Contacting Beings of Light 20120903 The Nature of Perception – Rakhealle


Channeler: Ree

I AM Rakhealle

It is of great importance you remember who your truly are. You are powerful creator beings and your ascension process is well under-way. As creator beings the basis of your creations is you own inner world. This inner world is what is projected back at you. When you live with peace within, it can only be reflected back at you. This is the nature of the creator and is the fundamental key to creating heaven on earth. When there is turmoil and stress within, the universe has no choice but to reflect this back at you. This is the nature of free will. The law of attraction. You all have the grace of God to create as you so wish. Your creations are potent and the energy you are anchoring and projecting at present is huge. The energy quota of earth is far beyond what many of you perceive it to be. Your own personal creational power is far beyond what many of you perceive it to be. Now more than ever is is crucial you embrace yourselves and your own godhead.

I see some of you struggling in you day to day lives. You struggle with what you perceive to be the dense energy’s of people you perceive to be vibrating below you. If your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, does it serve you to project a perception of low vibration on to the rest of the world? Dear ones, a perception is a perception, it can be changed at will and aligned with whichever vibrational band you so wish. You can change you perception of your fellow kin and so change the vibration you experience when you go about your day to day lives.

When you perceive the world to be a dark and dangerous place where no one understands you, you create that world. You lock into the vibrational band where those experiences exist for you. The universe supports you fully in whichever vibration you choose to exist. When you transmute the lower vibrations within and actively vibrate above the lower dimensions, your world of experience has no choice but to lift its vibration also, bringing to you an experience in harmony with the higher dimensions.

In love of your immense creational potential – Rakhealle








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