Ascended Masters 20120907 The Importance of Faith ~ Channeled Message from Archangel Gabriel



The Importance of Faith ~ Channeled August 30, 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be in your presence today. We honour you, of course, for being in your highest service by anchoring the energies of the group and, of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are present in the room but also those that will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

What a remarkable time we are observing with you. You are in the throes of accelerated change, Dear Ones. You are feeling it. You are feeling the acceleration like a runaway train. So much change is happening all at one time. It can be difficult to discern what is happening because sometimes you may feel as if your life is somewhat stalled in a lull pattern yet still feeling the acceleration. It can be difficult to understand how you can feel these two very distinct feelings at the same time. Being stuck yet in movement. Being in a lull yet moving rapidly. It is fascinating as we observe you learning how to adjust to these changes, because you really have no previous experience with these energies to draw on.

You are pioneers each and every one of you on the planet, experiencing this for the first time, ever. So you must find your way. You must find what works for you. The dizziness that many of you are feeling, the ungroundedness, is part and parcel of these accelerated energies. Your beloved Gaia is most busy, as well, so we would say that you are feeling it from all directions. A wonderful technique that we recommend is connecting into Source and then connecting into the earth as well. That will bring you balance from both sides. We recommend it highly.

We also recommend becoming more diligent with the practices that keep you balanced and centered. Meditation, however that looks for you, spending time in your highest alignment, in your joy, in your BEingness. These all help you tremendously.

Be aware of the changes within your body and what your body is asking for. We’ve spoken of this before. Many of you will find yourselves becoming intolerant of certain foods that you had no trouble with before. On the other hand, you may be craving foods that you never enjoyed before and wishing to eat them in large quantities. Honour your body. If you are sitting in your self-awareness you cannot make a mistake. Let your body communicate to you and tell you what it is that it requires. Your body may require certain foods for grounding, for example. There is much, much, much more going on that meets the eye, Dear Ones, so listening to your body and honouring what it is requesting is most recommended, indeed.

The reason why we are encouraging you so strongly to continue with your meditation practices and making them a priority in your lives right now is because that is the way to keep in your balance. That is the way to stay connected to your truth. Things are very busy right now, Dear Ones, and they will continue to be very busy until the end of your linear year.

These are the accelerated times you have all been in preparation for. If you were an athlete, and had been planning and preparing to run a marathon, you wouldn’t stop training in the months before your big race. That is what these times would amount to. It is time to take your spiritual practices and put them at the forefront of your activities. By doing so, you will be supporting your energetic clarity and it is through your energetic clarity that you will always be able to very quickly discern your truth. Being able to connect with that truth will become more and more important all the time.

As we move toward the pivotal dates in December 2012, there will be many voices shouting loudly about which way to proceed. They will insist their way is the only way, that you must do it this way, you must follow this belief system, you must take these vitamins, you must do this meditation, you must work on your lightbody…everyone will have an opinion and it is vital as you move forward that you stay connected to what your truth is. Know that you are the expert on you and proceed accordingly.

What this all really boils down to, Dear Ones, is faith. It is faith that has gotten you this far, it is your faith and knowingness that made you want to be part of this process in the first place and it is through your faith and knowingness and beingness that you will create the New Earth. Tapping into your unshakeable truth and faith is what is required.

Your deep and abiding faith is what will help you stay surrendered and in the flow. You cannot surrender if you do not have faith. Faith is vital to the entire system. Faith allows you to understand your importance, your role in the creation of the New Earth. Faith helps you understand that you are an honoured and pivotal part of the whole. Faith keeps you aware that despite what other people may be saying or despite what you might be seeing in your newscasts, that the Shift is really happening. Faith keeps you committed to what you are here to do in the way that is uniquely yours to contribute.

When large changes are about to occur it is extremely common for people to fall into doubt and worry, and because the changes that are occurring are so huge, doubt will be rearing up on many people. It is your faith that is the antidote to doubt. Faith tells you that when doubt rears up, big change is about to occur. It is your faith that will allow you to be an unshakeable beacon as others struggle in the energies because they have not been able to keep their balance. Faith understands that there is a bigger picture and that each and every person is being guided beautifully, and that each and every person’s path is unique and personal and divinely perfect for them.

So faith allows you to stay out of trying to control others and keeps you in appropriate boundaries. Faith helps you to stay in acceptance and allowing. Faith helps you heal and faith helps you move into the love relationships that you always dreamed of. Do you see? Now is not the time to doubt, Dear Ones, you have worked far too hard to start playing the doubt game now.

It is through your stillness, allowing yourself to BE, and staying in your faith that you will connect with your truth and you will be able to navigate and guide yourself seamlessly with the most ease and grace possible. By doing so, you will be the examples, you will be the beacons that people look to. You will be the marvelous masters that live and teach by example. Faith is the anchor of all of it. Faith remembers who you really are and what you came here to do. Faith is knowing that your beingness is more than enough and faith is knowing that you will be just fine throughout it all.

Many people who have not been working on themselves, who are struggling in these energies because they don’t know what to do, will be having many crises of faith, many dark nights of the soul. As they see you in your calm acceptance, shining so brightly, they will look to you for that guidance.

The greatest masters who have walked your planet are the ones who have demonstrated the greatest faith. Faith is quiet. Faith doesn’t need to yell or convince anyone. Faith is a state of beingness that is beautiful to behold. Faith is exactly what they were talking about when they talked about the meek inheriting the earth.

So, Dear Ones, as we proceed we would say to you, make space in your busy lives to have the time that you need to stay in your balance. Practice your energetic clarity. Don’t be afraid to just BE, because it is from that place that you remember who you really are, you remember what your tools are and you remember to apply them. Faith is the foundation of all of it and faith is what will lead you to living your heaven on earth. This is what we wanted to share with you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young



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