Ascended Masters 20120906 Hilarion: Your Dreams Will Manifest Before You With Amazing Speed


As channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana – September 02, 2012

Beloved Ones,

This is a time to stay connected within as the changes take place within your physical structures and in the World around you. There are many things occurring that will not make sense and which can distract you from your purpose and it is important to stay grounded each day. You have long been the forerunners of the changes now taking place and have already experienced most of the changes within yourselves and now you will observe this in others around you.

The greatest change takes place in consciousness. There continues to be a greater acceptance of the possibilities that Humankind is made of greater stuff than was previously thought and this in turn will create changes in the structures of society. Many new ideas and solutions will flow to the surface into tangible manifestation that will bring benevolent changes to all.

With the downloading influx of the incoming energies, a more expansive view of the World you live on will encourage the onset of creative solutions to the many problems that beset the Planet and its inhabitants. As the hearts of its people begin to open wider in response to these energies, so too, will the feeling of Oneness begin to prevail upon the whole of Humanity.

One race will perceive another as connected in Oneness with them to the Source of All That Is. Differences will melt away as though they never were and much progress will be made in human relations in a relatively short time. As this new understanding inexorably proceeds, Humankind’s potential to create positive change will grow exponentially and many seeming miracles will take place.

For now, it is incumbent upon the Lightworkers around the World to hold their vision of a more perfect World and to stay faithfully and confidently upon their individual Path to wholeness, balance and ascension. It is your faith which will see you move beyond all previous limitations into the mastery of yourselves, your energies, your lives; and your dreams will manifest before you with amazing speed and wondrous synchronicity.

Know that you are creators and that what you see before you in your life in this moment is a result of your thoughts and intentions. The grace of Love prevails within your Being and it is this magnificent force within that will bring the changes that are needed, both within and without. Kindly remember that you walk this Earth as Ambassadors to the Divine, as representatives of a higher order of service to the World, and, that you are making a difference.

Each of you walks lightly and makes minimum impact upon your Planet in terms of contributing to the dense energies that are now being lifted by the focus of Light and Love that you hold. Those of you who have felt the weight of the denseness as you transmuted it will now experience a greater Lightness of Being within you and greater periods of clarity and awareness will take hold.

We know that many of you are weary and that you sometimes wonder why you raised your hand so enthusiastically when volunteers were being called to incarnate upon this Planet. It was your great Love and compassion for not only Humanity that propelled you here but also the knowing that there was a still greater purpose unfolding in the Cosmos. Your deep courage and sense of adventure is being honored by all those of us who have walked the same path before you. You are never alone.

Continue to nurture yourselves and to honor the promptings of your inner guidance. Use all your senses and feel into the World around you. Look for the beauty in all things and in all people, find the common ground between you rather than being put off by the seeming differences.

Let the peace that is within you surround you and bless all life as you daily labor to reach ever higher in your vision and your aspirations. Your attitude of gratitude in the simple form of a heartfelt “thank you” many times each day will bring even more of the goodness to you that you so richly deserve.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion



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