Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20120904 Melchizedek ~~ Your choices: where there’s a will, there’s a way! ~~ 04/09/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.



Where there’s a will, there”s a way. This saying is most appropriate these days! What you earnestly want to bring to manifestation will be the way to your personal Ascension process. So continue on with creating your thoughts, and certainly continue persevering in this regards. The road is being cleared more and more in such a way that only tiny hindrances remain, so do not let the ones remaining deter you or delay you from reaching your goal. These are mere distractions and dirty games which are unfair, so don’t invest your energy in them, they are not worth your while.


Focus primarily on yourself and your inner world, on your beautiful spark full of colours and love and give your world that particular personal colour. Send it out, scream it out if need be and fight against the very last illusions which are still trying to get you distracted. You are defenders and warriors of the Light; keep your light torches high and enlighten the whole world ; don’t let even the smallest particle escape from your loving and warm embrace. Indeed, you are Lightbeings, your are Uppergods, Masters, Angels, Starseed, Stars, Suns, Love, Lightenergies …. You are all incarnated with just one purpose : your Ascension! So let’s get on with the show and let’s do the things you came here to do ; join hands in cooperation as this is the way to go. We are all One, never forget that.

Humans and souls, splendidly beautiful creations in which the spark of Love has extinguished, will all be reignited in an effort to lead them to full awakening. We anxiously await the reactions that will come about with the present intense energies and what the endresult will be. Will there be a mass awakening or not? That is the big question for us in these days. Many souls have already found their way back to the Light and many will follow, that’s what we foresee and it brings us much joy. Let’s focus more specifically on yourself as the inner evolution and the inner changes will have an impact on the outer world that surrounds you. This is your personal approach and contribution for this world : to simply be Love and Light.


Certain souls, with specific tasks pertaining to them, are now receiving the knowledge so that afore-mentioned tasks can be performed. The first of these souls have already begun and many more are to follow. The soul tasks have everything to do with raising the vibrations of this world. We wish to give you a pat on the shoulders and a warm hug as a way of saying thanks for your choice to be here in this present moment and to represent the Light. Certainly no easy task, as you know by now, but for you it was an easy choice when this question was asked to you. Without a shadow of a doubt, most souls made the choice to return bringing you to where you are now on this planet.


What is happening now is historic in scope and you are all part of it. This is much appreciated not only by the numerous galactic civilizations, to which many of you belong, but also by the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy as well as by all of the Lighted Realms. Together we are strong and as one unit we are going to cooperate. The veils between our worlds have thinned considerably and you can now more easily see and feel us which will facilitate our cooperation. Get used to this change, you are all most welcome, you are loved deeply. Very soon all will return to the original state of being and your assistance and experiences on this planet of duality will become a thing of the past. We welcome you very soon now in our higher world and embrace you all with arms of Love and Light.


I Am Melchizedek of the Great White Brotherhood and I thank you cordially for the opportunity to share this message. Namaste.

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