Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20120907 Star Councils of Light: Message for 21/12/2012 through Solara An-Ra


Channeler: Solara An-Ra

29 aug 2012

Those who we call ‘Light tribe of Gaia’ are not special, chosen ones in any way – they are YOU! You are the ones who choose to open your hearts, open your minds, open your consciousness  …  and be awake; alert; conscious at this time of transition.

We speak now of the purpose – of the nature of the transition that you find yourselves in, in these sacred days of 2012 – and in particular now, in the period starting from the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence – leading into the Winter Solstice energies of 2012. You have been in the transition now for these 25 years.  We say it is the transition into the ‘New age’; the ‘Age of Light’ or the ‘Age of Aquarius’ – and what is the meaning of this? What is the nature of the shift that you go through?

Some of you focus on what is breaking down – some of you with fear, as the religious, political and economic institutions begin to crumble – and some of you with joy and elation, acknowledging, and rightfully so, that these old structures hold the old energy of the Piscean Age, and they are in no way in resonance with your New Age birthing on Gaia now. Some of you focus on the lies which have been told, and on the truths which now emerge – and this is good also – for many of you, a crucial part of your awakening.

But we ask again, what is the nature of the shift? What is the nature of the transition that you go through now? The answer is – it is a shift in your consciousness. Many of you have awakened to the knowing, to the truth that you are in charge of your own reality; that you are the manifestors in physical form – you are the creators of your own personal destiny! These same ones understand now that it is time to co-create your unified future and not only your personal destiny. And this is the main point we wish to make to you now dear Light tribe of Gaia – the time is now to gather together in your groups large and small, to let go of the human beings in your life that drag you down, that drain your energy, that are not in synch with your awakening – and to magnetise towards yourselves others who are awakened and awakening; other who are conscious – because it is your combined power to co-create your combined destiny which is the most powerful force at work now!

The time is now to let go of what has been, regarding the lies and deceptions of the old world order. The time is now to focus on what you choose! What do you choose dear ones? (response from group -  love, abundance, peace, compassion, prosperity, health, justice, freedom, self-acceptance). And in your speaking of these words – of that which you choose to manifest – in this is your freedom birthed – from there are none who can hold you down at this time! It is no longer possible to bind you; to limit you; to keep you chained down through fear, which has always been the greatest tool of the New World Order. For now that you understand that you are able to manifest what you choose, not only individually but collectively – so you find that you are free!  You are free! You are free and in your power, finally!

Notice the emotions that are within you as you hear our words – emotions such as hope, joy, liberation and power! Only words that bring these emotions into your energy field are appropriate at this time. So many channelled messages are available now – you must learn to scan your energy bodies quickly as you begin to read the words so that you feel whether the words you read bring the vibration of fear or of freedom.

And so it is, Divine co-creators of the New Age on Gaia, that we bring of words of hope, love and Light into your energy fields. Blessed are we, in order to be able to communicate with you in this way. Our hearts are with you always. Namaste.

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