Ron’s Channeled Messages 20120829 What is difficult for you now, you shall wear proudly in the future. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

photo by Roxana Asanageanu



Good day to all whom these messages reach.  Our unconditional love and blessings to all are yours on this and every day.

We are gratified that, despite the discomfort some are feeling at this time, you continue to forge ahead.  These experiences are the lessons you will be able to point to when it is your turn to help others find their way.  What is difficult for you now, you shall wear proudly in the future that is not long now in coming.

Some are asking for relief, a lessening of the stress and pain, when it becomes too much for them.  This can be, and is being provided.  There is no shame in this.  It is also possible that wholeheartedly throwing one’s self into the process will provide much joy and instant relief.  Only your heart can tell you whether this is true for you.  It is a point, we tell you, that you shall reach when it is right for you.

Many now are feeling a vast and growing energy of anticipation, yet they know not what is coming.  The coming period, or rather the remainder of this period which you are now in, will become even more intense very quickly.  Then you may feel, “My, that was intense!  What happened?”  That answer will be different for each of you. just as the final result of this spectacular year shall be.  There will be those who say that nothing happened at all.  There have been many of these all along the way.  You must notice, however that the numbers of those who can continue to hold these beliefs is diminishing quickly.  As the changes become more and more obvious, the majority will begin to understand.

Looking now at the events transpiring in your societies, you can see things reaching a crescendo.  Prepare yourselves for the ride of your lives that we have forecast.  We ask you to move through these times in celebration of that which you know is coming and to resist falling into fear and anger.  Many of you are finding yourselves, much to your surprise, in a new space of peace and happiness which does not include such negative things any longer.  Many others will arrive at this stage shortly.  It is available to all.  Allow yourselves the option of dancing across this short time of chaos with a heart full of gratitude and peace.

During this next two week period, draw to yourselves as much of the energies of healing and change which you able to perceive.  They are great and becoming far greater.  As we often tell you, the changes within you are by far the most important.  Without the progress of each of you, there is no progress at all.  You are the change makers.  Soon you may begin to understand that you, meaning humanity as an integral part of Gaia, are The Change Maker.  This is why we have not stepped in to ‘save’ you.  It is not allowed, and you would be lessened thereby.  Be heartened, however.  The point at which these things become no longer relevant approaches, rapidly.  It shall be an ‘AHA’ moment which you will not soon forget.

As always, we urge you now to call upon us in moments of distress.  Call on us also when you desire understanding of that which you are experiencing.  Call on us for comfort.  We are here only for the purpose of supporting you in this grand endeavor.  We shall speak again soon.


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