Messages of Light 20120708 ~ The Crystal Dolphin Pod – “Heaven On Earth” – By AuroRa Le.


The Crystal Dolphin Pod

“Heaven On Earth” 

By AuroRa Le.

July 7, 2012.

♥ Arise, Cousins, and greet your day with fervor and excitement.  Do you not  see how clear the colors have become, and how all about your kingdom things shine with a glittering clarity.  This is new.  Surely you observe it.  Though if you don’t, do not distress yourselves, for this is the latest thing in progress.  It is fresh and new and it will come to you all in due course.  Refocus your eyes and look again.  Ah!  Now you know what we describe.  You are perceiving the world as we do, as we see it in all it’s splendor, as though through the crystal clarity of water.  Water is the essence of life.  Gaia is bathed in water, and like her body, yours too is made up the very same way.  You feel revived and exhilarated when you immerse yourselves in water.  The water kingdoms are every bit as much your home as is the land upon which you walk.  Why is this, you ask?  You wonder why you love it so.  It is quite simple, and so basic that you shall scarce believe us when we tell you.  To go beneath the waters is to be as close to God as possible, while in a human body.  It is so silent, so still that even in it’s movement, it’s peace is unparallelled.  The water kingdoms are, in the most literal sense, a true slice of Heaven on Earth.

♥ Most our home remains undiscovered, leaving it pristine and unscathed by mankind’s carelessness and wanton destruction.   The ocean floor is a veritable wonderland of beauty, full of magical lifeforms and portals to the Universe.  If you pay close attention, you shall see that it’s mysteries are beginning to reveal themselves.  The ancient lands are rising up, and the crystals all are coming alive once more.  You have seen the pyramids, walls and artifacts, all now coming to light.  The truth shall be revealed in all it’s resplendent glory, so watch and see.  It’s happening now, Dear Cousins.  It is happening just as we told you it would, months ago.  The Aquamarine grid has lit afire, and her living energy courses along from Holy site to Holy site, above and below, as it is so intended.  Oh, rejoice with us, please.  We are giddy with excitement!

♥ We shall shift topic now, if you shall permit us, in order to address your queries about our families and our lifestyle.  As we have said before, ours is a collective of consciousness.  We are each individuals, just like you, with our own preferences and personalities.  We are androgynous in nature, but choose a gender for the purposes of physical Earthly incarnation, and in order to reproduce.  Although we do communicate telepathically, every pod maintains it’s own particular audio and energetic  frequencies, as heard in our calls and by way of echolocation.  They may all sound alike to the human ear, but we most emphatically tell you that they are not.  This is one of many tools we have devised for our use and our survival in the 3rd dimensional world.  Thus,  aside from when we are here, it is not necessary.  As a collective, we each feel what the other feels.  It is true that when one of us is sick or injured, we share in that pain.  We are highly empathetic in nature.  When a pod-member is lost, we grieve together.  Yes, oh yes, we grieve as you do, even though we are well aware that there is in truth no death at all.  Although we are 5th and 7th dimensional souls, we still occupy dense, 3rd dimensional forms and are subject to all of the emotions that go along with it.  For us, it may be considered more of a sadness to see them leave us, and thus we send them off with honor and our deepest love.  Because our energies are intertwined, with each one of us being a necessary component of the whole, we then go on to reconfigure our collective vibration to accommodate the missing part.   We do this very same thing, also, with each new birth.  Because we are a complete Soul-Group, the newly arrived calf is always one of our own.  Oftentimes it is the very being who departed us last.  In many cases, an Elder of the collective shall choose to incarnate with us, and this is what you may observe as a pod-leader.  Ah, it is indeed a blessing when such a one arrives.  We are most respectful and grateful to have the benefit of their wisdom.

♥ As so often happens when living in a predatory society, we are equally as subject as any other to becoming caught up in lower vibrational behaviors.  Within our pods this is sometimes seen when two engage in competition for a mate, or one may stray from the pod in search of excitement and adventure.  Normally, this does not turn out well, as we were not designed for solitary living.  The collective merging creates an energetic shield of protection around the group, and allows for us to re-balance and heal one another.  When one is negatively affected by outside sources, we join to correct the imbalance by working with and reintegrating the pod-member.  Sadly, in the case of capture and confinement, it becomes necessary for us to temporarily sever our energetic tie.  This is in the best interest of all concerned-both the lost pod-member and the ones who remain behind.  To keep connected would only serve to make him pine for his family, to prolong his grief and his sense of loss.  He would still empathetic-ally experience our boundless freedoms, while he himself is contained within a tank or facility.  The remaining members would feel an overwhelming helplessness at being unable to reach him.  Our brother then is able to move on and forge an alliance with his new acquaintances.  In most cases, captivity is a contractual choice made prior to incarnation, in order to educate and make mankind aware of us.  Thus, his connection with his new friends was pre-ordained.

♥ In the case of our brothers, the whales, the social dynamic is very, very different.  The form of each whale often  contains hundreds of souls, depending on his size.  He is like a living lightship.  Groups of these ships form pods, such as ours.  It is the largest of our cetacean soul-groups who come in this way.  It is most expedient, would you not agree?  Their sole mission is to gently navigate the waters; to coast pleasantly along and dispense their pure and vital energy.  They service the grids and maintain, as best they can, a vibrational balance in the oceans.  So graceful and so magnificent!   When so many cluster together as one, the effects are incredibly potent.  All of this, in service to Gaia.  We, on the other hand, are communicators and catalysts.  We activate any and all who come in contact with us.  To be truthful, you need only view us in a photograph or upon a screen to feel the benefits we offer.  Even thinking us a kind thought may create the desired effect.  We are an integral part of your ascension process.  We are right now lacing this very transmission with a powerful activation energy, which should serve to help you open up and release some of what is inhibiting your communication with the higher realms.  Please receive it and be blessed. 

♥ Our essence is that of unadulterated joy!  Share with us in our enthusiasm and our zest for life.  While, yes, our mission here is of a  most serious nature, we never dwell for long on the things that go awry, but choose instead to stay focused on the many things are so right in our world.  To do this is to be in balance, as you will soon learn as 5th dimensional beings.  So smile, Cousins.  Dance, sing, play, celebrate!   And most of all, be always in love.

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