Awakening News 20120903 Poof: September 2, 2012 While We Were Waiting


Posted by Stephen Cook

Stephen: Poof confirms what he has been saying for the past three weeks: that the new financial system IS in place. This week, he explains how the old system is being de-toxed (well, he uses a rather more graphic analogy, but…) and cleansed ready for all of us to enjoy. Not long now…


Greetings and Salutations;

Frankly, this whole things has been like cleaning out an impacted colon. Let that image percolate thru the grey matter…Then while you’re cleaning somebody is throwing more crap to try to keep the impaction in place.

Sometimes it’s been necessary to use explosives to gain on the enemy, who’ve been using every desperate measure at their disposal. Failure was never an option. Whatever it looked like but no human could stop the future.

For folks intent on keeping the past intact, like horses with blinders, they failed to notice the bridge back was gone. That was the detonation and now the system has the barnyard runs as the toxins are being released into the media and they in turn spray it all over the listener. Buddha taught the middle path…staying between the opposing sides and seeing them both clearly.

We all know politicians can’t stand centrist. Do you dare keep your own mind and thoughts…not join the herd, off the cliff?

‘But I need the money, Poof…I’ll do good stuff’.’They’ know it and it’s why it was designed to impact the ‘bottom’, first.

YOU move the world not bankers. You bring supply to neighborhoods, elderly, children, the indigent.

The bankers tried to act as if it was a closed world between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. Then they started cannibalizing each other, what a nice little mess that turned out to be. Had these same goons been left to do to you what they did to each other, all this time of waiting and preparing, would have been a total waste of time.

To this day, folks still have a hard time conceiving of a world not run by the greedy predators, of the last 100+ years. Many have accepted that they are the lesser, serfs on the lord’s big land and willing to pay tribute to be left alone.

That’s why these announcements will turn many brains to mush, I’ll say again the history books will Have to be rewritten. We were taught outright lies. Learning the answer as to Why, something was done, not just it’s the ‘patriotic thing to do’…followed with band music.

With the impacted colon problem relieved, the omega doorway to this system can be opened to usher in the future.

There will be many surprises and some will be hard to digest. The nice lady,  for example, is not dead and Mr Bush can testify to that. Nothing like personal contact…she ain’t no joke and does not mind adding insult to injury.

There’s a reason why the Chinese are called inscrutable…look it up again if you fail to grasp it’s meaning.

The never pay model was always destined to fail. If your ‘reason’ was based on faulty will lose to a great game of global banking. Nothing like buying your casino right out from under you…more like foreclosure.

I just gotta say this, who would it benefit in the US for everything to dump right now…RVs and programs..hint: it’s a politician. I think even a 3rd grader could figure that one out.

Have a blessed future, filled with joy. The world is moving on, no matter what you hear on the internet.

Love and Kisses,






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