Ron’s Channeled Messages 20120802 You are each unique, powerful, beautiful beings. – Michael channeled by Ron Head


Greetings to you on this morning of your passing through the energies of the full moon.  Let us speak of that which was so powerful that it awakened you.  We are always speaking of these things, it seems.  But many are feeling these things for the first time and do not know where to get an explanation.

We told you previously that these frequencies would continue to increase in power and purpose.  As they have changed your molecular structure, they have made this safer for you and, in most cases, a bit more pleasurable.  Now you have reached a point where you can sustain, without harm, wholesale change to your entire bodily system if you have, not resisted what needed to be done.  We advise you to relax into the flow of these things and remember that they are being done to assure not only your ascension, but your actual well-being.  Remember, no one has ever gone through all of this in their physical embodiment, not on Earth, and not on any other planet.

There have been some ones who have volunteered to experience these things as a sort of test to see what you could deal with and what you could not.  Things have been very, very uncomfortable for some of them for quite some time.  They will of course be very joyful of the outcome of their chosen journeys, but we say to you that you all owe them a great deal.  Because of what they have passed through, many of you are able to travel this path with little or no pain, even to the point of hardly noticing.  Some even welcome and enjoy each step up in the process.  From the perspective of your ascension, eight hours of half-sleep through cellular and molecular excitation will not seem too high a price to pay.

As before, this will have served to prepare you for the physical, and also the non-physical things which are beginning to manifest for you.  Your bodies are being prepared to house much, much more of the light of your entire selves.  Depending upon where you are individually in your journey, you may have already begun to perceive some of the new possibilities this will afford you.  We cannot list these for you.  There are billions of possibilities.  It would be like trying to list all the possible flavors of soup.  Each of you has spent much time and experience collecting the ingredients.  Just enjoy the flavor of soup that you are, and have fun sampling all the others around you.

You are each unique, powerful, beautiful beings.  It is time now for you to awaken to the full realization of that.  We promise you that this thrill ride is just warming up.  You are embarking upon the surfing, bungee jumping, sky diving, white water ride of your forever lives.  Throw up your arms and scream in glee.  We are clapping as we enjoy it with you.  Call upon us and we will be even closer to you than we are now.  You will feel this if you wish.  We will speak again soon.

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