Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20120628 – New Message from Laitonn


Laitonn channeled by Laura Tyco – 28 June 2012

I am Laitonn, of the Dolphin Pleiadian Consciousness and I salute you all who inhabit Mother Earth in this wonderful time.

Massive World changes are reflecting the inner changes taking place inside of you now. Your awakening is growing exponentially and nothing will stop you in your tracks anymore from now on.

Our souls are binding together in this common effort across galaxies, consciousness and dimensions.

You, humans of planet Earth are genetically bound to many civilisations in the entire universe. Many civilisations have taken part in constructing your DNA and view you as their children. Why chose to ignore us, fear us or even worse hate us?

As time goes by, you will come to a better understanding of what is real. In order to facilitate this process and in order to speed up this process, it is advisable to come back to your Self regularly throughout your day. Everything tends to pull your attention away from yourself, out into the illusion of the outside world.

Have trust in your body, in the reality of the energies running through it. When you doubt what is real, the only thing that you can be sure is real is your body and the life running through it.

We of the Pleidian Collective wish to remind you today of our common ancestry. Our cells are part of your make up. Your subconscious is filled with memories from our home world. You can view these as you are viewing a movie, in fact the movie runs over and over again inside your mind. There are many movies running simultaneously, relating to various topics. When you sleep and dream, your mind is quiet and you are left with these running theatres, playing for you. If you can recall the movie, you will be able to view much of our common history.

As you are well aware of, we are all multidimensional beings, which explains why you are able to be in several places and dimensions at the same time, even while asleep. This is why you are able to perform various activities across the dimensions while awake and during your dreamtime.

Enjoy your dreamtime flights and experiences; there is much to learn from such a gentle and kind experience, involving direct contact with your Galactic Brothers and Sisters.





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