Ascension Earth 2012 Greg Giles: 20120912 Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/11/12 ‘Addressing the Boycott of these Messages’

 The Saint Lawrence Seaway leading into the Great Lakes 

As seasons change on your planet, we too will move on with the new and begin some of the projects we have spoken to you about. What we feel is important are our projects that will bolster and strengthen the safety and well-being of your planet at this time, a time where she will and you will experience some rattling’s, if you will, as some changes are made within your Earth, and some of these changes that we are referring to will be a shifting or sliding of your tectonic plates as they are refitted and secured to one another. This is a process that will take some time, some patience, some care and a lot of knowhow and use of technology.


What we do when we detect that a planet’s tectonic plates are not quite suitable and strengthened for ascension into a higher dimension is we effectively secure them to each other and to the surfaces that they sit upon. To do this, technology is required. As we have explained to you, your new world will be a living landscape of a mix of natural scenic beauty and also advanced technological achievement. In this particular case, what we will utilize is a technology that will lace, almost like a shoelace or a stitch, if you will, these tectonic plates together, moving in and out in a zigzag pattern across each plate that we wish to ‘sew’ together, if you will, to secure them together. This will tighten them so there will be far less movement of them when your planet begins to shake and roll a bit when she is lifted out of the depths of a lower dimension and up into the higher reaches of this multidimensional universe.


That is what we plan to do and we plan to do this along with you, for as we have made clear, it is your world and it is important that you take the initiative and that you actually complete this work. We do not visit worlds and do all the work for them that they could easily, productively and responsibly complete themselves. This would make little sense, and would assist populations less towards their education and their development. We are sure you can understand the philosophy here, and this is why we wish for those of you to take the controls, quite literally, and accomplish this task yourselves.


So how is this going to be done? How are you who are yet 3rd dimensional humans living in a 3rd dimensional world going to ascend so you may enter our craft in order to utilize this technology and complete this particular task? This is a very good question, and we see that there are those of you who have asked yourselves and asked one another how they felt we would accomplish this. We say to you we will accomplish this by assisting some of you, the early goers or early ascenders, if you will, to ascend before your planet ascends and before others of your human family, and in this way you will be a part of our organization, at least for the meantime while we complete this particular task.


Full membership is granted into our organization after a suitable ‘probationary period’, if you will, when we can observe you work and socialize with others and make a basic determination upon this and decide if you are a suitable candidate at this time to become a full-fledged member of our organization. We are sure you can understand this, as many of your careers in your world are based on a probationary period and this is no different. It is no tougher and it is no more stringent and it is just yet another test of your strength, your will, your determination and your talents, that is all, nothing more and nothing less.


So as we say, there will be those of you ascending early, you may say, before others to follow. It is you that will be assisting in this project to ‘sew up’ together your tectonic plates that are disconnected and therefore weakened in certain areas. We have selected who we feel are suitable candidates for these limited positions. You will be contacted in one way or the other and advised on how we will proceed and when we plan to proceed. This project will require you to work with us many days out of your week, so we ask those of you that we contact to let us know and make your intentions clear if you would be available for at least say three, four, five or more days per week. We would much prefer you to be available all week around, but we understand that many of you have jobs or responsibilities at home that necessitate your presence elsewhere, at least a certain number of hours per week.


We have taken the precaution to preselect more individuals than would be necessary for the completion of this task in the case that there are those of you who are selected who cannot devote the necessary time to this task. We would ask you to put in a full day’s work and this would mean eight, nine, ten, or more hours, up to twelve hours say per day. We understand this may be quite a long work day for you, but we also need you to understand that once we ‘get cooking’, as you say, we do not wish to stop our progress and cut our workday short, as momentum is so important in this line of work, especially when it comes to this particular task and some other tasks as well that benefit from a strong momentum and continuous application with as few breaks and work stoppages as is possible.


We hope you understand this, and we do ask if there are those of you who cannot complete a sufficient number of hours of work throughout a day to please let us know so we can make a proper determination if you are indeed a suitable candidate for one of these open positions. Thank you for your patience and your assistance in this matter, and we will now go ahead with the notification process and begin to discuss with you how we will rendezvous with you to allow you to board our ships that will begin this very important project in your world.


We will be notifying those of you who have been selected for this project in the next few days or so. Time is of the essence and time is running short, and it is important that these projects get underway very shortly as tumultuous seas can be expected in the next month or so as we do detect that there is already some movement of your tectonic plates due to their shifting and sliding caused as your Earth is now raising in her frequency and freeing herself from her lower dimensional confines that have locked her in a very ‘sluggish’ or stable state for many long eons of time. Extricating herself from these ‘tight quarters’ will require a certain amount of force to be applied, some pulling and some pushing, some twisting and turning. This is all of metaphor of course, but beyond metaphor there is truth here. This is an accurate depiction of what will have to take place if your planet is going to ascend into her new higher dimensional state.


We use terms like ‘pushing’, ‘pulling’ and ‘twisting’, for we feel you will better understand and imagine a clearer picture in your minds of what this process will entail. We do not wish to fool you or mislead you at all when we use metaphor and this is why we make it clear in our messages to you that we are using metaphor, and this is why we often say ‘as you say’, or ‘if you will’ or ‘as it were’. We will put some of our words in quotations as for our channel Greg feels putting some words in quotation would allow more of you to understand that we are presenting to you metaphor. We do not ourselves send Greg instructions to put certain words in quotations, but he has elected to do this to help you better understand when we are using metaphor, as we feel some of you do not clearly understand its use sometimes or even quite often.


We use metaphor simply as a language tool, for it helps more effectively convey a thought or an expression. We do not use metaphor to trick you or to fool you into thinking one thing while we are actually saying another. This is a kind of trickery or deceit we would never do, as we have absolutely no use for this. Why would we wish to trick you, fool you or mislead you in any way? Our messages are designed to offer you greater insights and provide to you information. Why would we want you confused or believing one thing when another is truth? We would have no reason for this, and this is why we feel some of your comments that we are purposely misleading you or using wordplay to trick you is unfair and inaccurate and leads to disinformation and confusion, distrust and suspicion of our communications to you.


We wish for more of you to take these communications more seriously, to take them to heart, to trust in them, for what we are presenting to you is truth and is advanced and often critical information that all of you would do well to understand and to apply some of these teachings that we are offering to you into your daily lives. We do not wish for any of you to read our words and scoff and say to yourselves that this is all ‘baloney’, as you say. Again, we used a metaphor here and our channel Greg may elect to put the word baloney in quotations as he wants you to understand that the use of this word was metaphor. We certainly are not talking about a loaf of baloney here. What we are saying should be clear to most of you that we do not wish for any of you to read our messages and laugh them off thinking they are some kind of joke, a hoax or a lie or an attempt at disinformation, thus the metaphor ‘baloney’. We just wish to make ourselves clear on this, that this is why we use metaphor and not for any other reason and not to trick you or to mislead you in any way, but to actually make clearer our points so you would better understand them.


Now that we have made ourselves clear on this point we shall move on today to more important and pressing matters that concern you and your world alike. Our monitoring services have detected movements in your tectonic plates as we have suspected they would during this period of great change in your world. What our monitoring services have issued in their most recent report dated just two or three days ago of your time was that tectonic plates in certain areas of your planet are now beginning to shift, or move. Some of them are sliding, and some of them are moving towards each other and some moving away. This is certainly no surprise, as this is just what was expected and predicted. What was not expected or predicted was the amount that they would be moving and sliding at this early date, although as we say, it is not very early, it is very close to when we felt this movement would be detected at this scale.


We feel the movement of these plates is a couple of weeks early. We expected this level of movement to begin in October, closer to the second or maybe even third week of that month. Instead, here we are barely out of the first week of September and these tectonic plates are showing movement that we did not foresee for at least a few more weeks. This is an alarming discovery, as we now see that there will be a greater amount of shifting and sliding of these tectonic plates later on in your year that we felt would ever be reached throughout this period in your history. In other words, we foresee shaking and shifting of your tectonic plates on a far greater scale than we had originally concluded, or at least felt was likely through studied and calculated prediction. So we feel, in other words, your planet is in for what can be described as a ‘rough ride’, again presenting to you metaphor to more clearly illustrate a point. You are in for ‘tumultuous seas’. That is also a metaphor, but could also be taken literally, and sometimes we do use this technique. You are in for rough seas, meaning metaphorically you are in for a rough experience, and in the literal sense, your seas are going to begin to become very rough, at least on the surface.


What we mean by this is the surface of your seas will become rather agitated from the movements of these tectonic plates, but your sea life towards the bottom, your coral reefs, your fishes, your sea beds and all matters of marine life will not be greatly disturbed, so do not concern yourselves with the oceanic ecosystems of your planet as they will be, for the most part, only mildly disrupted. It is the surfaces of your oceans and seas that will receive the greater amount of agitation, and we wish for the people of your world to better understand this and prepare themselves suitably for this eventuality, for these seas can be and will become a dangerous place for shipping and also for villages, towns and cities alike that exist near coastal areas where some of these tumultuous seas will be experienced.


This is why we have discussed with you the project of constructing see barriers or seawalls in certain strategic areas across your planet. This is a another project that is related to the ‘suturing’ of your tectonic plates, as they are both designed to minimize the flow of waters that will begin to pile up and affect your oceans and your seas and other waterways as well, as where there are oceans and seas there are usually inlets, and it is these inlets that will, like a funnel, allow water to pile in in sometimes great amounts that will then be squeezed together as if water is pouring through a funnel. This water would then become very powerful, rushing in at great speed and great volume, further developing and causing damages, sometimes rather severe, to coastal villages, towns and cities that exist within these inlets.


What we feel is necessary to do is to construct seawalls that will protect and shield these inlets, not allowing these great volumes of water to rush in to them. As you can understand and see, these inlets are mostly used for the navigation of fishing vessels and cargo ships to and from harbors and marinas within these inlets. These seawalls will act as obstructions to the coming and going of cargo and all seafaring vessels including fishing vessels which supply many of these towns and even cities with fish as a food source. What we are saying here is that there will be disruptions in some of your services including food in certain areas of your world. This is what we have been talking about when we have been issuing you warnings and advice to prepare yourselves for some outages and shortages.


As you can see now, as cargo cannot enter these ports any longer there will become shortages as supplies will run low. These supplies will range from food to clothing to all kinds of household goods and this also includes petroleum, as this is the shipping method many of your energy companies use to import petroleum that you use to power your motor vehicles. This will be become quite a problem in certain areas, as we foresee now gasoline shortages and the closing of a number of gasoline stations. What we advise you to do at this time is to prepare yourselves, to stock up on what it is you will need to get you through a rough period that may see some shortages at your stores and gasoline stations throughout the days, weeks and months ahead.


How long you should prepare for is a personal choice, and is also a matter of how much funds you have to allocate to such preparedness. We would say that ideally, it would best to prepare now and have supplies on hand at home that would last you to the end of this year. We realize this is a very long time for many of you, and the amount of supplies we are talking about would enter the thousands of dollars, but what we are reporting to you is the truth and we cannot for the sake of acceptance whittle down these figures for you, for these are our calculations.


We do see disruptions in your services that will begin after we begin to construct these seawalls which will be in the next two to three weeks we figure, possibly even earlier, but we see no later as these inland areas must be suitably protected . We see this period in your history that calls for your preparedness to last until your planet finishes her birthing into her higher dimension, which we estimate would be at approximately the end of this, your calendar year, but again, there is no date written in stone. It is all dependent on a number of factors.


We will not get into what these factors are today, for it is beyond the scope of our discussion. What we wish for you to take from our discussion today is that this is a time for preparedness. It is a time for you to buckle down, as you say, and get serious about what it is you have to do to make this as smooth a transition as is possible for you, your family, your friends and neighbors. We say to you to begin to make a list of the supplies you will need and go to the store and fill your cupboards with as much food and water and household goods that you feel you will need to get you through these last few months of this year. We would say at the very minimum to stock up with one month’s worth of food if this is all you can afford at one time.


As far as electricity is concerned, we hope that power companies will not be affected by what will be embargoes on imports into these inlet areas, and we do feel that at least in some areas electricity and water supply companies will not be affected. We cannot say this is the case in all areas, as some areas receive necessary supplies to their power companies through shipping lanes and inlets that may be closed for some time. We see one of these areas as an area located in your Great Lakes region.  We believe through our research and our surveys that one of the areas of your planet that will be affected by these rising sea levels will be your Great Lakes areas, as we see water piling in from the Atlantic Ocean through the waterways that supply these lakes. 


This shipping lane is known as to you as the Saint Lawrence Seaway, and we see this seaway allowing water to pile in, causing flooding along its riverbed that flows into Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. It is these coastal areas on the south rim of these two large lakes that will also receive a great deal of flooding, and we foresee as a necessity to either relocate residents that live in these areas or we foresee the necessity to build a seawall that will shut out any additional water flow into the Saint Lawrence River. If we choose to build a seawall to cut off this water main, we will also be cutting off the import of coal that is used to power electric companies in this area.


One of these towns is a town called Dunkirk. It is located in Western New York, and it is the town where our channel Greg lives. So if there are any of you out there that believe that we have shown any kind of favoritism or that those who work with us will not be experiencing challenges as the rest of you may, we say that you have been mistaken, for our channel Greg and the rest of his family will be experiencing challenges throughout this time period. Greg had been notified months ago that this would be the case, and he could have easily packed up his bags and moved elsewhere which was his original intention, taking with him his brother and his wonderful dog Rico. Instead, we had advised him that we would like him to stay and face these challenges instead of running away from them and he agreed, and he and his family chose to stay, knowing that his town may very well become a flood zone and also knowing and understanding that the electric power to his home might be cut off.


We tell you this today not to boast of our channel and his courageous decision, but to demonstrate to you all that there are challenges that many of us are going to experience in the days ahead, and there is a right way to face these challenges and another way. We never like to use the words ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, so instead, we will say there is one choice you may make to face these challenges and there is another.


What are these two ways? We say one of these ways is to run from them, is to hide from them, is to deny them, which is to live in denial and pretend or convince yourself that these challenges will not come your way. This has been the choice of many of the people of your world who have been reading for several months now our warnings and our predictions that rising sea levels would cause shortages, outages and even flooding in several areas around your planet. Our warnings on a large scale have been denied, refused, scoffed at and laughed off. Our messages that we share to you have been banned, have been ‘outlawed’, if you will, on more than a few Internet communities, including some of your more popular and informative Lightworker and extraterrestrial communities.


We do not appreciate this, as our messages to you are not crafted to flaunt our writings or our poetries. Our messages to you are to inform you, our brothers and sisters, and also our Lightworkers who are members of our organization, to inform all of you of what you shall be experiencing in the days ahead and how best to proceed through this challenging period of your journey as smoothly as is possible and as unharmed and unscathed as possible.


When our messages are refuted in this way, when they are blocked and banned from certain channels of information because there are administrators or members of these communities who do not personally agree with our messages, who feel that they are untrue and that our channel is either a liar or a fake or a phony or is completely incompetent at his job, we see this as a shame, and we also see this as some sort of violation, for who is violated is not us, but it is you, the people of your world, the people who are members of these communities and deserve to have this kind of information made accessible to them, for that is the task that these administrators and these owners of certain web sites have taken on.


They have begun these communities to openly share and make easily assessable uncensored information for all those who feel these subjects are important to them and their world. When these pipelines of information are cut off, where are these individuals going to receive this information? Yes, there are other sites on the Internet, including the webpage of our channel Greg where these individuals can access this information, but our monitoring services have concluded that since these ‘boycotts’, we will call them, these bans of Greg’s work have begun on the Internet that only a fraction of those that were reading these messages are now accessing them and the information they contain.


Do you realize what we are saying here? What we are saying here is your actions as administrators and owners of these websites have cut off many individuals from this information, including our own employees or members of our organization who live amongst you as incarnated Lightworkers. They are no longer accessing this information whether it be due to the fact that this information is no longer presented on certain web pages, or it is due to the influence of some of you who have slammed our channel and have ridiculed him and have spoken out against him and who have condemned him and his work. It is either one or it is the other, for there is no other reason, there is no other third choice as to why so many of you are no longer reading these words we share through our channel Greg and we say this is far and away more than a shame and a pity, we say this is more a ‘crime’.


Not in the legal sense, but in the metaphorical sense. We feel this is a violation. We feel those of you who have taken part in this ban of these messages and our channel we say shame on you, and especially those of you who are members of our organization. What you are doing is against the oath that you have taken when you became a member of our organization and when you signed up and were selected for this particular mission here in this world. What you are now doing is putting lives in jeopardy. You are putting individuals and entire families and even entire communities in the ‘line of fire’, as you say, as now there are many of you who will not be adequately prepared for these outages and shortages and electric power failures in several of your worldwide communities.


What do you think of this? Do you think that we or our channel Greg is filling you with more lies, more inaccuracies, more disinformation? If you feel you are so sure that these messages are untrue and that Greg is completely making them up or he does his work so incompetently that you can completely disregard our messages to you, messages that promote safety and well-being, than we say to you continue on with the choice that you have made, but if you are not completely sure and you feel that there may be a certain level of truth to these messages no matter what this level is, then we say to you to lift these boycotts and these bans of our channels work immediately and allow our readers to be able to access this information, and we ask you to put an end to your condemnation of our channel and these messages we share with you, as your influence is causing so many of your brothers and sisters to ignore, to laugh off, to completely disregard these messages that are sent from us directly to them in some cases, as they are representatives of our organization incarnated in your world and they deserve access to these messages and they deserve to read them without your negative influence, your condemnation and your misguided opinions, in this case which is to advise others to completely disregard Greg’s work and these messages, as we have noted you have done.


You know who we are talking about. There are those of you who are going to read these words who are the precise individuals we are talking about here and we want you to know that we do not approve in any way of your behavior and the choices that you are making, although we say we will honor and respect your choice, but we say to you this is not the choice that you assured us you would make when you agreed to be a part of our mission here and even when you became a member of our organization the Galactic Federation of Light, a membership that is now in question and is, we inform you,  in doubt,  as we will when it is the appropriate time have you sit down in our offices and there will be what you may call a ‘court-martial’ or a trial or hearing and you will have to discuss openly in front of your peers why it is you chose this ‘mutiny’, if you will, this total disregard for your mission and your directives and our policies as a member of the Galactic Federation of Light or another alliance as well that is here that also have members that have completely disregarded their directives and their mission here and the promises they made to uphold the integrity and the duty and the honor of our alliance.   


We will leave you with this thought today; there are those of you who may have very strong opinions about others and about yourself, and we say to you that these strong opinions will get you nowhere, for you cannot have any idea from your perspective who these other individuals may be. They may be Commanders; they may be important figures or esteemed colleagues in our organization. They may be high-ranking officers; they may be the officer that oversees the fleet that you are a member of. How do you think this looks for you when we see you condemning your own commanding officer and ridiculing him and mocking him and banning his work from your websites and advising others to follow your lead and totally disregard his work, slamming him, accusing him, insulting him and making him look so bad in the eyes of so many of your contemporaries?


You will have to answer to him, for in many cases there are those of you who are under his command, for he is the Commander of an entire fleet and there are many smaller fleets under his watch. We just wish you to know this, and we wish you to think about this the next time you so easily choose to ridicule him and mock him and do what you can to make him a laughingstock around the Internet, for in many cases this is the case. These are the actions of so many of you. We have not seen this kind of behavior any time at all throughout every one of our entire missions and these go back, yes, millions of years. That is how outrageous your behaviors are at this time.


There is a growing number of you that are joining this ‘lynch mob’, this posse, and have put a noose around our channel’s neck, and we say to you that you are disgracing your own organization, for how many organizations do you think are here right now, and if you are indeed a Lightworker, what do you think the odds are that you belong to the very organization that Greg belongs? We say to you the odds are just about 50-50. There are smaller alliances here, but for the most part none of you that are Lightworkers are member of those organizations, although they are here and here in support of our mission and of the light.


We say to you, our Lightworkers, if you believe that you are either a member of the Galactic Federation of Light or you are a member of the Ashtar Command, we say to you Greg is a Commander in one of these organizations. We will not reveal at this time which one, for this is not the point, but we say to you which ever organization he belongs to he is supported strongly by the other, and it is the other that you may be a member of, but you may not be a member of this organization for long if you continue your rhetoric and your slander and your boycotts of he and his work and our messages we share to you through him.


That is all we have to say to you for today, but we advise you to take into consideration strongly our words to you, for we feel you will be making what will amount to you a career decision. This is not a threat. This is truth. Take it any way that you wish, for this is another choice that you are free to make.


We are your fellow crewmembers, your team members, and remember what team stands for, of the Galactic Federation of Light.



As channeled through Greg Giles






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