Ascension Earth 2012 GREG GILES : 20120913 Message from the Ashtar Command 9/12/12 ‘Goodwill Towards Man’


Seemingly impossible dreams are now being reached by you and all of the people of your Earth who envisioned for themselves a land designed as an incredible reward for everything that they would have to endure to enable themselves to be the receiver of such a wonderful gift. This day is now rapidly approaching. It is in your sites, it is just up ahead, and when we use these metaphors for you we usually mean they are up ahead quite some distance, but you are indeed closing in on them, getting closer every day and this is why we use the term ‘soon’ or ‘in the days ahead’, for this is the best we can do.

Believe it or not, we do not know when it is you will reach this next milestone for yourselves. We still do not know our dear friends when it is the first members of your people will poke through, so to speak, the bubbles of dimensional layer. This is what you are waiting on. You are not waiting on us to do anything. It can be said that it is we that are waiting on you, although we tell you we are not sitting around waiting for anything, as we are working very diligently each and every day, all day, all, what to you would be night, and all throughout what to you would be a week. It is then that we start all over again in a constant continual motion, and what we are doing is helping you burst through this bubble.


This is what we are doing each day for you. We are not lounging around and taking it easy while you do all the work, as we have said, we are here to assist you and assist you we will do around the clock, as you say, for this is why we are here and while we are here we are not going to do anything else until we complete our task and begin to escort the first of you up and through the dimensional layers that have divided us for so long. For some of you, it has been so long since you worked, lived and socialized with us, your friends and your family of the higher realms. We see that many of you have forgotten what it is like working with our command on board our ships. If you could remember more clearly you would remember that we do not loaf around, that we work tirelessly, we work in duty and honor for our commands and our beliefs in service to others, in our, what you can say in a way is charity to others, though, we do not look at it as charity as you may.


We look at it as what we are, it is what we do. It is our lives, it is our hopes, it is our dreams, it is everything for us and about us, and that is helping another. You may be able to see this and you may be able to start remembering this, for many of you, yes many of you are members of our organization the Ashtar Command. There are not just a few of you who are incarnated representatives of our organization, no. There are quite a number of you and this figure may surprise. We would say that there are among your people approximately two to three million of you who are members of our organization. Does this surprise you? Is this number surprising? Is this number quite higher than you had imagined? We feel this number would outweigh the number many of you may have envisioned considering the miniscule number of you that have awakened and have responded to your true divine purpose, your mission here in service to others and this planet as well who is also ‘another’, you may say, as she too is a being, a living, breathing and conscious being, an emotionally experiencing being.


She is not just a rock that floats in space as many of you may imagine a planet as. She is alive. She breathes through her trees, these are her lungs. She drinks her own waters and absorbs them through her soil. She cools herself with ice and she warms herself with the sun. She nourishes herself with the essence of life, with love, the love she receives from her furry creatures, insects, birds, fishes, all kinds of animals and humans as well. This is how the love that she has for you and gives to you is reciprocated. She asks for so little, yet she gives so much. Do you see how much she gives you? She gives you a home, she gives you shelter, she gives you materials to make your clothing, she gives you plenty of food, she gives you plenty of water, she gives you cloud cover to protect you from the burning rays of the sun and she gives you warmth to shelter you from her cold spells. She provides you an education and fun, excitement and adventure. She provides you mystery and wonder, challenges and absolutely breathtaking beauty.


Can you believe sometimes how beautiful she is? We cannot, for we have traveled to such a great many places throughout this universe and we will tell you that there is not many places as beautiful as she. We wish you to remember this and we wish you to think about this the next time you are passing a factory or a power plant polluting her skies, her soil and her water. Remember that the next time you see piles of garbage in fields or in forest. Remember that as you are driving down yet another stretch of asphalt that blankets her like scars on a beautiful child. Remember this, for we are going to help you change all this, but we always want you to remember what had happened to her, and we want you to do your best to make sure it never happens again.


This we will also make sure, for we will always be here in one form or another, in representation, to look over you, to keep in touch with you, to always observe what is going on here for this planet, she is a very special place. She is a little different we will say than any other place in this entire universe. We wish to describe for you a little bit how and why she is so beautifully unique. She is so precious, for she was built a little differently. Her upbringing you may say was a little more complex, a little more nurtured and treasured and attended to than many other planets in this entire universe, for it was here on this outpost way out beyond the center of this gorgeous galaxy where many great minds from all over this universe came together and chose this planet where there was to be built a very special civilization. A place where beings from all throughout this entire universe, throughout each and every galaxy could come here and join together in brotherhood, in sisterhood, in common good and love and service to each other.


It was here that it would be more a fairground, more a university, if you will, more a great conference hall, a place where all different kinds of beings from all different kinds of lives would come and share together their journeys, their stories, their histories, their cultures and their gifts. This planet was to be a remarkable place, a great library, a living and breathing and feeling library, where all of the people that visited here or lived here could walk through the forest or through fields or through flowers and learn the histories of all of the different races and cultures and worlds throughout this entire universe. How this would be done, you may ask?  


Well, how it would be done was, let us say, you come upon a beautiful tree, and this tree would actually begin to speak to if you began to speak to it. It would begin to reveal to you its history, where it has come from, who raised her, how she lives and breathes and thinks, and she would explain to you the culture of the people and their planet that brought her here. Say you would then walk through flowers in a field and you would say hello to them and they, the flowers, would say hello back to you. You could ask them what kind of flowers that they are and they would tell you. You could ask them where they come from and they would explain this to you. You could ask them who are the people that brought you beautiful flowers here, and they would begin to describe for you the history of their people.


What do you think of that? Do you think that was a wonderful vision that these beings who journeyed here and conferred together came up with? Well, that is the truth dear ones. That is the true history of your planet, and we have a surprise for you. Nothing has changed. This plan was not discarded or forgotten long ago through the aging sands of windblown time, no. This plan is still the plan, and it is still very viable and possible for you to experience just what it is that this planet was designed and sculpted for. What do you think? Is this exciting and does this surprise you? Can you believe that there will be a day when you can walk through the forest and speak to all the different kinds of trees and they will recite for you their long history and the cultures that have brought them here to this beautiful little blue planet that floats majestically on the outskirts of this, your beautiful Milky Way galaxy?


What we have said here is true dear ones, and this is the vision we see for your planet until this very day. You, the people of Earth, the children of her, are all brothers and sisters and this entire planet is the house, is the home that you share. We wish you to always remember this the next time you have an issue with another and they may say something you do not agree with and you feel compelled to lean into them with harsh words or a rather hostile vibration. We just wish to remind you of what kind of special place is this home that you share with them and that if you and this other person were not special as well, you would not be here, for only certain individuals were ‘selected’, you may use the word ‘chosen’ if you’d like, as some of your ancient texts use the word chosen instead of selected, that is the only difference. We simply have begun to use the word selected, but it was then when your ancient books were written that we, yes it was we, chose to use the word chosen.


Are you beginning to see who we may be now? Yes dear ones, we are all of those ‘Gods’ that were spoken of in your Holy Bible, your Quran, your Torah, your Egyptian manuscripts, all of your wonderful and beautiful and in many ways accurate ancient texts, spiritual, religious, as you say, historical books and stone carvings. Yes, we are the ‘Gods’ as you called us then, and many of you still use the term God, but we do not you see, that is the only difference. Again, we simply do not refer to ourselves as Gods as perhaps some of us dared thousands of years ago in your time. This has caused a great deal of confusion, as many of you today still debate with each other whether there is one God or many Gods or false Gods and we say to you it’s really rather a matter of simplicity and is very easy to understand.


We, the members of the Ashtar Command and also our brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light were here way back then. We traveled in our ships which were quite an eyeful for the human population here as you can imagine, and we possessed tools of greatly advanced technology, tools that they had never before seen. So naturally they believed we were something different than they, we were something far and above them, which is not true whatsoever, we wish to make that clear today and every day. We are you, so how could we be any different than you? We simply possessed tools and technologies and clothing that they did not, for they were, you may say, in their ‘infancy’, although a few thousand years ago considering you have been here hundreds of thousands of years is certainly not an infant child, no, but in terms of technology yes, you were at a stage of your development that was more the world of a child, for you had fallen great steps ‘down’, you may say, or behind would be more accurate.


Your people and your civilization reverted back from a super advanced technological world back to an age where you were learning the finer points, we will say, of farming and of hunting and gathering. Not all at the same time, but through different periods. Your modern-day historians and archaeologists and scholars believe this was your birth, when you were just learning these things, but we remind you that you were not at all learning them, you were in a way relearning them, for you had done these types of chores before, but it was not here and it was not on this planet, no.


You had learned to farm and hunt and gather and domesticate animals and all these things attributed to your ancestors here on this planet far removed from this planet on other planets where you originally came from, where you first began to build civilizations. Do you see? When you came here you were far from learning agricultural standards and practices. When you came here you were fully knowledgeable beings living in a fully functional technological world, an advanced world, a world far more advanced technologically than you are today. You were also much further advanced spiritually, mentally, emotionally and academically than you are today.


Yes, this is what some of your ancient texts referred to as the ‘fall of man’. The ‘fall of man’ was not your journey here or your reason or cause for you being here, we wish to make that clear. The fall of man refers to a period in your history when a cataclysm caused your advanced societies to plummet into the ocean and caused many of you to start all over again from the beginning where you had to relearn agriculture and relearn how to hunt and to gather and to fish, how to domesticate animals and relearn how to treat each other and work and socialize with each other, for you see, what happened here was  a tragedy that left only a very small number of you, and when this happens there is going to be a regression period, for so much of your knowledge and your advancement and your refinement was lost deep below the seas.


Do you understand this clearer today dear one? Do you see how the entire portrayal of your history is just one great big false story, a misleading story, a work of fiction? You were never primitive beings on this planet. You were not what your scholars and historians and archaeologists refer to as cavemen and cavewomen, that is obscene, that is a lie. You came here as very highly advanced beings from so many different planets in this universe, and it is the cultures of these planets, it is your brothers and sisters of these worlds who are offended the most by these slanderous portrayals of your history and the name that has been given your ancestors; caveman and cavewoman. It is what your ancient books describe as blasphemy. That is blasphemous.


We will, with your assistance, for you were here and you will remember being here, rewrite all of your ancient texts including, and we wish to be delicate here, the collection of books that you refer to as The Holy Bible, for there are many wonderful stories and historical depictions contained within those wonderful pages and we, those who were also here throughout those periods of your history, wish to simply make them more accurate, bring them more to life, fill in some of the blanks, as you say, and clear up some misconceptions, confusions and outright blasphemies.


This is what we, with you, are going to do, and do not worry, for those of you who believe that we are going to delete some of the many characters portrayed in these ancient books, for the most part, all of the characters that you read about were actual living, breathing beings here on this planet and, for the most part again, we say their lives and their tales were described very accurately, yes. What do you think about that? We would love to see you talk amongst yourselves today and discuss who we may be referring to and discuss with yourselves if this surprises you. Did you think that the stories recited in your Holy Bible were works of fiction, were the work of over imaginative minds, or did you think these books were compiled merely to control you and so they were works created by the members of the cabal or their paid writers?


We say to you this is not the case and that many of these stories are, in large part, fairly accurate accounts of the true history and the lives of many of your brothers and sisters who may even have returned here through the form of incarnation to be with you here again in your world today. What do you think about that? Do you find that exciting? Do you find that surprising? Do you find that comforting? Well, we will tell you, and we don’t wish to spoil any surprises that we have for you in the days to come, but we will say to you surely that there are many individuals who grace so many pages of your collection of books you know as The Holy Bible that are walking, living, breathing, thinking and feeling in your world today. They are your brothers and sisters and they may even be members of our organization or our brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light.


What do you think about that? Is that surprising that some of the major historical figures in your Holy Bible are members of one of our two organizations? We feel this will surprise many of you, and we feel there will be a great outcry from some of you that may read these words who believe for some reason that these historical figures would never be a part of our alliance. We ask you what would lead you to believe this. Do you believe that, as they did so much to help the people, their fellow brothers and sisters thousands of years ago, that they would give up on what inspires them the most? Do you think that they would move on to other practices and ways of life? Or do you think that they, the first chance they would get, would return here to continue doing what it is that inspires them, that motivates them, that makes them feel alive and return here, and in love and in charity and in service to others continue on in their ‘mission’? Yes, are you getting the connection now?


They were a group of individuals, men and women, who thousands of years ago walked from town to town on the dry scorched earth of your planet and preached to all who would listen. They preached of a better way and they shared messages of hope, of love, of peace and prosperity and good will towards man, every man, and that included every woman and child alike. These men and women were real. They existed. Their stories were accurately depicted in the pages of what you refer to as your New Testament. They were on a mission then and they are on a mission today. They have never stopped working towards their mission. They were missionaries then and they are missionaries today, and they are honorable members of our alliance of the Ashtar Command and our brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light.


That is what they do today, for they no longer have to walk over miles and miles of dirt road with wind and sand blowing in their faces to reach yet another town and preach their words while standing upon a rock. No, today they have a different form of transportation, one that can take them to different lands and different planets all throughout this galaxy and each and every galaxy throughout this entire universe. This is what they do today. They have never stopped, although again, we just do not use the word ‘preach’ anymore, for it is outdated, archaic, and we instead use the term ‘shining our light’ for yes, they are like us, just like some of you may have suspected all along. You were very intuitive right from the beginning and we say to you bravo, job well done, for you saw what so many others did not see.


We are your brothers and sisters who have returned here to continue our mission in love and charity, in service to others and goodwill towards man. We are the Ashtar Command.



 As channeled through Greg Giles






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