Messages of Light 20120908 “Calling Home” and Remembering Our Dreams: A Few Helpful Hints That Work For Me. By, Bella Capozzi. September 7, 2012.


One of the most popular subjects I’m coming across right now is the issue of regaining our memory. I refer to memories of past lifetimes, both here and off-planet, remembering our dreamtime experiences, and also recalling the finer details of what occurs during meditation.  In response to the many messages and emails I’ve been receiving, I thought it would be easiest to put together a list of the modalities I’ve found to be most effective for myself.  I’ve been working on refining my own memory-skills, for the past couple of years, and there a few things I’ve come across that have made a tremendous difference for me.  I wanted to share them here with you, in hopes that maybe something will resonate.  Please take note:  If you are taking part in the Aurora Dreamflight experience, Laura and I wish for you to understand that the tools I’m presenting here ARE NOT meant to be a substitute for the prepwork laid out in the Aurora Dreamflight  FAQ’s.  Instead, they may be used in conjunction.

There are lots of reasons why it’s such a struggle to remove the blocks which prevent us from communication with our family and friends in the higher realms.  In many cases we set it up that way before incarnating.  Now, why would I want to do that, you may  wonder?  The truth is, if we were to remember the beauty and freedom and joy of our true states of being, we probably would be far less than enthusiastic about the jobs and lessons we agreed to complete here in 3rd density.  Your amnesia is oftentimes a tool which actually facilitates your completion of those chosen lessons.  There could even be a timeframe woven into your contract, with corresponding triggers, designed to restore your memory at a designated time.  But there are things you can do to help the process along, and usually it’s simply a matter of making little changes here and there, in your daily life.

All the methods listed below are based on my own personal experience.  It’s what’s been working for me.  I do not at all claim to be an expert on any of these topics, which is why I’ve attached the original sources of the information, so you may work with them and see for yourself.  Hooray…homework!!!

(*I will also forewarn you that my computer is acting up, so the links may or may not work properly for everyone.  Try them out and see.)


1. Quartz Crystals;

In our Aurora Dreamflight work, we’re taught by our Star Brethren to sleep with a large quartz crystal in our non-dominant hand.  I have found this to be a fabulously effective to0l, and have been doing this for about a month now, every night.  They say that a clear quartz crystal is best, but I’ve had equally good results with a pale rose quartz.  There are some practical things to keep in mind if you decide to try this, however.  Naturally, your crystal needs to be clean and fully charged (just soak it in water and sea-salt, then put in the sunshine for a few hours).  When choosing a crystal, select one that doesn’t have lots of jagged edges and sharp points, as you’ll be clutching it in your palm while you sleep (ouch!).  Also, make sure it’s large enough to be easily found if you toss around a lot during the night and it falls off the bed.  You don’t want one small enough to present a choking hazard to your pets.  I figured this out the other night, when I woke up to find my 2 dogs using my large rose-quartz as a soccer-ball!

2. Start Spinning:

If I could pinpoint the one thing that has had the strongest impact on my Ascension progress, and which has helped me open up my channels the most-it would be this.  Meg Benedicte works with the energy of the quantum vortex, the counter-clockwise spin.  Her work is quite unique and effective, and the results that have come from incorporating her methods into my daily spiritual practice are dramatic.  She has a weekly show on Blogtalk Radio, called New Earth Central, and her website is  I’m including a link to one of her meditations-one of my favorites-which I think everyone will like. It is:–energy-exchange-vortex-meditation#.UD5vUzB80fM.facebook

3. Get Back To Basics:

It’s all about God, everybody.  First and foremost.  When you settle in for the evening and prepare to go to sleep, clearly set your intentions and then pray.  Never underestimate the power of good old-fashioned prayer.  Surrender your worries and desires to God, and allow everything to unfold in the Divine manner it’s meant to.  There’s a book by the wonderful Kathleen McGowan, author of “The Expected One”, and it’s called “The Source Of Miracles.”  In this book, she presents to us a lovely prayer practice which combines The Lord’s Prayer with the 6-Petal Rose (which is found in the center of the Labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral in France).  Each petal of the rose is representative of a different teaching found within the prayer.  I find that this practice leaves me feeling very connected, centered and peaceful, and with a strong sense of being protected and loved.   Here’s where to get the book…

4.  You Are What You Eat…And Drink:

Please stop eating junk-food.  Although in certain cases, calling it food is somewhat sketchy.  In my family, we’re total foodies, so I know how tough it is to find delicious options that are actually good for you-and affordable.  I’ve had to become very adept at reconfiguring recipes and substituting things.  But it’s really worth the effort, because so much of the food that’s being mass-produced these days has been specifically designed to make us sick and subdue our natural intuitive abilities.  Spend some time perusing the aisles of your local supermarket and you’ll see that it’s nearly impossible to tell which foods are genetically modified and which ones aren’t.  Thank you, Monsanto.

My family has also removed all meat from our diet. We are not vegan, but have stopped eating the flesh of animals.  Any eggs I use for baking I buy organic and cage-free.  I find that most children are very in touch with idea of not killing animals for food (or any other reason.)  Back when my son was in 5th grade, he woke up one morning and stated that we would no longer be eating anything “with eyes.”  The funny thing is that my niece, 1500 miles away, made the identical statement to her parents that day!  (I sense our Guides and Angels at work here!)  I think The Crystal Dolphin Pod expressed this idea very well in one of their messages to me.  They said; “Gravitate towards what is real and choose only from the fruits of Gaia’s bounty.  When you ingest their flesh (animals) you ingest their energy and experience.  Most of the meat in your shops comes from creatures who have been subjected to cruel and barbarous living conditions, knowing only degradation and fear.” Hence, this lowers our vibration when we eat them.

The same problems are also facing for our water supplies.  Here, in many parts of the United States, our water is so toxic and full of flouride and chlorine, that it’s barely drinkable.  Where I live, if you were to put 2 glasses of water side by side, it would be tough for you to tell which water came from the tap and which water came from the swimming pool.  In our home, we drink both distilled  and mineral water-such as San Pellegrino and Perrier.  Again, I’m no expert on the subject of nutrition, and I feel Inelia Benz explains it best in the attached video.

I also take a multivitamin which contains Silica, something I’ve seen reference to on several websites.  To read more about Silica and it’s proposed benefits to our transforming bodies, please check out this article on Starseed Hotline. They also offer what’s called Star-Marking Readings, which pinpoint markings on your astrological chart that indicate whether you’re a Starseed, and also assist you in understanding more about your origins.  Knowledge is power.  By learning more about yourself, you gain more confidence in the information you are receiving, and develop faith and trust in your intuitive abilities.

5. Guided Meditations

Guided meditations are fabulous tools for developing your innate powers of visualization.  And in my opinion, the longer they last, the better.  I prefer meditations which run anywhere from 45 minute to an hour.  This gives you time to really become lost in the journey, and to relax all the mental chatter and interference of your mind.  It’s like a workout for your pineal gland!  I happen to really love the guided meditations offered by Children Of The Sun.  They have such a wide variety that you can do a different one every day, and you’re sure to find something that resonates. Here’s the info:


Again, please bear in mind that these are just the things that work for me.  We’re all unique and will have our own opinions.  Please email me should you have any questions about the material I’ve provided here.  Remember to have patience.  You will remember!  Allow your own path to unfold before you, and try not to rush things.

Love, light & happy dreams!


Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.




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