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Posted by Andrew Eardley 2012 SEPTEMBER 10

Stephen: According to his self-penned bio from ” Toby Alexander (Aka) Swami Shivananda Brahmananda has been in the field of healing facilitation for more than 17 years. He is an international spiritual teacher, Reiki Master, distant healing specialist, founder of DNA Perfection , co-founder of the Higher School for Conscious Evolution with his beloved and life partner Ivonne Delaflor ( Swami Amenai), author of The Great Master, financial trading coach, multi-business owner, and professional e-mini futures and Forex trade.”

The Angelic Human DNA Template, DNA Activation, and Ascension

By Toby Alexander, – September 2012


This article will help you understand the difference between the DNA template and the two strand chemical DNA and how DNA activation is the process of spiritual evolution.

The Angelic Human DNA template contains scalar wave blueprints for 12 double helix DNA strands. 12 double helix DNA strands is the genuine Angelic Human Diamond Sun DNA template. Each strand template or energetic strand blueprint contains 12 fire letters that are intended to translate into 12 large chromosomes. A fire letter is a scalar wave program, held within the DNA template that creates diversity of form.

The DNA template is composed of specific arrangements of fire letters that control the manifestation of matter, biology, and consciousness.

Scalar waves are standing wave points composed of quantities of conscious energy. Scalar waves are multidimensional standing wave patterns that emanate out of a fixed point of sound-tonal vibration, within the morphogenetic field. Scalar waves appear to move from one place to another, but in truth they are stationary points of light and stay in one place.

DNA is actually the observable portions and chemical translations of scalar wave programs that exist in the morphogenetic field. These programs though, the scalar wave part of the DNA, the part below the part we’re seeing are called fire letters. That is an ancient term used in the Enochian teachings and in the Hebrew teachings they talked about fire letters.

They were talking about the scalar wave patterns that, when activated within the DNA, allow the body to turn into light. It allowed the particles and anti-particles to fuse, to turn into fire, and go to the next octave. They were talking about the secret mechanics of higher evolution, the key to opening the relationship between man and God. They knew that there was a secret to Ascension and that was in the fire letters. And they were right.

The DNA template that we are speaking about right now is what exists in what is called the morphogenetic field, or form holding blueprint. All matter forms and forms of consciousness, including planetary bodies and human bodies, are manifested through a morphogenetic field, or form-holding blueprint, which exists as a quantity of crystalline, electro-tonal energetic substance that is composed of certain patterns of frequency.

Forms come in the manifestation and evolve, as patterns of frequency are drawn into the form’s morphogenetic field, from the dimensional frequency bands of the unified field in which the morphogenetic field is placed.

This drawing-in of frequency progressively expands the morphogenetic field and creates evolution of form progressively upward through the 15 dimensional universe. This is the process of DNA activation – the accretion of light and to one’s field and DNA template, to activate the fire letters that allows one to connect to their higher levels of consciousness.

So how is this supposed to work when the DNA template is functioning properly? Each of the 12 natural chromosomes characteristic to each strand of the 12 strand angelic human chemical DNA is built upon a genetic alphabet of 12, not four nucleotide base chemicals.

Each of the 12 natural chromosomes per strand is formed by one primary DNA template fire letter. The chemical translation of the natural chromosomes is formed through the energy interrelationships between one magnetic particle base code, through one electrical anti-particle acceleration code, and the 12 minute vector codes that form the structure of one fire letter in the DNA template.

Each of the 12 strand templates holds a set of 12 fire letters, a set of 12 base/acceleration code pairs, and a set of 144 vector codes. The 12 magnetic base codes in each strand emerge from the mother line (the mother’s genetic imprint) and the 12 electrical acceleration codes per strand emerge from the father line (the father’s genetic imprint).

The base code/acceleration code pair that forms one fire letter in the DNA template through which one natural chemical chromosome will emerge forms the two sugar phosphate molecule groups that translate into the two handrails or helices of the chemical DNA ladder.

In its natural state, one helix would carry the sugar phosphate blueprint inherited from the mother line genetic code and the other helix would carry the sugar phosphate blueprint inherited from the father line genetic code, creating literally a magnetic particle mother helix and an electrical anti-particle father helix, as the handrails of the chemical DNA ladder.

In the present state, many of the base codes and acceleration codes that form the fire letters have been electrically reversed, which scrambles the natural mother or father line chemical interrelationships within the sugar phosphate handrails.

In the current non-optimal state of the Homo-Sapien 2-chemical DNA, gene sequences inherited from both mother and father will appear in both helices, as a result of reverse base codes and acceleration codes within the DNA template. This creates difficulty in the natural function of the Angelic Human 12 strand DNA.

Scrambling of the base code and acceleration code pairs of select fire letters of the DNA template interrupts a natural function and intended electromagnetic interrelationships between the mother helix magnetic particle base codes and the father helix electrical anti-particle acceleration codes in the chemical phosphate chains within every gene in the chromosomes in the DNA ladder. This manifests into the male-female rift here on planet Earth.

Through the process of DNA Perfection we have the ability to bio-regenerate our original organic DNA template and imprint for health, and reclaim our respective divine right destinies and personal relationships to the one source God.

This is the purpose of DNA Perfection – to help a person embody these frequencies so they can work in line with their soul’s mission and raise the frequency of the Earth for planetary Ascension into the Absolute Harmonic Realms in 2012.

Much love and respect,

Toby Alexander

DNA Perfection





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