Messages of Light 20120617 ~ Planes of Existence – Michele Baxter


Planes of Existence

As given to Michele Baxter by one of her guides in relation to rescue work.

9th January 2004

There are many different planes of existence, each overlapping the others, each of a higher vibration than the last, and each with it’s own set of goals.  The densest of these is the physical plane, which is made up of all that is ‘solid’ and tangible, as you would perceive it in your current form.  You need it to be this way for the sake of stability, for the sake of the lowered vibration necessary to learn and for the sake of ease of existence (although it may not seem that way for some, it would not be satisfactory to live a physical life, with little or no memory of your existence and part of spirit – or how the energies actually work, and then find that all around you is ‘unstable’ or ever-moving and ever-changing). 

The purpose of existence on the physical place is different for all, yet the main reason for return to the physical plane is to grasp the concepts of positive and negative side-by-side, and how light and darkness work overall.  This plane is the only plane where it is possible to learn about ‘darkness’ and ‘negativity’ without undue damage being done, for in this plane it is in its ‘diluted’ form, since it is balanced with the positive.

When you return to spirit, you will gravitate at varying places to the plane of existence most suitable at that time.  It is ‘where you are at’ or the ‘level’ of your spiritual path.  Most will gravitate to the Astral Plane, at least initially, for a period of readjustment.  This may be long or short, but there is no ‘time’ as you would understand the concept of time.  During this time, the individual will become re-accustomed to their existence as spirit and will process all that they have absorbed in the time that they spent in the physical.  This plane is similar in appearance to the physical in order for the adjustment to be gradual.  There will still be physical appearance and identity, although as time passes and the individual becomes better adjusted this will begin to lose importance as the last piece of the ‘ego’ is discarded.  The ‘ego’ leaves an imprint, so that the individual being still exists (in effect) in the Astral Plane, while the actual, spiritual self can then move onwards.  It can be compared to a snake shedding its skin.

We mentioned that the physical plane is the only plane where an individual can safely learn about the negative.  There is, in between the physical and Astral planes, the Etheric Plane.  Most will pass through this plane rapidly and may have no recollection or knowledge of having ever been there.  Others, whose vibrations have not, for whatever reason, been sufficiently raised (again, many factors will contribute to determine the level of vibration as the spirit separates from the physical body to return to spirit in the Etheric body, which in turn is discarded in the Etheric plane as the Astral body continues onwards to the Astral plane), will find that their Etheric body is not discarded as described and that they remain in the Etheric plane of existence.

With ALL planes of existence are a multitude of concepts, each of which co-exist, like the different rooms of a house.  These are all different to accommodate the many and varied beliefs, ideals and concepts at any given moment.  All are equal within their own plane of existence; each has its own purpose.  The Etheric plane is no exception.  There are different forms of darkness, coldness, negative energy and spiritual solidarity.  Whereas the energies on the higher levels will work together, the energies on the Etheric level will work as individuals, and may not be aware of the existence of any others, or they may actively work against the others.  This situation may sound hopeless, but it is not.  ALL will progress eventually – all will be helped when they ask for it and ALL will move onwards once the issue or issues that have caused them to remain in the Etheric and retain their Etheric body have been processed.

 As each level, or plane of existence is reached, the individual’s energy increases; their vibration raises, and they move further towards the light and purity that is the ultimate goal.  The more progression occurs, the less contact with the physical world is possible.  In these cases a ‘chain of communication’ is necessary if contact is desired (for example, to pass on knowledge in the form of philosophy, or other concepts).



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