AA Michael by Ron Head 20120902 ~ The most grueling and dangerous leg of the climb – Michael channeled by Ron Head


The most grueling and dangerous leg of the climb

Michael channeled by Ron Head

Today we will speak a bit about the purpose of this channel.  As you are well aware, our energies are being channeled by several other very reliable persons.  Each of these has a different purpose and skill set to bring to the table, as you say.  Until a certain point is reached in the development of the ascension process, this channel agreed with us to help in bringing awareness and information to your world which would aid individuals to advance in their personal journeys by pointing out to them things which they were undergoing even though they might not be aware of them.

A slight shift of attention is indeed beginning to make many aware of their own physical, mental, and spiritual development toward the promised new humanity.  Each, of course has the option of not making these internal changes; but, assuming the choice has been made to do so, slight nudges in informational awareness are proving of much benefit.

Soon this contract will be fulfilled.  You and this channel will begin to notice a definite change in the source and content of these messages at that time.  We trust that this will put his mind to rest.

You are in a period now in which a very intense flow of energy is engulfing you and everyone else upon this planet.  You feel almost certainly as if something huge and wonderful is about to occur.  You cannot, for the life of you, begin to voice exactly what that is.  Does this describe what you are feeling dear hearts?  Know now that you are correct in all of that.  However, when this change is complete, you still will see nothing specific.  What it will do, is doing, is making it possible to absorb the next increase in intensity.

Two weeks now of high change is upon you.  You will be amazed at times at your own reactions, or lack of them, to what occurs about you.  Congratulations.  You will also notice increased craziness in many others.  This is the difference of reaction to the same energies by the two differing minds experiencing them.  You will know that the time is come for you to maintain your focus and center just as we have taught you.

But we are sure we need not point this out to most of you.  You have learned well and are making remarkable progress.  If this time is bringing up any still unpleasant things for you to see from the depths of your consciousness, please do not fall into blaming yourselves.  Everyone does have, has had, or will have much the same experience.  All must be cleared.  Some is yours, some is yours from lives you do not yet remember, and some may be things that you have agreed to clear from the DNA of your family lines.  Attach no blame to these things.  In fact, be proud that you have reached a point where you can release them.  Just observe them, stay calm, and release them back to the universe to be transformed into the creative energy that formed them.  Those cycles need not bother you again.

One more point we would make at his time.  This intense period will continue, and in fact increase, for almost two more of your weeks.  At that time you will need only, and therefore will receive, a short respite to assimilate into your bodies what has been gained.  It may seem as if there is no let up at all, for you have reached the base of the last and most major ascent.  Every mountain climber could tell you stories of that.  It is the most grueling and dangerous leg of the climb.  You may approach this in dread and fear.  We advise another approach.  Open your hearts and stride joyfully and with cheerful intent to the summit.  If you can maintain that attitude, your goal will be reached with much less real difficulty.

That is all for today, dear friends.  Peace and love be yours in each moment.  Good day.

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