Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20120605 – TAUK with Laitonn 5th June 2012 – Have a feast of Light!


Laura Tyco TAUK with Laitonn 5th June 2012 – Have a feast of Light!

Good day to you, dear. I have been following your thoughts for the past two days. So here is something that you may find helpful, as well as your readers. What is now going to happen, once we pass the Venus Transit? Well… to many of you, not much dare I say. At least not many will notice the subtle energy change within. You have to remember that all these changes are going to be smooth and hardly noticeable to the uninitiated mind.

All right, here goes. What is Ascension? Will all souls on Gaia ascend with her? Do you participate in elevating her vibrations, and if so, how will you help her? Is this more or less what is on your mind for today?

Laura: Precisely. Thank you my dear friend.

Laitonn: This is a smooth transition here, for you and Lady Gaia. The more spiritually attuned you are, the smoother and more peaceful a transition you will experience on a personal level, but also you will make events easier for Lady Gaia. So by striving to connect with your own spirit, you are connecting with Gaia’s own spirit and all other spirits on the 5th dimensional planes, such as myself. Not bad for a fish, indeed Laura! J

The more of you are ascending, the quicker and less painful Gaia’s transition. Yes, that is correct, without you and other consciousnesses living on your planet, Gaia could not ascend. So you, humans, as inhabitants of your local planet, Gaia, you are bringing her vibrations higher and higher, with your own vibrations.

Will all of the human souls ascend? Well, this will follow the path of each individual has programmed for himself or herself, and I am speaking of the pre-birth life contract to this life. In other words, yes, it is graduation time for Gaia, and many evolved souls have been sent here in order to help her. However nobody who is too young, or not ready for ascension will be forced to ascend. Of this you can remain assured. When you humans are going for a graduation, only those who have worked or know by instinct will be allowed to graduate. Yes? Ascension is similar to a graduation. Yes, it is graduation time, and no not all Diplomas are given for free to all the students. Doing so would go against Divine Order. All will graduate in time, when ready.

Venus Transit: it marks the second passing and portal opening into 5th dimension for more of you. In other words, those on their way to ascension are being brought even closer to it. It is a marker for a new area for you and Gaia. You will have to experience many of the coming events yourself. I am just a fish, you know… What would I know?

Laura: Ok, I know you are not just a fish, and I enjoy our joking about it. Could you tell us something more on Venus Transit please.

Laitonn: All right then. The portal of energy is now opening, access to higher consciousness is facilitated by this event. Venus is closer to the Sun than Gaia, Venus is an already ascended planet, dear. Yes? You understand the double impact of receiving the energy of your Sun combined with Ascended planet Venus? Venus is pre- chewing the Sun’s energies for Gaia if you like. Some of the Fun light particles are not presented to Gaia in a digestible form. Yes? Venus is in a way slowing those light particles emanating from your Sun and processing them, so that Gaia has a compatible resonance with the Sun’s particles. This constitutes a major leap for your Ascension.

You, as Gaia’s helping souls, will also receive this pre-chewed energy and will be able to integrate the light particles in order to further the transformation into light bodies. You will enjoy an expansion of your awareness, naturally coinciding with a greater understanding and a more conscious love. Now, my dear. I hope I have answered in a satisfactory manner? Lovely connecting with you and enjoy your day! Have a feast of Light!

Laitonn channelled through Laura Tyco

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