How to Best Work with Soul Symphony

Hi my friend,


If you haven’t had a chance yet, make sure to give a listen to the complimentary audio samples, from my new sound healing experience titled Soul Symphony. CLICK HERE to listen to the samples and explore


I’ve received numerous inquiries about the best way to engage with these sound healing sessions, and would love to share how I work with them myself.


Personally, I find the 21/28 method incredibly effective.


This scientifically researched approach suggests that it takes 21 days to break an old cycle or habit and 28 days to integrate something new into a more aligned experience.


Whether you’re exploring the music samples or immersing yourself in the complete Soul Symphony experience: I recommend a minimum of 28 days for your initial journey.


On the first day and initial listen, I highly recommend using headphones for the full healing experience.


Afterward, let the audios play in the background during daily activities like cooking, meditating, relaxing, or anything else you enjoy!


Soul Symphony bridges multiple healing, sound and energy therapies to produce a powerful, effective and complete sound healing experiences for the listener.


I am thrilled for you to experience it for yourself.

This special offering expires Sunday, May 19th

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