Navigating Erratic Energies

Navigating Erratic Energies

Fire Of Change Gets Hotter

Hello friends,

Today I’d like to address our current erratic energies and how to navigate them to stay centered and access the inner peace that resides at your core. Continue reading for background, and a preview of what we have coming up Saturday at Wesak.


The fire of change is getting hotter in 2024, escalating to new levels with each passing month. Simultaneously, we are witnessing unprecedented uncertainty involving both our outer world and what the future looks like on a personal level. As I’ve written about recently, the rare astrology of these times is catalyzing brand-new cycles, birthing revolutionary ways of being, and uncovering truths long hidden from view. For us sensitives, we can feel these energies in our bones!

Wesak Season

Given that it’s Wesak season mid-April to mid-June, the veils between dimensions are thinner and it can be easier to access our higher awareness and helpful energies from enlightened beings that previously walked the Earth. When we are challenged by the energies or simply find life difficult, we benefit from remembering to center ourselves and intentionally invite in this assistance. Tune into yourself daily to know what specific help you most need from your own guidance and enlightened beings.

How To Navigate These Moments

Below I outline simple things you can do, and approaches to apply – as a daily practice and for when you feel impacted by erratic or unwelcome energies.

  1. Engage in something that uplifts you – yoga, walking, listening to music, sports, being in nature, meditation.
  2. Limit intake of news to once or twice daily – to reduce the negative impact on your nervous system.
  3. Reach out to friends, people in your community, and others in your circles – so you can feel and give support. This could involve deep listening to another person, allowing him or her to share something. Similarly, when you share with others, strive to do so on a heart level with openness.
  4. Clear your mind before sleep, so you don’t go to bed thinking about your day or the outer world. What you want is a “fresh canvas” (without a to-do list or concern list).
  5. Throughout the day, intentionally get present. This includes getting present to yourself when you are alone, and getting present when you are engaging with the outside world.

About May 18 Wesak

During our May 18 annual Wesak Global Meditation, I will guide you in a potent and tangible experience with enlightened beings like Buddha and Kuan Yin in the sacred etheric Wesak Valley of Tibet. This live and recorded meditation is on Zoom from anywhere in the world! We have professional sound with Zoom, and you can see others participating in the meditation. Our meditations, since we began using Zoom in 2022, are 1.5 hours and begin at 6:30pm PDT. Plan on joining us starting at 6:15pm for group sharing before we start. Can’t attend live? Register anyway – all registered receive the recording afterwards.

More on our Wesak meditation – with registration – below!

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends Saturday on Zoom! 

Noteworthy Energies, Global Meditations, Courses

  • Energies – May 7 Taurus New Moon * May 23 Sagittarius Full Moon * April 22 Start of Annual Wesak Season Ending on June 15
  • Global Meditations – May 18 Wesak * June 15 Post Wesak-Solstice
  • Divine Changemakers Courses – Join Anytime Dancing In The Fire of Change * ReAnchor Yourself-Live Your Truth
  • Reset for Divine Changemakers Dancing In The Fire Of Change July 7-13


For More Energetic Support 

Participate with me in 1-on-1 personal support and astrology sessions for deeper work during which I hold the space for you and guide your exploration and transformation.

Attend my monthly global meditations that include guided process for life insights and healing of current challenges and old wounds. Receive additional benefit by re-listening to the meditation recording a second time – this factors in how your energy continually shifts and your view of things changes too.

Feel free to contact me for more information on my Divine Changemakers courses, and to let me know if a certain article, meditation, or process has been helpful. Let me know if there’s a certain topic you want me to address or further clarify, too.

I welcome your feedback after attending meditations and courses. And I appreciate your referrals to friends and colleagues who can benefit from my work.

Thank you for being a part of my life experience in these unique moments, and for your ongoing support!

Wishing you love and blessings,



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