Ascension Earth 2012 – 20120902 ~ Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/1/12 – ‘It is Time to Weed Our Garden’


‘It is Time to Weed Our Garden’

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light


Pooling of collective thoughts is how we communicate with our channel and with all of those we send our messages to in this manner. We apply this method, for it is the most efficient means to convey our messages to those of your world. Try to think of it as a flow of electricity, and the more powerful this surge in power, the stronger the signal that reaches the intended destination, in this case our channel Greg. We communicate this way as is it is the most efficient means of communication. There are other methods of communication and this is but one of them, as we also communicate with each other in the higher realms through technological means, and telepathy is not the only method of communication.

When those of you who are to travel to the higher realms do so in the days ahead and the not too distant future beyond, we will demonstrate for you our communication techniques, and all of you making this journey will learn to use all of the tools and technologies that we use. There will be many learning processes for you, and the means in which we choose to communicate is just one area of many areas where you will receive instruction. Let us take a brief tour of some of these technologies you will be taught to use once you leave your current reality and begin with a fresh start.

We like to use tools and technologies for just about everything it is that we do here. We do not care for manual labor, and we do not spend much time, if any, working with our hands when tools and technology can be used instead. This does not mean that we do not participate in arts and crafts and things of this nature where our God-given hands are used as tools to say, paint and sculpt or play a musical instrument. This is certainly what we do not mean by saying we utilize tools and technologies to replace our hands in certain cases. What we are speaking about here is applying tools and technology to replace chores, toils and manual labor that a higher dimensional beings may not wish to do, chores that may have to be done nonetheless. So we have devised for ourselves a large array of tools to do this work for us. 

This does not mean these tools are on automatic pilot, as in many cases these tools must be operated by a consciousness structure, such as the thought from a being or a collective of beings. Looking at this from your perspective, we would say this approach would be akin to your thoughts that manifest your reality, but here our thoughts can manifest and operate certain tools that can be used to manipulate objects, to lift objects, to move objects, to resize, reshape and re-sculpt objects, to color objects, to change the weight of objects. Yes, our minds can be used as these tools to complete these tasks. Does this paint a clearer picture for you of what we mean when we say our consciousness or collective consciousness can be used as a tool to change our reality?

We feel this point has been made sufficiently clear, and we will move on and speak to you about how our collective consciousness can be utilized to travel through space and even through what you understand and perceive as time. Our collective consciousness, and even a single consciousness structure, can be used as a device that enables travel. It can be used in this way by focusing on a coordinate, a position in space and even in time. By focusing on this point of reality we can then shift our reality to match the frequency at point A or point B on a map. We can then shift our ‘perspective’, if you will, and instead of traveling from point A to point B we merely appear at say point B when previously our reality was that we were positioned at point A. Do you understand this concept dear ones, that we do not necessarily have to travel through space in our spacecraft at all? Many of you have demonstrated that you do understand this concept, and we have come upon your comments that suggest that the means in which we have traveled here in our spacecraft is actually unnecessary. This is true to a certain degree, but we say to you that it is far more convenient and easy for us to congregate in a large structure that has been built, even if it has been built through a singular or collective consciousness, and travel through space in this way rather than through the shifting of our consciousness perspectives.

We hope that you understand this and say to you it is not very complex to understand and to even master this technique though, as applies to everything, all takes a learning curve, a learning period, where study and practice must be applied before these techniques are mastered sufficiently to allow a being to utilize them. We will provide for you training in these, as well as many other areas for those of you that are making this trip for the first time. You will not be left on your own to try to figure out how to do anything, as this is how mistakes can occur and even injury, although injury can be sufficiently healed here.

Injury can and does at times occur even here within the higher realms. All can be considered perfection within the higher reams, but we do say to you that this does not mean that higher dimensional life is not without its bumps and at times bruises. It would be a rather boring and dull existence if there were no challenges or obstacles to overcome. There are certainly obstacles and challenges to overcome here. From our perspective there are quite many, and one of these is the challenge to break down the barrier that separates our existence from yours. This is our greatest challenge at this time, and we have been applying great effort and manpower to overcome this challenge. It is not overcome by simply snapping our fingers or issuing a command as many of you believe.

There are some of you voicing your opinions, and again we honor and respect all of your opinions, who believe we are purposely playing a waiting game with you, that we could end all this right now if we so chose. This is not true in the least. We, as well as you, must work together to find suitable solutions to the challenges before us, and until these suitable solutions are found and are put into play we cannot begin our reunion. This is plain and this is simple and this is truth, whether there are some of you who will not accept this as truth, it is. We cannot begin our reunion with you at this time, for there are yet obstacles to overcome. 

One of these obstacles is the presence in your world of those who many of us now understand as the criminal cabal. They are still a force to be reckoned with and even in some cases respected, but not in the manner you may usually use the word respect. We do not respect them for the way they treat the people of Earth or even the way they treat each other. This is not what we mean when say we respect them. We respect them because they have become a formidable foe in this game, this battle of light versus dark. They are no easy mark, as you say, to be taken down. Great effort and planning must be applied to strip them of their empire that they have built over many centuries of time.

They are not a ‘Johnny-come-lately’ on the scene. They have been manipulating you, the people of Earth, and have been building their empire while stripping you of your wealth, your health, your power, your sovereignty, your freedoms, your will and even your intelligences for many centuries. This is a diabolical agenda that has gone back now, we will say, thousands of years, going back well beyond the days of the Pharos of Egypt. This has been going on since Lemuria, a continent that some of you may be aware of, but for the most part the human collective consciousness is not aware of it or its sister continent Atlantis.

There are many of your world who believe Atlantis is merely a work of fiction, of someone’s imagination, whether this imagination belongs to your Greek writer, philosopher and historian Plato, or someone else before him. This is not the case, as Atlantis and Lemuria as well are very real continents on your planet with very lengthy, involved and dramatic histories. Of the events in the histories of these two separate lands were wars and catastrophe that have led to the annihilation of both of these, we shall call them for now nations, for they possessed governments and they possessed militaries and they possessed citizenry, so we shall refer to them as a nation-states.

These two separate and divided nation-states warred with each other, not for decades or over centuries, but for eons, which is thousands of years of time. Considering what even a short or small war would entail in your world, consider how devastating a war lasting thousands of years would be. This is what happened to these lands that at one time were free, prosperous, rewarding and advanced civilizations. They chose to destroy themselves rather than work out their many differences. Do you see the problem that can and will arise when beings do not peaceably, amicably, fairly, adequately, timely and justly work out the differences between themselves like mature and wise spiritual beings?  

This devastation that occurred was so great that much effort has been applied on our part to minimize this damage that stretches beyond their continents and beyond their time period that they existed. The damage caused by this warring between these two nation-states is damage that has infiltrated your modern society today. There are problems, difficulties and challenges in your world today that must be overcome due to these challenges and difficulties having failed to be overcome back many thousands of years ago in the lands of Lemuria and Atlantis. Do you understand what we are explaining to you here? We are explaining to you that because of karmic residue, because of the failure of these two lands to work together and reach peaceable agreements between each other, you are left holding the bag, as you say, you are left to pick up the pieces, to rearrange and rebuild what was destroyed by these two peoples of your very distant past.

This event was hundreds of thousands of years ago in your past. Not tens of thousands, but hundreds of thousands of years ago in your past and still today here you are and you must atone for what has happened back then. Your task today is to rebuild from the ashes of these two nation-states and create for yourselves one world, one governing body, one people, not hundreds of scrambled pieces, not so many different nations and languages, laws and rules, but one, just one. This is your task, your assignment, your mission here, to build for yourselves a global society based on unity and tolerance, understanding and love, cooperation and friendship, on trust and the resolve that you will reach amicable and peaceful agreements with each other when any and all differences in perspective, opinions, points of view or philosophies present themselves. This is your task; this is our mission here together.

As part of this mission, those that wish not to participate in this grand endeavor to unite all of the people of your world in freedom and in sovereignty, in prosperity and in health, in safety and in knowledge, in love and in trust will have to be removed as we cannot have leaks in your ship, for your ship can and will sink just as the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria sunk into the deep cresting waves of their oceans. This is the challenge before us, this is our mission, and as part of this mission we must remove these beings from your world, for they are not assisting with this mission. They do not wish to take part in this mission and they are doing all that they can, plotting and scheming every day to thwart our mission, to sabotage it, and they will continue to do everything in their power, and they do possess great power, do not be fooled by what appears to be a quiet period or a peaceful period in your history. They will, because they feel they must, create chaos. Chaos is their tool that they use. It is their ally; it is their secret weapon, although they do not keep it a very big secret. Chaos is the name of their game. Chaos, confusion, violence, separation, fear, distrust and suspicion are some of the tools in their arsenal they use on a daily basis. 

They spread lies and disinformation through their propaganda outlets and their men and women who work in these ‘offices’, if you will. You see, these men and women are paid sometimes relatively large amounts of money to do this dirty work for them. They use the media and the Internet to spread their lies and their deceit in an effort to keep you from becoming one, to keep you separated and divided, confused and in fear and in a perpetual state of distrust, suspicion and even paranoia. It is upon you, the people of Earth, to recognize these attempts to keep you divided, to keep you living in fear. We cannot constantly issue you bulletins and warnings every time we become aware of one of their many daily attempts to instill fear and division within your people, as this is up to you dear ones. As we have said, we are here to assist, but we are not here to do your work for you. It is upon you, the people of this world, to do all that you can do to tear down these walls that today and for many eons of your past have worked to separate you.

We will advise you that there are attempts by the cabal to infiltrate your peaceful societies and your online communities, and we have shared with you before our findings that the cabal and their paid minions are infiltrating your online Lightworker, spiritual, extraterrestrial, and any communities that you are building to connect with one another. They have paid minions posing as Lightworkers and beings on the spiritual path or beings that are resonating with being part of extraterrestrial or higher dimensional families, and instead of helping to spread the themes of love and light, understanding and tolerance, togetherness and unity, cooperation and peace, they instigate fighting and arguing, debating and separation. They instigate and at times take the lead in attacking others, in attacking our channels, in attacking those that speak up and defend our channels or anyone that expresses points of view that it is peace and tolerance, togetherness and love that is what we are all about, for this is not what they are all about, and they have an assignment as well.  

Their mission is to build walls between you, and from what we see they are accomplishing this task quite well. Would you agree with us here that there are many throughout your online communities that, even though they claim to be Lightworkers, appear to be doing the work of the dark, of the cabal? Can we agree on that today dear ones? We ask you this because we know there will be those who disagree with this today, and we ask you who would disagree with this logic which is and should be very plainly clear to all of you. Who would benefit more from disagreeing with these words today than those paid minions themselves whose task it is to keep you divided, to keep you fighting amongst each other? We say to you it is your task today to discover for yourselves the existence of these cabal agents and identify them and share this information with your brothers and sisters in light, your brothers and sisters who are part of your mission here in love and service for this planet and her people. What we are not asking you to do is form lynch mobs in any way, shape or form, and we are not asking you to pick up arms and commit any acts of violence or threaten anyone whatsoever. (Our previous message to you from our Commanders concerning cabal arrests was directed to the ‘Earth allies’, who are factions of your world militaries and law enforcement communities overseeing these arrests of the members of the cabal, not the citizenry of your nations, and we feel this point was made very clear.)

What we today are simply and solely asking you, our Lightworkers to do is begin to discuss amongst yourselves, openly and publicly, who you feel these agents of the cabal are, mentioning them by name and what online communities they belong to and use as tools to divide you and separate you and instigate fights between you. Identify these individuals by name and openly and publicly share these names and the communities they belong to with each other. This is what we wish to see you do today. We wish you to stand up for yourselves, to organize, to grow in numbers and strength and weed out these causes of so much fighting, separation and hostility throughout your online communities, communities that were founded on the virtues of love and light, on tolerance and understanding, peace and cooperation. This is your assignment today, and this assignment does not end tomorrow. We wish you to continue with this assignment each and every day until all of these individuals who are paid minions of the dark cabal are identified and rooted out like ugly weeds in a beautiful flower garden.

We are your fellow gardeners of the Galactic Federation of Light. 

As channeled through Greg Giles



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