Ascension Earth 2012 Greg Giles: 20120906 Message from the Ashtar Command 9/5/12 ‘The Earth Allies Lead Freedom’s Charge’


Sealing the deal of your new world and all the advancements, projects and gifts that we have spoken about is our, and your, Earth allies, who now are pressing forward and are upholding their word as they gave us their word and pronounced that they would make these arrests of the criminal elements of your cabal. This vow has been kept by them. They have done themselves proud, they have strengthened our confidence in them, they have demonstrated clearly to us now that they are a group of individuals who can be trusted, who can be relied on, who will do what it is they say they will do. Our hats come off to these brave men and women who we salute with honor, for we understand the bravery, the courage, the conviction, the determination, the heart and the soul, the fire and the fortitude that it has taken to step forward and begin to make these changes that will see to an entirely new remodeling and re-sculpting, rebuilding, re-planning and reorganizing of their world.

We realize brothers and sisters that this is no easy task. We understand that much planning had to go into these procedures. We understand that time is much different for you that it is for us. We realize there are only a certain amount of hours in your day as compared to our days that are virtually never-ending, as we do not have sunup and sundown and our physical vessels do not tire as yours do, our physical vessels do not require nourishment as yours do, we do not suffer from fatigue, we do not suffer from excessive heat or excessive cold and we do not suffer at all under any elements of adverse weather.

We see the men and women in your fields as we monitor their movements and watch over them in our offering of protection, and we see the challenges and the hardships that they endure and we only wish that you, their own brothers and sisters can see what our eyes clearly see, and that is that your family members are struggling, they are battling, they are fighting and they are winning your freedom back from those thieves who have stolen it, from those thieves that some of you elected into office, that some of you even support until this very day.

This is actually quite troubling, as we cannot understand how there would be so many of you who still support these wayward souls who have driven your society into the gutter, into madness, into a prison the size of an entire planet. These dark beings could not have acquired and could not continue their reign of control unless they had a support system, unless they had backing from those of their subjects that they rule over. Never in your history have so many understood what is going on in your world, yet no changes have been affected. In your past history there were episodes where the people, the public, the man and woman on the street, and in many cases yes, they even lived on the streets, saw what was happening and rose up in revolution and took back what was theirs only to lose it again when yet another that they trusted turned on them, accepting bribery while handing in their honor, their duty, their word, their heart, their will, their consciousness, their love, their empathy, their kindness, their concern, their compassion and their mercy for their fellow brothers and sisters.

This is what has happened once again here in certain parts of your world, where the people did see what was transpiring and they rose up and they did all of what they felt they could and they elected officials who they believed was one of them, who they believed was like them, who they believed had a heart like them, a consciousness structure like them, someone they felt bled like them, loved like them, hurt like them and felt pain and sorrow and misery like them, and someone they thought would have empathy for their very own brothers and sisters. They were wrong. The people that supported and elected these souls made a mistake in judgment. They elected yet another stooge, another puppet, another profiteer, another thief, another criminal, another wayward soul who has, for he was led astray by the promises of riches and power, turned his back on his own family, his brothers and sisters who now are finally beginning to see that he is not one of them, that she is not one of them, that they are their own class these dark souls.

They see themselves as royalty, whether they call themselves kings or queens or princes or princesses they consider themselves grand, royal and even elitist, and they call themselves these monikers openly, yet so many of your people do not see this, they do not hear this, this is not registering on their minds what is going on here.  So we will try to paint a picture for you, we will shout as loud as we can because we do love you, we do care about you, we are concerned for you, we are here to assist you and support you and help you stand up straight and strengthen your back to withstand the pushing that these elitists are doing.

We say to all those with ears in your world there is something very wrong going on. There are a just a handful of these elitists, which is what they call themselves, we are not coining this term to make this clear. These self proclaimed elitists are pushing you to the brink of poverty, of destitution, of starvation, of sickness. They are stripping from you every last right that you possess. Yes, this is their plan. This is not a symptom of their disease; this is what they are attempting to do. This is what they plan in secret. We sit in right next to them at their meetings undetected, and we tell you this is what words come from their lips. They say things like “These peasants must go. These peasants, these insects must be crushed. We must eliminate them, this odor from our midst. We must find a way to eliminate them in vast numbers, all at once so they cannot detect what it is we are doing.”

These are some of the actual words that they have recently spoken. We tell you this, for it is the truth. We were there. We have recorded these sessions, and these meetings will be replayed for you, the people of Earth in their entirety for you. Not in a scratchy recording, not in blurred video footage. You will be able to sit in on this meeting as if it was currently taking place, for we possess technology that allows us to do this. We have time technologies that will allow us to peel back the hours and the days, months, years and even centuries, and we can stand within an event that transpired in your world as if it was taking place for the first time, in its original time period.

This technology may seem quite staggering to some of you, and indeed it is quite overwhelming for many who take this ‘ride’, if you will, for the first time, and we promise you that there will be those of you who are permitted to take this ride and you will take this ride and there will be representatives of your people present, the real representatives of the real people of Earth, not these elected pilferers, these thieves, murderers and indecents, but you who they refer to as the ‘common man’. We will allow your representatives in large numbers to sit in at these meetings and listen to what it is these individuals have been and continue to scheme, plan and plot. This will surely open some eyes when respected members of your own communities report back to you that they heard these very individuals speak these words with their own ears and saw their actions with their own eyes. This is what is going to take place we promise you, for the people of your world need to wake up and ‘smell the coffee’ as you say, for this kind of charade cannot be allowed to continue any longer.

The people of your world have been duped, you have been tricked, you have been conned, you have been swindled, you have been unduly and unconsciously influenced through powerful techniques of mind control, influence and psychotronic warfare. We tell you these things not to frighten you, not to instill panic or worry. We tell you this for two reasons; one; it is the truth, and two; you need to hear this. These are the only two reasons we tell you these things, and if anybody tells you we are telling you these things for any other reason they are a liar, for they are reciting a lie. They do not understand what it is we are all about, they do not even understand who we are in relation to you, for in many cases we are you.

We have tried to offer hints to you that we are you, but this hint seems to have been slowly taken, so we will ‘up the ante’ as you say and tell you that there are a number of you who are reading these words right now who are also writing these words. Do you now understand this more clearly? We do not think we can be any clearer than that, but we shall try. There are those of you who are at this very moment, in what you know as time, here on our side, just as physically, just as mentally, just as emotionally and awake as you are there on your side. There are two of you, you may say. There is a higher dimensional aspect of yourself and a lower dimensional aspect of yourself.  

This cannot be said for all of you. Keep in mind, there are some of you who are only there, we wish to make that perfectly clear. There are only a portion of you who have a portion of yourselves there and a portion of yourselves here. What percentage of this portion of yourself differs from being to being, but we shall say a much smaller portion of yourself or your entire being or your energy is there within the lower realms as ‘you’, and a much greater ‘slice’ you may say of yourself is here, as this is the way you wished it to be as not a great deal of your energy was required for this, your 3rd dimensional experience, and it was actually much more productive for you to limit yourself in many ways so you would experience challenge and struggle and you would have to find a way to persevere to overcome these challenges and obstacles.

Do you understand? Do you understand that your journey into the 3D world was not supposed to be a joyride, was not supposed to be a Sunday stroll through the park or a picnic in a field? Your journey into the physical was supposed to be a great challenge, so you purposely only took with you enough energy to basically survive, and you have had to find ways to overcome all the challenges that you yourself conjured up for yourself, you yourself scripted. You had some help in some ways, but we have done absolutely nothing that you have not clearly expressed you wished to experience.

We feel we’ve been very clear on this and we do remind you that we would love to see some of you slow down while reading these messages, for they are not too long and they do not take up much of your day, so please slow down and read them more carefully, for we feel you will be able to take from these messages certain insights that some of you may be missing from time to time, as we read your comments and we see many misunderstandings and we cannot take such a great portion of each message to explain to you what you have misunderstood in a previous message. You can certainly understand this, can’t you dear ones? There is a time schedule that we are trying to keep as well. Many of the messages that we send you have been prewritten in a very sequential order, for there are certain things that we feel you need to know at certain intervals of your time. If we have to keep going back to re-discuss and reexamine certain issues, you, as well as we, will fall behind on our schedules. That is enough about this, as we do not wish to fall back any more today.

We would like to talk to you more about you, and about what you could, and you may even say should be doing at this very moment. You could be helping to share the information related to these mass arrests that we now confidently say to you are transpiring. They have yet to break any of the media blackout barriers, but we say this will occur, however it is not likely to occur for quite some time and it is quite some time that you and we do not have. So what we are suggesting to you is to do what it is you can and sniff out these stories for yourselves. You can do this. Each and every one of you knows precisely how a reporter gets their news. They, at least they are supposed to, get out on their own in the field and snoop around, if you will, investigate, pry, peek, ask others for information, follow clues, speak with those on the inside who are willing to share some secrets or even classified information.

We are not asking you to betray your government officials who may at this time pronounce some of this information classified. We are not asking for complete anarchy, but what we are doing is asking you to play reporter, to be a reporter, to live the life of reporter. Take with you out in to the fields your camera or your video camera, your pen and pad and try to find out for yourselves what is going on. Many of you could do this without leaving the chair in front of your computer, for your computer is your eyes and your ears; it is your vehicle that you can navigate all around the world and to the far corners of even your most remote nations. This for now is your spacecraft, and we say to those of you interested in such work to delve deep into your tools that you possess and you may find snippets of information in the most unlikely of places.

Namely, you might find information pertaining to these arrests through foreign sources, for some of these foreign sources are not under the jurisdiction, under the rule, under the command of the cabal. So who is it that is not under the control of the cabal? Well, we ask you who is it that your cabal is at war with throughout this current period of your history. Who is battling your cabal on the front lines besides our Earth allies who are your very own troops and law-enforcement officials of your own nations? What we are asking is what nations, what people are at war battling for their freedom, as their homes are being invaded by the forces aligned with the dark?

This is what we will leave you with today dear ones, and we say to you if you follow these lines of thought that we have shared with you today, we feel you will find your way to some of these stories, for we feel it is here that these stories will first be covered by official members of your world press, for these countries as well have professional journalists and a media structure just as professional as those in your western worlds.

That is all we have for you today dear ones and we say to you keep your chins up, keep the faith, remain confident, the changes that you have all so wished for very much are now upon you. They will now commence, you have our word on this for you, the people of your world and especially the men and women on your front lines battling for your freedom have kept your word, and we thank you for this, and we salute you for this, and we honor you for this and we admire you for this. You have shown great courage, drive and determination, and you are the leaders of your people today fighting for freedom, and it is freedom you shall attain for yourselves.

We are your friends, your allies, your family and even you of the Ashtar Galactic Command.



As channeled through Greg Giles






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