Ron’s Channeled Messages 20120907 Solara: You are Experiencing a Rapid Growth


Channeled through Wes Annac-

The realms of our beautiful Sun are brimming with the energy that is being gifted to your beautiful world in increasingly pure doses. We notice many of you beginning to assimilate these energies and it is wonderful for us to perceive of you finding the resulting higher dimensional perceptions which the delivering of such energy has always been meant to help you to gain.

You are working to assimilate this energy in every moment and while this energy is being sent through your bodies and while you find the resulting expansions, many events of a turbulent nature seem to manifest that are meant to act as catalysts for your immediate growth.

No frustrating events that occur in your Lives happen by coincidence, and we ask you to understand the hollow nature of even the assumption of seemingly random events occurring on your world being coincidences. Everything that happens which seems to rub you dear souls the wrong way, is meant to see you understand the reasons why such things hurt you so and the reasons why you take to feeling frustration upon the manifestation of such things in your Lives.

We hear your thoughts that the frustrations you experience are not your choice to feel, and we ask you to expand upon such a thought and determine if your prevalent, predetermined moods have more of an effect on your thoughts and the ways you make decisions in regards to the expressing of your emotions [than you realize].

We ask you to illuminate for yourselves, the reasons that you feel the frustration and inner-pains that you do upon the manifestation of a seemingly-negative or frustrating event, and we ask you to realize as well that what is occurring before you has been long planned to commence.

You have many guides with you who will, in any given moment, manifest something to happen to you that is meant ultimately for your growth or for your taking a better path.

As you are seeing the collective begin to awaken and expand yourselves in wonderfully pure ways, you are finding that the predetermined feelings of reality that you have been subjected to and that you have instilled within yourselves with the help of a few dark souls on your world who have wished to help trap you in such confines; you are realizing that such feelings have been more hurtful to your overall growth than helpful.

While the mind and heart sets of the lower dimensions were indeed meant for you to experience and undergo, you are now finding that you naturally resonate no longer with those old and dense energies that are still expressed on your world quite routinely.

You are finding that you no longer resonate with much of the density and many of the prevalent mindsets that are still being maintained by many unawakened souls, and as this occurs you naturally bring to the surface, the densities that you have fed in yourselves and that have been prevalent within yourselves for longer than you have perhaps realized.

At present, while undergoing your lower dimensional experience many of you are still existing within mind and heart sets that have not yet been transmuted but that you are beginning to transmute with quite an ease, and you are realizing the nature to which you have held yourselves back by willingly feeding many densities in your own Lives.

While becoming opened up to your abilities to Create and manifest based upon what you think, feel and do, you are finding as well that whenever you bring any negative energy through yourself via lower food, drink or lower heart sets and expressed thoughts and feelings which are of a lower nature; you are realizing that you no longer need to feed such things and your mere wish to do so is itself diminishing every moment, as you grow more into and begin to naturally resonate more and more with the higher realms.

Your own compatibility with the higher realms and how fluently you are able to express you unfolding higher dimensional existence, is being determined not by the lower actions of the past that you have let through yourselves, but by your choices in every moment to feed either a lower or an unfolding higher dimensional experience that you are all increasingly becoming familiar with.

You are becoming familiar with this experience in the still-distorted ways that you are experiencing it, as if you were to be delivered [immediately] to the realms of the fifth dimension and all that come with such realms, you would find it a bit too much to take on as you would not be resonating with such energies quite yet.

You are all to find yourselves resonating with the energies of the fifth dimension in a very short period of time as many of you have noticed the rapid going-through of Life lessons that is occurring at present.

You have all been through the ‘worst of the worst’ of experiences in which you had previously Created for yourselves, and your difficulties and the events of a seemingly-devastating nature that occur within the personal Lives of each and every one of you are acting as catalysts for your finding of the higher dimensions and the wonderful states of consciousness [that come with] inhabiting and existing as these wonderful realms.

As you experience the best of experiences within your current ascending Lives, you are getting a taste of the higher dimensions of consciousness and you are absorbing and assimilating such energies into yourselves at a rapid rate. As you are exposed to the most difficult of events to manifest in your Lives, you are finding that you no longer resonate with much of what is causing such difficulties or with the difficulties themselves, as opposed to when you had previously accepted such events and the mindsets that garnered them within you.

We ask you to remain strong and steadfast in your endeavors and understand that no matter how difficult your experiences have been, it is not in the Life plan of many of you for you to leave this beautiful world without experiencing some taste of ascension. We hear and feel many of your dear beautiful souls crying out for help and direct intervention from the higher realms and we tell you that this Divine intervention is occurring within the minds and hearts of all who have opened themselves up to this intervention.

While you have all been looking toward physical disclosures and manifestations, we must implore you to understand that by opening up your chakras and exposing your beautiful temples to your true and pure higher selves, you will find personal disclosures given to you as you begin to understand much of what will be given in your physical realms as such realms are transmuted.

The structured realms of our beautiful Sun are set up in a way to host [higher dimensional] Life according to the various octaves of consciousness of us souls experiencing Life within the realms of our Sun, in a very similar manner to the Earth.

You dear souls will find upon ascending to higher and purer states of consciousness wherein your perception is expanded and heightened exponentially, that the majority of planets [and stars] are established and set up according to the octaves of growth that the souls experiencing consciousness on such planets will be accustomed to and will have set up for themselves to traverse during their time on such worlds.

Life hosts Life, and within such Life you will find even more Life hosted, dear souls. Creation and reality is infinite and no matter how seemingly-insignificant any aspect of Creation is, you can bet that it is experiencing consciousness; simply in a different manner than you are.

You dear souls are experiencing a rapidly-evolving state of third and fourth dimensional consciousness, and we exist within your Sun according to our own distortions and perceptions of reality we are experiencing.

You will find dear souls, that as has been discussed by other sources within the higher realms, the term ‘distortion’ whenever describing a higher or lower dimensional octave of reality is only used to describe those realms which are not [fully] matched in purity and potency to the realms of our Mother and Father Creator.

The realms ‘below’ the supreme consciousness of our Mother and Father Creator are considered to be distorted, because such realms are funneled-down from the consciousness of our dear Mother and Father and as such, are experiencing the Creator consciousness [in a distorted and funneled-down form] and are experiencing an ongoing process of realizing their own inherent Creator consciousness.

You are existing along sub-planes and densities of reality as you traverse them, and along your conscious experience of Life and soul growth you are given obstacles and challenges that are ultimately meant to be lessons for such soul growth and for your discovering of the higher realms in the ways you have all been wishing to.

You are given lessons along your growth and these lessons serve to expose you ever-increasingly to the pure and wonderful realms of Source, as you traverse octaves of consciousness that become increasingly less-distorted with each lesson you learn and each resulting ascension; be it individual from sub-plane to sub-plane or collectively into entirely new ‘distortions’ of reality. With each lesson learned you find a higher and purer state of consciousness.

This experiencing of consciousness and learning the resulting lessons has been [a feature of] your entire Lives, dear souls. As a child within the third dimension, you learned to become accustomed to the third dimensional ways and the perceptions of reality prevalent within your sphere of experience. You learned lessons about the third dimension and you grew from such lessons and refined yourselves into a being capable of handling and understanding the lower dimensional experience.

This type of learning and growing never quite stopped for you, dear souls.

You grew and grew and upon discovering adulthood, learned to further cope with and understand the limited perceptions of what your Lives are supposed to be and [to understand] the resulting everyday actions that are fed from such perceptions and limited mindsets.

As so very many of you are surpassing your third dimensional lessons and being given lessons from the higher realms that have not been given to very many in your recent history, you are making history as you uncover and radiate out from yourselves, Light of a vast purity that we are having quite a hand in sending down to your world.

We happily receive the energy which Creates the Lives and realities of all on dear Earth and all of the dear planets within this wonderfully Lighted Solar System, and we funnel this energy down respectively through different lower solar realms from wherein such energy is sent out to your various planets existing within this Solar System and directly beyond, to Create and sustain the realities and octaves of experience of each and every planet.

There is not a planet in our Solar System that is not hosting Life on one level or another at this point.

There are advanced beings and collectives who exist in higher dimensions on various planes of the worlds within this Solar System, and there are as well the few planets who are present, only hosting Life under their surface and are not experiencing a surface collective consciousness in the ways that your dear Earth is.

This is because of many actions that have been fed on such planets [who aren’t experiencing surface consciousness] and the resulting consequences from such actions, leaving the surfaces of a few of these planets uninhabitable for third dimensional Life. As many of you dear souls know, the planet you know as Mars was one of the planets whose citizens degenerated into war and most of whom are now experiencing Life on your world.

[Returning to an aforementioned discussion] we are again, happily brimming with the energy we have been given to send down to your world and to all other planets within this beautiful Solar System who are indeed experiencing ascension as well at this time. You have heard that your Earthly ascension is to be a huge boost in the long-decreed ascension of your entire Universe and a part of this Universal ascension is naturally, the ascension of the planets within this Solar System who have been based within lower dimensional constructs and patterns for so very long.

Every planet within this Solar System is experiencing a higher and purer state of consciousness as well and indeed dear souls, the realms of the fifth dimension and beyond exist upon every world and are simply unperceivable to those existing within the veils and barriers of the third and fourth dimensional realms. We here in the higher realms purposefully choose not to make ourselves known to you dear souls until you begin ascending to states of consciousness that will see you better-resonating with our energies and being able to perceive of us as a result, without experiencing any type of unknowing about us or fear toward us.

We would not wish to interfere with your freewill in any way and indeed, dear souls, it would be [ineffective] for us to appear before you whilst you went through a purposefully –lower dimensional experience which is meant for you not to yet perceive of the higher realms as you are meant to grow toward these realms before perceiving of them fully.

It can be akin to the fact that one cannot simply wish to Master an act such as playing the guitar or learning to do another type of activity, because it is appropriate for you dear souls to learn doing such things and in doing so, develop a personal relationship, knowing and understanding within yourselves and with the activity you may wish to perceive of.

Practice makes perfect, dear souls and you are all experiencing a rapid growth at this time as you begin peeking through the veil and finding the resulting ascension to higher and purer states of consciousness.

Every planet [in this Solar System] who still experiences lower dimensional consciousness is finding this ascension as the Life forms existing within notably-limited confines and structures within and on various planets within this Solar System, themselves work through the lessons of the third and fourth realms that many of you dear souls are working through Masterfully at this time.

There are indeed planets who have not yet ascended and are awaiting the ascension of the Earth to receive the boost of energy that is to ripple out from the pure energies radiating through the surface of your Earth as you ascend to the realms of the fifth dimension, and we in the realms of our Sun have been helping to oversee from our positions, the transferring of energies that have been decreed by Aton and numerous other Creators [and Creator Collectives] to be sent down to your world and to various other planets within this Solar System who will benefit vastly from such energies.

We wish, dear souls, to give you our perspective of receiving this energy and sending it down to you, as we feel delighted and honored to have played a hand in transferring these revolutionary energies to your surface and through your bodies.

Many of you seem to wonder why you are hearing so very much about these energies that have reached a very pure potency at this time and we tell you that this is because each and every ascended soul who has played a role in sending you these energies are seeing the transfer of them as quite an historical moment in the ascension of your planet as they are to have much farther-reaching effects than many of you realize at present.

This is why you have been asked continually to integrate as pure of an energy as you can within yourselves and to keep your bodies pure and clean for the absorbing of these energies as while the purest of them are only beginning to make themselves known as they are exposed upon your surface, you are to find many shifts in your perception and state of awareness which will be noticeable and which are all devised to initiate within the minds and hearts of each and every one of you, the energies of the fifth dimension and the energies that are rapidly evolving your temples and spirits into resonating with the higher realms once again.

We are playing an active role in funneling these energies down to your world and to the various other planets within this Solar System who are benefiting from such energies and who will see a vast absorbing of such energies as the Earth makes Her final surface movements into the fifth dimension.

As you have long heard, dear souls, you are moving into the Galactic Center at present and whenever your world is aligned more fully with the specific aspects of this Center which give out very pure energy that Creates this quadrant of Creation [and many others]; whenever this alignment occurs you are to find an energetic upgrade and resulting collective enlightenment as energy gate after energy gate is opened.

You dear souls will be the ones opening the chakras in yourselves and finding the resulting opening of the planetary chakras of dear Gaia and this is again, a process that will be aided greatly by the alignment of your world with specific aspects of the Galactic Center that will deliver you the pure energies which, provided you are able to assimilate and absorb such energies in the proper way [which you will be given assistance with by your Galactic brethren], will serve to upgrade the final codes of seeming junk DNA within yourselves and you are to find your ‘former’ fifth dimensional states of consciousness which many of you had existed within happily before making your lower dimensional ventures and travels.

We can feel the energies of all who are reading and absorbing this communication and we match your energies of appreciation and excitement for all that is to come, with our own energies which we wish to uplift and heal all who are absorbing this communication. We ask you to call upon Raphael the Archangel to assist you in clearing the [most difficult] of buried pains and fears that many of you dear souls are still experiencing and subconsciously feeding within, and we wish to give you an exercise for transmuting such fears and pains as we make our final impressions for this communication.

We wish you dear souls to visualize your fears as an energy that you can perceive of.

We ask you to feel and mentally ‘draw’ an energetic, transparent box around these fears and the energy or color you are feeling in yourselves that represent such fears.

We note that many of you are imagining lower or dark types of energy or color because this is what your fears are and represent to you; a lower or dense energy, This mere realization on the part of you dear beautiful souls of how you see and perceive of this fear will serve to show you how you Create this fear, its structure and the very real effect that it has upon you.

We have asked you to imagine the transparent box encasing and holding your fear energy within itself, because this box is representative of your minds, hearts and temples at this time as well as all of your chakras that have been closed because of being blocked by this dense energy of fear. This box has quite literally been your temples, your hearts and your minds as you have willingly and unwillingly held this fear within yourselves for so very long.

We want you to imagine yourselves [outside of the box] now, dear souls. You may imagine your solid human bodies or your transparent spirits, but we ask you to imagine and feel yourselves and feel as well that this energy of fear indeed exists outside of you. We wish you to see that while you dear souls have held this fear within yourselves, it has always and forever been an outside, illusory aspect of yourselves that had only been Created and held within because you were resonating with the mindsets, heart sets and energies that garnered you such fear in the first place.

Now, dear souls, for the visualization of your transmutation of this energy. This energy quite needs transmuted and forgiven as it has held you dear souls back for quite some time. We wish you to again, perceive of this energy and the transparent box that it is being held in.

In one grand visualization, we ask you to imagine the entire space you are within [along with the box] becoming filled with the pure and heavenly Light of our dear Mother and Father Creator. Affirm that dear Aton be with you in spirit and in physicality to assist you with feeling and radiating these energies and ask Raphael as well to be with you to help you perform the specific act of using this Love energy which you are receiving from Aton and our Mother/Father Creator, to fully transmute, forgive and heal the lower energies [held within].

Dearest souls, only you will be able to feel and see what the actual act and feeling of transmuting your personal fear energy will be like. We have wished to give you assistance in utilizing visualization and a resulting strong manifestation to bring forth the transmutation of the fear held within yourselves, but only you can fully and purely transmute these energies. By utilizing this visualization technique, you will be able to heal and transmute more and more dense and fear-based energies held within yourselves, one visualization at a time.

We Love you all so very much, and we ask you to look to the Sun (1) for the pure energy that is now being given throughout all realms of Dear Gaia and throughout the realms of many other planets at this time as well. By feeling the energies we are happily giving through this beautiful entity our Sun, you will be able to perform the transmutation we are attempting to assist you with, quite wonderfully and gracefully.

Thank you to Solara.



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