Good Vibrations from SIRIUS 20120913 Jeshua: Connecting With Your God Self


Channeler: Judith Coates

Tuesday, 11 September, 2012 

Beloved one, this is a year of change. This is a year when you will be making changes, because deep within yourself you want something very, very important to you as a soul being. You are going to allow yourself to dream, “How can this come about? How can this be? How can I make the dream a reality—lower case ‘r’—and then how can I know that it truly comes from my Reality—capital ‘R’?”

This is a very powerful year, when you are beginning to feel some of the changes in vibration. You are beginning to feel possibilities. They seem yet beyond your grasp. They are just beyond the fingertips. But there are choices. Allow yourself a moment right now to ask of yourself, “What is my deepest desire? What would I like to see made manifest? What in my life would I do, experience, if I could?”

At first you will have ideas and the ego will say, “Well, that’s just an idea, a dream.” But the more you think about it and you look at possibilities as to what would be the first step to making this manifest, you see that you can take a step to make it a reality. You can connect with the power that you are—not power that you have, but power that you are—and bring together that which you truly desire at a very deep level.

The next couple of months are going to be very active in ways that are going to be setting a foundation for the changes that have been prophesied. You have been preparing in the last few months for some changes. You have been questioning. “Maybe what I’m doing right now, where I am right now, maybe that’s not what I want to experience. Maybe I want to make some changes and feel free. I want to come from the caterpillar into the butterfly and feel free.”

You can do this. It is time. You have in your reality a belief, a very deep-seated belief, in process, in time, that everything has a beginning, a middle which is probably quite long, and then an achievement of the goal, whatever the goal may be. And when you get to the goal, you find that there can be a refinement of the goal. There can be more, because then you have a new perspective, and then you move on to making some more changes.

Nothing is ever set in concrete. I have said to you many times, it is most wonderful what you do with improvisation. I watch you as you think you are stuck in something. “I really have to do it this way. This is what the world tells me it has to be.” And then you make some improv. You change in a moment.

And that is what is going to be happening in the next few months of your timing. You are going to be making some changes that even now seem to be impossible. You are going to say, “But I have to leave behind some of the things that I have thought were important.” Well, if they are that important to you, you are going to bring them along with you into the new reality. If they do not come into the new reality with you, they were never that important. They served their place for a time, and then you are a new person. You get to change.

Separated ego may say, “But I don’t really want to change, because at least the suffering that I do, I know it and it is familiar. It hurts, but I know it.” But I say unto you, you do not have to keep your hologram in limitation. Your hologram—we have spoken many months about the hologram—your reality, the illusion of reality, can be anything that you want it to be, and it can be any time that you want it to be.

Allow yourself to take all of the limitations off of the illusion of this reality, and know that truly you can walk out into what seems to be thin air and you will still be supported. You have to be, because you are the one creating. So take that step into what seems to be thin air. Put on the earmuffs so that you do not hear separated ego. Allow the I Am Ego of you to flourish.

This is the time now. There is no other time that you need to wait for. It will seem to separated ego that you are doing an upheaval, and you are. So when separated ego starts talking to you and says you cannot do this, put the earmuffs on. Allow yourself to move forward and to say, “Yes, this is what I want to do. This is where I want to go. This is what I feel guided to do. It may not seem logical. It may not even seem possible.” But if you want something truly at the soul level, and it is like life itself to you, then this is the time to move forward on it. There will never be a better time. The next few months of your timing are going to be very productive. Sometimes they are going to seem upside down. Sometimes they are going to seem illogical. They are going to seem happy. They are going to seem crazy. Others are going to say, “But this isn’t really the right time to be making changes.”

If not now, when? What are you waiting for? If there is a desire deep within your soul, listen to it. Act on it. Allow it to come forth, even if it means that you have to make big, big, changes. Everything is possible.

All you have to do is, first of all, take the deep breath. Second of all, get clear about what your soul is really longing for and what it would look like, and then to ask, “What is the first step?” You do not have to know all of the steps. That may be where separated ego runs in and says, “But it’s too much, master. I can’t handle all of that.” Of course not; you only have to handle the first step, and then the second step will be made clear to you.

“Oh, but I can’t do that.” Why not? You have made other big changes in your life, even if you did not know what was going to be happening. As you look back on this lifetime, you can see that you were guided by your higher Self, by your soul. You were guided. Even though you might not have known it, there was a drawing forth from the soul level for you to be making manifest that which you truly desired.

This year is a year of changes. This year is a powerful year, because you are going to take charge even if separated ego says, “You have totally lost all logical reasoning; there’s no way.” But there is a way, and you make it—by choice.

You connect with the God Self of you, and from the God Self of you, all things are possible. Now, I know…I faced in my lifetime, the lifetime that is so famous, times when things seemed to be quite impossible. And I questioned. And yet there was a knowing from the soul level to do, to go places, to speak. “Who am I” I said, “to speak that which I know? I’ll speak it to a few people. I’ll collect a few disciples unto myself and I’ll teach a small group,” such as the ones that I had been in and had learned from — the master teachers that I studied with. “I’ll have a small group of ones and I will share that which the masters have shared with me. I will share with a small group.”

Well, that was not the soul purpose—s-o-u-l; s-o-l-e — purpose. And I found more and more people hungering to know their freedom, their joy; wanting to know that which I knew—first, at a mental level…you see, it did not all come right away. There was a period of testing out. There was a period of trying, trusting, moving forward, even until the crucifixion and the resurrection.

Did I know that I could resurrect the body? Mentally I knew I could. But in truth—lower case “t”—I was not quite sure. But there was a direction from the soul, as you have had in this lifetime. And the best way to know the soul direction, what it is calling out to you to do, is to look back on this lifetime and to see how you have been guided; how you have made choices when you did not even know you were making a choice. But you chose, and it has brought you here to this point.

You have a deep yearning at the soul level, and there are times when you are going to question, “Is this truly from my soul?” Well, if it does not seem to make sense, it is probably from your soul because separated ego likes everything to make sense. And if reasons come up that say, “Well, you had better not make that choice,” with a fear-based feeling, then you will know that that comes from separated ego which has held you for a while until there was enough energy to burst forth.

This year is going to give you the energy to connect with your God Self, the soul of you, and to move forward in ease, in joy. It does not have to be difficult. The only time it is difficult is when you believe it has to be difficult in order to prove something to yourself or perhaps to others. That is the only time when it seems to be difficult. The rest of the time you go according to what you feel brings you joy.

You may have to sit with yourself for a while, and you may have to go deep within yourself to find what brings you joy. Some of you have been practicing and you know what brings you joy, but there is always something a little bit deeper or behind the joy that you feel. There is always a chance to go deeper and to feel more joy, to the place where truly you cannot keep the feet upon our holy Mother Earth.

You will be walking quite lightly; not because you have to prove anything, but just because you feel quite light. But I get ahead of myself there; that will come later in this year. This is the lifetime when you are awakening. You have prayed other lifetimes that you would know more of yourSelf—capital “S”—that you would know more of what everything meant and why you were experiencing what you were experiencing. And this lifetime then has come so that you can consciously know that you are a master, so that you can consciously know that you create; that you put together all of the pieces even though it may seem at the time that the pieces are coming together for different reasons—maybe not even for the highest reasons. And yet when you look back, you will see that the choices were for the highest and best.

A lot of times when you are sleeping—and I do not mean in the nighttime sleeping—but a lot of times when you are going about your business focusing upon the worldly issues and what needs to be done, the soul of you is working, orchestrating the next step, and you may not consciously…you probably are not conscious of what is going on, but you make the choices directed by the God Self of you or the soul of you, the soul that truly wants to awaken.

And we have spoken at other times that all of you who know your connection to me have had very deep reinforcement of the possibility of abandonment when you saw me crucified and when you felt I had left you. When you knew that I had raised Lazarus from the dead, when you knew that I could facilitate healings, when you knew that I had the power to save myself, did I not care enough about you that I would save myself to be with you?

Maybe you said to yourself, “I’m not worth it. Maybe he doesn’t want to be with me any longer. He’s left me. And if he leaves me, and I know he has the power to stay with me, maybe everybody in my experience, maybe everybody in my whole experience of this lifetime and other lifetimes is going to abandon me because I’m not worth their staying around to help me.”

You have carried that at a subconscious level. You have carried the feeling of abandonment, and it is a button that gets pushed easily, and you dig yourself very quickly a very deep hole and you think, “Oh, I’m not worthy. I’ve tried. I’ve tried my best. See how I’ve suffered? But I guess I’m not worthy. I guess he/she doesn’t care.” And it goes back to the very deep reinforcement of the belief at the time of the crucifixion.

There were lifetimes before that where there were experiences of abandonment, but that one, for those of you who are close to me, that one went very deep into the psyche, and you have carried it for two thousand years. So where am I now? I am back here with you. Maybe the form is a little bit different, but there are other times when I make my own form and I come and I sit next to you and I talk with you, and you are not quite sure who it is, but it is somebody very friendly and they seem very loving and wise.

I am wise, because I know That Which you are. And you are wise, because you recognize something in me, and it is the same that abides within you, the God Self, the holy soul of you.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Copyright © 2011 Oakbridge University. 




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