which you have been estranged from.  You are, of course, free to hold whatever opinions you choose.  We ask, however that you not indulge in conflict between lightworkers.  This is not productive, and in many cases is taken advantage of by negative energies, if not indeed instigated by them.

On to happier thoughts.  We are very pleased with the flood of light engulfing your planet at this time, and even happier with the way you have prepared for it and used it.  There are still many millions of souls who have no conscious awareness of these things, but for those of you who do, the influence is becoming quite unmistakable.

Some are experiencing differing kinds of discomfort, fearing that they are not receiving or that they are ‘doing it wrong’.  You cannot do it wrong, my friends.  It is a new experience for you, and you must begin where you are.

Imagine you are learning to surf.  Some are up on the board in a few tries.  Some take a bit longer, even a lot longer, but their joy at riding that first wave will only be greater when they finally get it.  And do not feel you have to do it alone.  There are many around you now willing to give you a hand up, just as you will do yourself soon.

Many also are experiencing turmoil in their lives and forgetting to equate it to the clearing out of old energies which they have read about repeatedly of late.  This will pass, my friends, if you do not give it the energy it is used to receiving from you.  Thoughts are only your thoughts if you claim them with your attention.  And if thoughts are things, then things are thoughts, no?  Situations are beliefs.  Beliefs are causes.

But, at this juncture, you are receiving so much loving light from your Creator that you might just as well allow these things to pass.  Their frequency can now be surpassed by you and they will just cease.  We know that you are not used to that way of dealing with things, but you have never traveled this way before.

Begin to grasp now the power of who you are and where you are headed.  Understand the love and the trust your Creator has in you to allow you to do this amazing thing without interfering with your free will.  Try to see for yourself the awesome being we see when we look at you.  Don’t worry about your ego.  When you truly begin to grasp this, we promise you it will be a humbling experience.

Enjoy each experience now and relish each forward step.  We are, as always, by your side ready to help however we can.  Good day, dear hearts.

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