Ascension Earth 2012 Greg Giles 20120725 Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/24/12 ‘Why Do You Assist the Dark Ones?’


All infinity of space and in time have representatives here in and above your world at this time as we, together with you, the people of Earth, carry out our divine mission in love and in service to our Creator, your Creator, the Creator of all things large and small, dark or light in this universe. We, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light and our organization itself stand for love, for peace, for charity, for good deed, for sovereignty, for joy, for freedom forever. We do not come to worlds for any other reason but to offer our gifts, our knowledge, our wisdom, our love, our light, our understandings, our technologies and our assistance to help worlds rise above their current states of existence, of technological advancement, of social, economic and political status.

We take great pride and care in how we deliver these gifts and introduce ourselves to the populations of the planets that we choose to visit and share our gifts with. You, the people of Earth, are special in your own ways, you are unique in your own ways, but you are not the only people that we have visited, will visit, or are even visiting right now as you read these words and as we are here in offers of assistance to you. We have large portions of our organization in orbit at this time around other worlds as well and we face the same challenges and obstacles introducing ourselves to them as we face introducing ourselves to you. There is no very unique challenge or obstacle here for us in your world at this time, we wish you to know this, and we are very confident we can rise to any challenge and with your assistance and your cooperation we will meet every challenge head on and defeat it, allowing a union of our two worlds, yours of the lower dimensions and ours of the higher and begin to offer you our tools to help you help yourselves make the changes that so many of your people want and know that are necessary to catapult your world into a new state of being, a state that is more joyous, prosperous, fair, honest, peaceful, sovereign, rewarding, adventurous, exciting, fun and new.

These are some of the aspects of your new world, and we feel many of you will be quite happy and overjoyed at your new choices and opportunities that are already presenting themselves to you. The time for all these projects, programs and changes that we have discussed with you is upon us. One of the greatest changes to your world is already in full stride and that is the removal of the criminal element we have referred to as your criminal cabal. This is the linchpin that opens the door to all the many projects and programs, upgrades and advancements that we have discussed with you, and we are very happy to report that these arrests continue through the day and through the night all over your world. We, just as you, have combed your internet searching for some kind of evidence of these arrests and we too find little pieces of what can be considered evidence, but we tell you to keep looking, keep your eyes and ears open, for the floodgates will soon open and they will start with a trickle, with a leak, before the news of this truly Earth changing event gushes forth and bathes your world.

We would like to thank tremendously at this time the brave men and women on your front lines who are carrying out these arrests. They are risking life and limb, although if they understood and many of them just may, whatever they risk at this time is merely temporary as all, including physical life, can be restored to an individual. Nothing can truly end the life of a soul as your lives are, of course, eternal, they are forever.  If any of the members of your Earth allies receive physical injury in their efforts to apprehend these criminal elements then this too can be repaired and restored to the human vessel’s pristine condition and even more so, as we possess the methods, the technologies and the advanced understandings of physiology, of science and of the spiritual sciences, and we would be very happy to and look forward to assisting not only the men and women on your front lines today that may receive injury, but all the people of your world who have suffered bodily injury,  physical illness, disease and even emotional injury, trauma and dysfunction, as there is no challenge that we do not possess the tools and the knowledge to sufficiently overcome.

We look so forward to presenting and sharing with you our gifts, and we know from reading your words throughout your online communities that you too are looking forward to all of what has been spoken of and we tell you now as the days tick by faster and faster that it will not be long now before all that has been dreamed of and hoped for by you becomes your true reality, for indeed we are so very close now to a reunion with you, our star brothers and star sisters of the human family .

We would like to speak to you today about processes in your world and systems in your world that we would like, with your assistance, to begin to overhaul, if you will, and begin to reconstruct from the top down, from the bottom up and from every corner of their pyramidal structures, which are how most of the systems in your world have been built. They have been designed and built in this way to funnel the steady flow of wealth to the one being and one being only that sits atop each pyramid. You have pyramidal structures of your health systems, of your financial systems, your banking systems, your military systems, your judicial systems, your political systems, your business systems, your agricultural systems, your utility systems, and your industrial systems. In the wake of all the building of these pyramidal structures has been left mechanisms to bleed all your systems dry of their wealth, their profit, their security, their safety, their flexibility, their versatility, their strength and their endurance.

These systems now stand and function as flimsy structures built of balsa wood, ready to crumble or be set ablaze at the slightest shaking or source of spark, and they are already tumbling down and collapsing simply under their own weight. We, your higher dimensional families, have nothing to do with the crumbling of these systems including your financial structure, as it has already been crumbling since before we even began our mission here with you, which can be considered to have begun only a few years ago as before this time, although we have had representatives here for quite a while, our mission was only in the planning and birthing stages compared to now where we are in the midst of our greatly expanded endeavor. These systems that we speak of have never been built to stand for an eternity, to say the least. These systems have not even been designed well enough to withstand even centuries of change, of challenge, of demand, of time. These systems cannot even withstand simple fluctuations, as they have been designed so weakly, shoddy and inefficiently they are not able to withstand any fluctuations or changes in your societal structure whatsoever, and your society greatly changes as time goes by and you all learn, grow and change so much.

There are many of your world now who have reached this new level of your development and these systems do not any longer fit you, suit you or serve you. You cannot depend on them, you cannot benefit from them, and no matter how hard any of you try you cannot repair them and save them. They are doomed, and rightfully and happily so, as these systems were only systems of power and control and a method to bleed you of all your wealth, your health, your freedoms, and your emotional and spiritual well-being. We have brought with us as gifts for you many new systems, a system for each area of your society, and each of these systems functions perfectly without the necessity for incalculable amounts of manpower, as many of these systems are self-sufficient and operate smoothly and efficiently without need for tinkering, adjustments or overhauls on a constant basis as your systems require today and have required all throughout your history.

Your banking system is one system that has never functioned properly, efficiently, fairly or wisely. It has continually crumbled under its own weight, and shoddy patchwork has been needed throughout the centuries here in your world. Today your banking system finally is on its last legs, is gasping its last breath, and we are here to witness this and as quickly and efficiently as we can reinvigorate the financial, banking and monetary systems of your world with our new systems that will once again allow your people to prosper the way you should have always been permitted to prosper. Allow us to assist you in this way by having trust, faith, hope and confidence in the systems we wish to assist you implement in your world. We say to you that these systems have been designed and built and are up and running in many countless worlds throughout this universe, bringing to the people of these worlds prosperity, health, efficiency in energies and utilities, educational services, commerce, travel, and emotional stability and we say to you have confidence in us and faith in your new systems that will be built and you will receive all the benefits of these systems as quickly and as efficiently as we can, together with you, build and implement them into your society.   

To be forced to face adversity in the name of distrust, suspicion and a reluctance to do away with the old and begin anew with your new systems will not assist your new systems being built and will not lend to their healthy and efficient creation. Trust is needed in so many aspects of your lives and your societies as a whole, and we ask for those of you who today speak out against us and the building and the construction of these new systems to carefully think about what it is you’re saying, what stand you are taking, and how you are affecting the implementation of these new systems that we assure you will see to the benefit of each and every individual, favoring none and forgetting none on your planet. We always honor and respect at all times the views of each and every being in this entire universe and we say to you we are not asking you to silence your voice of opposition, no not at all. What we are only asking you is to carefully think about what it is you are saying to others about us and your new systems and do your homework and make sure it is this stance you wish to take, for we feel much information that is being shared about us throughout your online communities is highly inaccurate, unfair and even cruel at times.

We ask those of you who speak out against us where is your evidence of our ulterior motives, of our supposed negative, dark or evil presence? Where has any of this been written? Where has this information come from to begin with? Who is creating this false impression of us and what have they got to gain from frightening you into not accepting our assistance and welcoming us here to begin our many projects with you? Who would gain from your refusal to accept our assistance? This is the question we would like you to think about and think about long and hard day as you read these words, as there are those of your world who will benefit greatly from your refusal to accept our assistance and we would just like you to think about who it is these individuals are before you so freely and easily repeat their words, echoing them throughout your online communities for all ears to hear these lies and this propaganda.

There are those in positions of power today in your world who need the assistance of those such as the ones that speak out against us, as they cannot do this kind of work themselves as their numbers are quite small compared to the numbers of those under their thumb, under their will, under their power, control, corruption and oppression. We ask those of you who have suffered through and continue to experience difficult lives due to financial difficulties, health difficulties, losses in your freedoms and your emotional well-being what are some of the causes of your difficulties and who and what organizations are at the root of your problems, and we ask you to ask yourself if another decade or century under the same rule of these individuals will in any way improve your stations in life and your experience here in the physical? We would like you to think about that before you make such efforts in defending these individuals or doing their dirty work, which many of you seem very happy and eager to do.

This confuses us slightly, as there are those of you who clearly understand who it is that is in charge of your world and runs the show today, yet you either unconsciously, unwittingly or even knowingly do the work for them that they cannot do themselves, work that is essential to them remaining in power and control over you, the people. We ask ourselves; do the men and women of this planet who seem so eager to help spread the words of propaganda, lies, power and control understand the role they are playing and how they are assisting those of the dark when they buy into their lies and then take these lies and spread them all throughout your world? This is what we ask ourselves, for we do not have the answer to this. We simply see the end result which does not assist them, their families, their friends, their lives or their futures. This is a very dangerous game these individuals are playing, for what they will gain from emerging victorious in their efforts to thwart our efforts and our reunion with you is a continued existence under the ruthless power and control of these tyrants who, if we left here today, would waste no time in rounding up all of the ‘loose cannons on deck’, if you will, and put you into prison camps that they have built with your money all around your world.

This was the plan they had for you, and it was our presence, our mission here and our promise to them that we would intervene and stop them from pulling the switch on this agenda to incarcerate millions, even billions of those around your world. Many of you understand fully the agenda of the cabal and their many associated and linked secret societies and we wish you to know that these plans of the cabal will not succeed, they have been stopped dead in their tracks and they have been stopped through our assistance and cooperation with the brave men and women of your fighting forces and law enforcement agencies that have trusted us and have agreed to work and fight for the freedom and the sovereignty of each and every individual in your world. We ask you at this time; consider this and consider very long and very carefully who your allies are and who your enemies are. Who are the beings who wish to assist you in love and in service and who are the beings who wish nothing but harm to you? We ask you to think about this the next time you begin to repeat the lies and propaganda to others you are being fed that assist not us, not our Earth allies and not our human family or our mission together, but those of the dark, of the cabal.

This is all we would like to discuss with you today, and we thank you greatly dear ones for offering us your time today and say to you we look so forward to speaking with you again shortly. Until then, we are your friends and your allies of the Galactic Federation of Light.


As channeled through Greg Giles











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