Ascended Masters 20120904 Useful tool from “Ascension Handbook” Material Channeled from Serapis


Hi all, I use this tool regulary and find this very useful to help and let go.  Love Méline ♥


When you incarnated, you built several blocks and vows into your personality and energy bodies to prevent you from knowing who you really were.  At the discretion of your spirit-self, it may be time to release these blocks and vows, not only for yourself but for all your bloodline back to the dawn of history ( because this technique is so powerful, and affects every one of your ancestors, we had to obtain special dispensation from the various councils to release this information).  If it feels right for you, either alone or in a group (groupwork is far more potent than solitary work), say the following with intent:


I now rescind any and all vows that I have taken to experience the Illusion of unconsciousness.  

As ligthbearer of my genetic lineage, I break these vows for myself and all of my ancestors.

 I declare these vows null and void in this incarnation, and all of our incarnations across time and space, parallel realtities, parallel unverses, alternate realities, alternate universes, all planetary systems, all Source systems and all Dimensions.   

I ask for the release of all crystals, devices, thoughtforms, emotions, matrices, veils, cellular memory, pictures of reality, genetic limitation, and death – NOW!  

Under the Law of Grace and by the Decree of Victory!  By the Decree of Victory!  By the Decree of Victory!   

As Spirit wills, I ask for Awakening.  As Spirit wills, we are awake! 

In the beginning, I AM THAT I AM! B’ray-sheet, Eh-yah esher Eh-yah.

That clears out the attic and the basement.  Now it is time to bring in new energy under your control. Time to contact Spirit!





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