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What is behind the 2030 Agenda?
The 2030 Agenda is the result of the broadest and most participatory consultation process in the history of the United Nations and represents the emerging multilateral consensus among governments and diverse actors, such as civil society, the private sector and academia. (WHO MADE THIS AGENDA WITHOUT CONSULTING WITH THE WORLD’S CITIZENS FIRST?)
What is Canada’s 2030 Agenda?
Canada’s progress toward the 2030 Agenda means positive change. Through the Government of Canada’s programs and policies, we are reducing poverty, building sustainable economic growth, supporting reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, advancing gender equality and taking action on climate change and clean energy.  Dec 8, 2023 (“The official narrative”.)
How they make it happen by bypassing the majority of the world’s population
The Government of Canada announced the four winners (City of Montréal, Québec; Nunavut Communities, Nunavut; City of Guelph and County of Wellington, Ontario; and Town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia) on May 14, 2019 & Oct 31, 2023. (Entering the contest is the implied consent of all citizens!)
Are there any 15-minute cities in the US?
In the United States, cities including Ann Arbor, Mich., and Cleveland are embracing the concept, while Portland’s Complete Neighborhoods and Eugene’s “20-minute living” are putting their own spin on the idea in Oregon. But the 15-minute city — as it is often understood — has inspired fierce pushback. Nov 28, 2023

Part of Cedar Rapids’ Community Action Plan envisions that by 2030 all core neighborhoods will meet residents’ needs within a 15-minute walk or bike ride. The overarching goal of the plan adopted in 2021 is to reduce carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2030 and be net-zero by 2050. June 13, 2023
What cities globally are signed up to 15 minute cities?

15-minute city policies in seven cities – Barcelona, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Milan, Paris and Portland – with the aim of inspiring other local governments around the world in the design of their own approaches.


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