Ascension Earth 2012 GREG GILES 20120905 Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/4/12 ‘In the Eye of the Beholder’


Bracing yourselves for the changes that are now and almost upon you is a very wise choice for you to make at this time, as there are several large changes to your societal structure that are now set to commence. They are on their way, as now we see that movement has been applied on your front lines of your Earth allies, who again are not the untrained or unorganized citizenry of your world, but are the Armed Forces, your militaries and law enforcement agencies of your nations. We are at this time observing movement in the way of arrests of some rather popular and important political figures of your governments. We see these arrests transpiring and we can barely hold back in our joy, excitement and anticipation for what is surely to follow next, and what is surely to follow next is a meeting of our people, our organization and alliance and representatives of your world.

This is a meeting that has been long anticipated, far beyond the current lifespan of your present incarnation. This meeting has been anticipated for eons of time, which is how long this mission has been underway. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, have been here in your skies for just as long. In a way, we have always been here, though our organization as a whole was not here. We had representation here either in your skies or throughout your communities in the form of our incarnated brothers and sisters. These incarnated members of the Galactic Federation of Light are with you today, they are reading these words.

Many of you that take the time and enjoy reading our messages that we share with you daily are indeed members of our esteemed organization. You have been members of this organization for, in many cases, quite some time. Some of your tenures go back now hundreds even thousands of years, and there are even a few of you who can say that you have been a member of the Galactic Federation of Light for over 1 million years. Yes dear ones, this is true. There are those of you whose ‘soul age’, if you wish to term it that, is over 1 million and even 2 million years young. There are those of you reading these words at this very moment who are not only members of our organization, but you are what you term in your world ‘brass’ or officers. There are Commanders of our organization within your ranks. Some of you are not first-year members or crewmembers who are new to our organization by any far stretch of the imagination.

There are those of you who have acquired great wisdom and have experienced many long and very rewarding and educational journeys to and from the far stretches of even the most remote galaxies throughout this universe. Some of these galaxies, though they are addressed within our universe that we share, are so far from the beaten trail, as you say, that they have taken great amounts of manpower, technology, expertise and determination to reach. Some of these galaxies that you have journeyed to with us are so unique, for they have gone uninfluenced by other galaxies and other peoples for so many very long eons of time.

Some of these galaxies host beings that are so very different from you and perhaps we. They do not look at all as many of us may appear. They do not think or process information or experience emotions such as we do. They do not eat in the same ways, they do not sleep in the same ways, they do not laugh in the same ways, they do not cry the same ways and they do not deal with others in the same ways that we do. These are some of the stronger challenges for our organization, for we wish to recruit representation from throughout all of the civilized societies of our shared universe. We do not wish to exclude anyone and as such, we attempt to recruit and to train those from worlds that are so far different than us, whose cultures are so far removed from ours that it has proven to be quite difficult to absorb them into our organization, but for the most part this has been a very successful endeavor and our efforts have not gone unrewarded in the slightest.

We now can proudly boast that we have within our midst members from thousands upon thousands of different galaxies that stretch the landscape of what otherwise would be a darkened void of space and time. We have members here who are creatures of ancestral lines who would appear more to the human eye as what you may refer to as ‘monstrous’, but we can assure you their hearts and their minds are not ‘monstrous’, for what that connotation may mean to those of you from Earth. Their hearts are made of gold just like yours, and we wish you to always remember this when you meet them, for in a way it would be rather insulting and demeaning for you to react in fear or disgust at another being whose beauty may rest mostly inside them, although we will say from our perspective their beauty is not only in, but also shines from without, for each and every being in this universe is a beautiful and miraculous creation of our Creator, who has played scientist and has created for the betterment of our experience many different human, humanoid, and not at all humanoid creatures within his magnificent kingdom.

You will be meeting many of these different types of beings in the days ahead. What we are asking you to do today is prepare yourselves mentally and emotionally for these introductions. Can you do that for us our dear friends? Can you take time from your day and imagine if you will in your mind images of beings and creatures and different types of sentient life forms that may exist throughout this universe. Use your fervent imaginations. Let your imaginations run completely wild, for no matter how wild and imaginary your visions will be, there will be beings and creatures throughout this universe that will surprise you, whose appearances will surprise you, this we assure you, for we are here and we work with them every day and we also gauge the responses of all of those that meet them for the first time and we say to you that never an opportunity is lost for at least certain individuals from certain groups who meet these beings who are members of the Galactic Federation of Light to react just as we had forewarned them they may and asked them to prepare themselves for.

We remind you of this, for we wish you, the people of Earth, to do all that you can today in the name of preparation, for even if there are those of you who will recoil, who will react in fear or astonishment, we feel a little preparation will go a very long way in the name of diplomatic relations and proper and acceptable protocol. We wish for you, the people of Earth, to make as impressive of a first introduction as you possibly can. Remember what they say on Earth; a first impression is a lasting impression. We love this saying, although we will say that impressions of a being or a people can change with the right amount of effort and determination, but we will say we do agree with this saying of yours at least superficially, and that is how we advise you to take in the appearance of all the beings that you shall meet.

Accept their appearance as superficial and that is all, for beauty as you say is only skin deep and beneath this is what really lies at the heart of a being, and we tell you there are no beings who are members of the Galactic Federation of Light who are not aged spiritually, are not wise, learned, knowledgeable, decent, kind, loving, considerate and caring individuals, for we do not accept into our organization anything less, you can be assured of this. This is our promise to you, this is our guarantee to you; that there will be no beings that you will ever meet that are members of our organization whose hearts are not made of gold, and you will experience this firsthand and you will not have to take our word for this for very long.

We can say the same for you dear ones, for there will not be any members of your human race that are accepted into our organization and made official members of the Galactic Federation of Light who also do not possess hearts of gold, for we cannot make any exceptions for you, for there are no excuses or reasons why any exception should be made for you or anyone else in this universe. Only those of you who have demonstrated that you truly care about others and that you take others feelings and emotions and lives into consideration before you speak to them, before you interact with them in any way are members of our organization or will be considered for positions within our organization.

There are a quite a number of you who have demonstrated just the opposite and we have duly taken notice of this. We do not say this to hurt any of your feelings or to give you dire warnings or to pronounce sentencing upon you, no. We tell you this because this is truth and this is what you want from us, truth, is it not dear ones? It is truth you have asked for and it is truth you shall always receive, even if you do not agree with our policies or our messages to you. What you are receiving is our truth and there is no changing this, there is no altering this, there is no censoring this, and we will continue to share with you our truths whether you demand or not that our messages change in some way, for you do not approve of them.

These messages are not sent for your approval, for your consideration, for you to mark off as if they are a test paper and some sections pass your inspection and some fail, as we notice quite a lot of you doing. A number of you read one portion of our message and stamp it with your approval and then read another section and take a big red magic marker in your mind and ‘X’ it out and label it with a big ‘F’ for failure. We do not understand this, as this is not an exam paper we are handing in. What we are sharing with you are cold hard facts and these facts are not either true or false, they are simply truths, and we will not change or alter our truths to appease any of you. If there are those of you who are reading these messages and are only partially resonating with them we say what good are the sections that you are resonating with if you do not resonate with so much of our communications? In other words, if some of this information does not resonate with you, how could you trust the rest of it, and why would you even bother to read the rest of it?

We say to those of you who are not resonating with large portions of our messages that this is perhaps because these messages are not intended for you, and this is why you are only resonating with small portions of them as even small portions have the likelihood of connecting with you at least on some level. Can this be understood dear ones? We say to those of you who are giving us percentages of how much our message resonates with you and how much it doesn’t, we say to you perhaps you should move on to another channel’s work, as the messages we are sharing through our channel are simply not resonating with you, whether in whole or in part.

We say to those of you who are resonating with these messages it is very likely that you are resonating with these messages because you truly understand these messages as they are a part of your existence, they are messages from an organization you belong to. You are already familiar, at least at a subconscious level, of these policies and the way we speak and carry ourselves and none of this is really new or earth shattering to you, for you have lived it, and in some cases, for quite a long period of time, beyond your current lifespan or even all of your incarnations into the physical.

We say to those of you who do resonate with these messages there is a reason for this, and we advise you to continue reading as there will be many exciting and informative revelations shared with you in the coming days ahead as matters are now heating up, as you say. They are getting very exciting and we are getting very excited, for we see now that we are so close to engaging the next phase of our overall plan which is at long last our rendezvous with those of you of your world, at which time we can convene in our great meeting halls and get to the bottom of so many matters we have wished to speak to you about, but this sharing of words with you publicly like this is not the proper forum for many reasons, and one of the major reasons is for security purposes.

As we remind you often, there is another team out here on the field. It is not only us, we have an opponent. They stand across the field from us, they wear black uniforms, they are very well organized and well-funded, devious and crafty. They are in many cases vicious. They do not possess consciousness structures like you, so there is nothing holding them back from committing acts of treason and sabotage and even violence. They use threats quite often, but more often than not they only possess bark and no bite, as they fully understand that it is we who have very sharp teeth and we will bite, you can be assured of this.

There are those of you who are our Lightworkers, you are our family. If one finger is lifted to harm you in any way, shape or form we will strike. We will strike back and we will strike hard, and those on the other team that stand across the field from us will not like it and they will not be happy with the predicament they suddenly find themselves in. Our actions will be swift and our actions will hurt; this is our vow, and we will never go back on our word. If even one of our Lightworkers are injured in any way we will know how it happened. The cabal fully knows that we have the technological capabilities to replay any event, so there will be no hiding who is the culprit, and we will retaliate with everything that we have until we feel justice has been had. This is our promise; this is our vow, and we will not break it or bend it for anyone.

We are your brothers in arms and we will protect you in every possible way that we can and we do this each and every day. We do not leave anything to chance. We do not leave our Lightworkers unprotected, and we do not leave anyone unprotected that assists us in our mission, for there are many of you out there who are working very diligently to assist our efforts and you are not what we would officially term as our Lightworkers, but we embrace you as you are our family because indeed you are, for we are not connected through honorary titles or membership cards or badges or uniforms or names, we are connected through love, and if you demonstrate your love for us and our mission to restore love, light, peace and prosperity to this world then you are one of us. You have a bright future with us if this is what interests you, and you can also take solace in knowing that we are also watching over you.

Yes, we are even watching over and protecting those of you who are not members of our organization, those of you who have taken the time and the effort to share our messages, to share the video footage of our craft, to spread the word that we are here in love and in offers of service and assistance to our dear brothers and sisters of the human family. If you are one of these individuals and you are not already a member of our team and what we term as our Lightworkers, you can be sure that you are loved, you are being looked after and you are being protected as much as we can possibly protect you, just as much as the official members of our organization, and you may also know that you will have the opportunity to sit down and discuss with us your future possibilities with us, for we see something in you that is so rare in this universe and it is just this gold that we wish to mine, and that is the character in your heart.

We sign off for now, but we say to you our brothers and sisters that even though we now will go back to our routines and our work here aboard our ships we never forget you, not for one moment all throughout our long days and our days are much longer than yours, for they are not governed by the turn of your planet in relation to your sun, no. Here in space there is no sun that governs like a clock us and our daily routines, for our days fall into each and every other day and we just continue our work uninterrupted, and we wish you could understand how much work we are actually doing for you, for we take no breaks, we take no vacations. We do not just lounge around here, as each and every moment of each and every day is filled with the processes that go into assisting your planet and helping restore her to the way she once was.

This is our mission here, and we work hard at our mission ‘around the clock’, as you say, and you can be certain that we are making great headway and we do see many major changes just up ahead on the horizon. We again say to you that we see changes now affecting your world and we do now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we look forward to the next phase of operation which is our reunion with you, our brothers and sisters of Planet Earth.

We are your friends, your family and your allies of the galactic commands. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles 






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