Ron’s Channeled Messages 20120910 Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Channeled Messages August 27 – September 2, 2012



Shelley Young

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August 27, 2012

Your spirituality and religious beliefs have been bogged down under the heavy energies of judgment, dogma, control and threat of persecution for ages. Now many of the enlightening human beings who are on the planet are so dedicated to supporting the changes on the planet that they are approaching things with an incredible seriousness as well. Dear Ones, we burst with love for your dedication, but your spirituality is meant to bring you joy! You are putting so much pressure on yourselves! Embrace the bliss that comes from being in your highest alignment. Feel the sense of adventure and anticipation that comes from creating wondrous change. Celebrate yourselves! Dance! Laugh! Love! Know that this is such a short but pivotal time on your planet so cherish every second of the magic and wonder. By savouring the process, you are supporting it even more, and showing humanity the light that is the core of enlightenment. ~Archangel Gabriel

August 28, 2012

Most of your simple sentences come down to the essence of one word. Words are powerful, they hold a very pure energy and very distinct energy. Let us give you an example. Have you ever noticed that if you are trying to correct a small child, and say for example, “Don’t hit.”, the child will then turn around and hit you? It is not because the child is naughty. It is because the child simply doesn’t hear negatives, and only heard the essence of the sentence, which was “hit”. You are simply not wired, in your original state, to hear negatives, but rather respond to the base energy of any statement. So a very simple tip to adjust the energy of any situation, is to very mindfully choose a word that would best capture the essence of what you would like to create. Why not try on the energy of many different words, then choose what feels best energetically? How about peace? Love. Calm. Ease. Harmony. Freedom. Creation. Bliss. If you sit quietly and feel words you can very quickly find one that holds the very energy you wish to have more of. Find a word you love and hold it, embrace it, wear it! It is a simple and effective technique that can create change very quickly. ~Archangel Gabriel

August 29, 2012

Meditation, whatever form it takes for you, whether it is sitting in stillness, using visualization, walking in nature, driving in your car, creating art or music, writing, or simply BEing in whichever way feels best to you, is absolutely vital for keeping your balance and comfort over the coming days, weeks and months. By putting this time aside for yourself, you are allowing yourself to energetically adjust and shift, willingly and with ease, right along with the the energies of Gaia. You are making your wellness a priority, which is always an act of self love, and you are also supporting yourself vibrationally, which in turn supports the whole. We cannot stress enough how incredibly helpful and supportive this practice is to you. Dear Ones, we understand how busy your lives can be, but we would say to you that the busier your lives are, the greater your need for this sacred practice. We are always here to assist you. Help us help you by putting aside the time to commune with us. ~Archangel Gabriel

August 30, 2012

So much of the past year has been about getting clear on who you really are and what your truth is. You have been purging and releasing, over and again, what no longer was a match to who you are, which has been giving you greater and greater energetic clarity. This has been such an important stage in the process, because as things progress with the Great Shift of the Ages, there will be many people who will be shouting their way is the only way, it must be done this way, that way is wrong, promising all kinds of ruin if you don’t listen. Dear Ones, deep in your core your truth exists, always willing to lead the way. In order to stay in your highest alignment and to have the experience that best honours you, your path and your unique contribution, you must stop and listen to that inner voice that always, always knows what is best for you and how to proceed. The days of giving away your power to those who shout the loudest are over. ~Archangel Gabriel

August 31, 2012

Dear Ones, the ego self, that part of you that wishes to keep you small and separate in order to retain control, will rail up whenever you are about to take a huge leap in growth. It will do so by activating fear and doubt. So, why not, rather than allowing that fear and doubt to control you and stop your progress, see it instead as an indicator that something wonderful and empowering is about to break through? Remember all movement is forward movement and by staying in surrender and flow you will be navigating the Shift with the greatest amount of ease and assistance that is available to you. ~Archangel Gabriel

September 1, 2012

The vast diversity of your souls, your marvellous differences, is what brings strength and beauty to the whole. Each and every one of you bring something unique, yet vital, that only you can contribute. Celebrate yourself for being so wonderfully integral and important, then have gratitude for the unique flavour others contribute as well. It is through your differences you are creating wonder that never ends, much like snowflakes that glisten in the light. You are glorious creatures, every single one of you! ~Archangel Gabriel

September 2, 2012

One of the biggest challenges to the enlightening human being when experiencing accelerated change is staying out of the energies of doubt. Doubt creates resistance to the flow, which always creates discomfort. Did you know there is a one word antidote to doubt? It is faith. Faith allows surrender to occur. Surrender is the entrance to the flow. The flow brings your soul relief by getting it where it wishes to be in record time with the most help available. Do you see? It is an incredible system that works every single time and faith is the anchor of it all. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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