Contacting Beings of Light 20120914 The Creation Principle of the Accumulative Factors of the Living Geometries of Light of the New Earth-Fall Equinox 2012


Channeler: Judith K. Moore

September 12, 2012

Fall Equinox Reaches a Melchizedek Principle, an Accumulative Solar Factor that will reach a Quantum Energy for the Capacity of Light to be Accelerated on the Planet.

This is an Ascension Dynamic, a plan to Amplify the Creation Dynamics on Earth.

Tr. by Sean, ed. by Sandra, M.

JKM 9-12-12 The Creation Principle of the Accumulative Factors of the Living Geometries of Light of the New Earth-Fall Equinox 2012

Judith in Denver and Sean in Salmon Arm 5:30 am PST

We open to the Source of Creation, the power of the Infinite Oneness and the wisdom of the universe, with the intention to receive any message that is from the highest source of light.

This message is given from the consciousness that is a soul consciousness of the Ascended Masters, through the ascension planes.

There are areas of consciousness now, on the planet, that have evolved into a frequency of Oneness and are actually generating harmonic frequencies into the Earth’s hologram. These source areas are areas where souls of light are called to co-create with the elementals, the cosmic forces and the collective power of their light bodies. They are the first regions that reach a capacity to fully utilize and integrate solar powers and the cosmic frequencies.

The energy systems in these areas have developed crystalline geometric structure through which there is an amplification of conscious intention and collective focus on the principles of universal law, through communion with the water elements and the dynamics of the Earth’s elemental systems. This means that the energy generated from the collective field of the souls, the ascension beings that are of the 131313, their collective frequency, Bringers of the Dawn, has actually developed the capacity to harmonize with the emerging hologram of the 5th-dimensional Earth.

These are areas which may not be defined purely by what you would think of as spiritual centers. It certainly includes the spiritual centers. But they are areas where humanity is gravitating towards the higher principles of community and co-creative energy. These are areas, through the sacred geometry principles of light, that have been awakened and utilized with the soul groups that are using the sacred geometries of light and actually putting them to work, actually working with the geometric formulas.

These formulas have become the formulas for peaceful co-creation, and have formed lenses in these regions where there is sufficient collective energy to feed the light into the new hologram, to receive the cosmic frequencies and the DNA from Creation Source, the new DNA codes, organizing into light structures through sacred geometry principles. This creates the holographic lens for the 5th-dimensional Earth.

These areas are well developed energy centers and, of course, involve the individuals who have focused on spiritual centers, honoring the principles of One and unity through diversity, sovereignty. Those particular energy centers are amplifying the energies generated by the living blueprint of the 5th-dimensional Earth.

As the old paradigm hologram plays itself out, those centers, which are centers of higher amplification of cosmic frequencies, radiate energy into the collective. This creates, through the principles of quantum harmonic resonance, geodesic crystalline energy forms that are truly the seeds of light for the New Holographic Earth.

In the area where the Earth is still restricted in the quality and vibration of the energy, there are certain souls of light which may or may not define themselves as spiritual beings but live by spiritual principles. Those souls of light, their DNA is calibrated to psychically connect to these geodesic seeds, which gives space for the expansion of the sacred light geometry principles.

The souls of light on the planet that are the beings who have agreed to cooperate with the ascension principles of Creation for the Earth have matured through the test of their faith. Through their practice of light principles, they have matured.

As you approach alignments, such as the fall Equinox of 2012, when the cosmos, itself, bursts forth with energy that are powerful frequencies of Creation, and the sun generates the solar principles of Solar Genesis, these systems are prepared, because you will gather individually with your collective conscious groups in the non-physical reality, and collectively in groups, such as ceremonies that are coming in these next days. Those quantum energetics accelerate the propensity of velocity of the quality of light on the planet.

All of this is organized in crystalline structures through the harmonics of sound and light frequencies, through the whales and the dolphins. As they came in the beginning, the cetaceans carry the language of light for the manifestation of the manna, the manifestation of the power of Creation, and the Creation languages, that manifests the New Earth Principles, manifests the Creation Principles of the emerging Earth in the birthing through the birthing waters, through the womb of the Great Mother Principle.

This means that all that is born of light these days is directly channeled through the Great Mother Principle, and that the whales and the dolphins will be sending intelligent communications, whale songs, dolphin codes, to all conscious beings. These intelligent communications give instructions on a super-conscious level for the New Human to develop the skills of co-creation with the Universal Oneness.

This power enhances the capacity for balance, harmonic relationship and the creative principles of the highest aspect of human consciousness.

The purpose of this message is to acknowledge this phenomenon and to offer the opportunity for the ascension workers on the planet to consciously engage with this system.

Those of you, who have developed communication skills with the whales and the dolphins, now is the time for you to open your psyche to the supreme intelligent frequencies that the whales and the dolphins will be sending to humanity through you, as transmitters of light.

Certainly, you have developed the ability to work through the water element of the planet because it is through your communion with water that all Creation is enhanced. Because Gaia is a water planet and Creation first emerged from the water principle, and now that very water principle is the core energetics, the core energetics, for the birthing of this new light which opens now in these days of light and begins its process of quantum acceleration.

Waves, waves of such intelligent energies, such as you have never experienced before, will be transmitted through your field. It is important to hydrate yourself. It is important to connect to water sources during these days of light. Think of the way that water receives the sparkling energy of the sun. How beautiful it is when you see the ocean or the lake turn golden with the light of the sun. That is the holographic mirror and the principle that allows you a space of visualization for the receptivity that is opening now, with these Creation energies.

Prepare for a new emergence. But also prepare that there will be a new demand on your energy body, requiring each individual to be sensitive to the power that is moving through your physical body. Be sensitive to your body’s needs at this time.

There is an accumulative solar principle through the solstice gates on the planet. Please do not rush through this sentence. It is an important sentence.

Throughout the Ages, the centers where the ancients arranged Equinox and Solstice alignment calendars, those are the essential points on the planet because there is accumulative solar principle. For example, Stonehenge, built as a great cosmic generator, has accumulated fractals of solar frequencies, every Equinox and Solstice, every one, from the moment of inception.

This Fall Equinox reaches a Melchizedek Principle. Don’t just think of Stonehenge. Think of Chaco Canyon. Think of Malta. Think of Giza. Think of every single stone circle where the solar calendars were set, every temple in any country, South Africa, Mexico, Peru. It’s not necessary to list all these places, but now imagine that that is an enormous calibrated device that has an accumulative solar factor that will reach now, in this Fall Equinox, a Melchizedek Principle. That means that each of these solar codes form fractals of light, that are living geometries.

An accumulative factor has to reach a quantum energy at some point. And everything in the universe is primed for this opportunity for the capacity of light to be accelerated on the planet. This is purely the Ascension Dynamics and a system that was guided by the highest conscious intelligence of Universal Oneness, working through many realms and dimensions, to create this quality, this particular quality NOW, to amplify the Creation dynamics.

Thus, what is given is given of love through the principles of Infinite Oneness, and this light shall not perish upon the Earth, but to generate, to be bountiful, fruitful and abundant.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

The date itself indicates one of those Gregorian triggers of our calendar, 9, the number of completion, and the 12-12 being the master Melchizedek code.

Laurie Reyon is going to be down with the incredibly intelligent group of dolphins in Panama with, of course, Grandma Jojo with the Metatron Principles. I think of the gathering of these grandmothers at Flora de Mayo’s. That is this weekend.





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