Messages from Ann & the Angels – 04/27/2024 • Anger, fatigue, or flow?


My dear friends, we love you so very much,uui

There are so many times when we wish you could see yourselves the way we see you. We wish you could see your light, your beauty, and how well you are all doing in your evolution. Many of you reading this are rare on your earth. There are few who truly understand themselves as vibrational beings, and those who do are still challenged to overcome the old three-dimensional conditioning. Many of you are the first generation to shift your understanding of the nature of reality. You are breaking new ground upon your earth by remembering how you intended to live before you came.

You are, by example, helping others learn that life can be kinder and easier than most were led to believe. As you embrace the 5D paradigm of calibrating your energy to an outcome and acting only in a joyful flow (rather than the 3D paradigm of using effort alone), you will see things come to you in miraculous ways. Others will want to know what you are doing and why your lives are working more easily.

While you are learning to embrace this new paradigm, there will still be challenges along the way, as the old habits of thought conflict with your new understandings. There will be times when try as you may, it is difficult to focus on something pleasant. Love yourself anyway, as you are, for even choosing to love yourself when you feel less than loving will raise your vibration.

The past few years have driven all of you deeper into your hearts. That is why so many of you are suddenly intolerant of things you once settled for. So many of you are reconnecting with people who nourish your spirits and disconnecting from those who don’t. Many of you are picking up new hobbies or getting rid of old commitments.

There is a huge movement upon your planet, although not widely acknowledged, to dive deeper into your hearts and live more authentic lives. 

When, in a given moment, you are living in alignment with your heart and soul, you will feel energized, hopeful, or happy. When you are not in alignment, it is easy to feel sad or angry. When your flow is guiding you to act gently, and you try to “push the river,” you’ll feel the exhaustion of going against a current of love that is trying to help you achieve all your desires in a kind and loving way. When you are in alignment, feeling your feelings, accepting and loving yourself through them, you’ll feel amazing. What you call “miracles” will flow to you.

Honoring your own personal flow of love is the most joyous feeling in the world. Resisting it is becoming more and more of a challenge.

This fast flow of love is also why so many on your planet are angry as of late. It is difficult in this fast-moving current to ignore or stuff your feelings. Those who have stuffed feelings for a lifetime are experiencing emotional “eruptions” as their hearts begin to awaken.

For those who are aware of the value of their feelings, these emotional outbursts provide clarity and guidance that help them move back toward a path of greater joy.

For others, these feelings are upsetting as they look around and see they are not yet where they want to be.

For still others, the feelings are so upsetting that they look for someone or something to blame, often trying to find company in their unhappy state of being.

In all cases, your feelings tell you one and only one thing — how close or far you are from alignment with your heart, your soul, and the loving flow that guides you.  

Those who aim their anger at you “know not what they do.” They don’t yet understand that their anger is a result of their own misalignment. It is easier to blame someone else for unpleasant feelings. It takes more work to admit that the upset occurs because someone or something has made it difficult for you to focus in a way that feels like love.

When you are upset, the quickest way out is to refocus on something or someone or some thought that feels more like love.

When someone aims their upset at you, or when you witness unthinkable behaviors around you, you still get to decide how much power to give them. You get to choose where and what you place your focus upon. As you refocus on something that feels better, the unkind or unthinkable behaviors become irrelevant to you. What matters more is focusing on anything that feels like love. Here, you will find not only your joy, your guidance, and your solutions, but in this vibration, you will also contribute to a better and more peaceful world.

You can more effectively handle the situations and people in your life from a place of feeling good than when you allow them to manipulate your feelings or actions with lower behaviors. You can more effectively solve the world’s problems in a vibration of loving solutions. You can more easily feel the presence of your dear ones in spirit when you reach for the vibration of love that they live within.

This fast-moving flow is also why many of you vacillate between incredible energy and passion at times and sheer exhaustion at others. When aligned with your heart, you will feel boundless energy. Fighting your natural impulse to feel good will be exhausting. Criticizing yourself or others causes resistance to love and will also tire you.

The key to being re-energized is simpler than most think. Listen to your body. It has great wisdom. Listen to your mind when you receive an impulse to do something pleasant. Listen to your emotions and see them as barometers guiding you to a path of love.

Something as simple as listening to your body and taking a nap can rejuvenate you and make your whole day flow more easily.

Something as simple as craving a certain food and going to get it for dinner may give you the exact nutrients your body is calling for.  

The urge to explore a new hobby might lead you to the person you wanted to meet, or calling a person that pops into your mind might lead you to an answer you seek.

We guide you always, along the kindest path. When you listen to your heart you are close to that path. When you feel good, you are on that path. When you feel upset at anything or anyone, you’re having a temporary wobble. The moment you refocus on something that feels better, you’ll be back on track and receive our loving impulses.

Despite current appearances, your world is moving towards greater love. There are many growing pains as pe ple find their hearts coming to the surface as never before. So many don’t know what to do with the strong feelings. But you do. You know they tell you a great deal about whether or not you are aligned with your heart, soul, and guidance.

Give yourselves permission to feel good even when life is not as you wish, when people are not as you wish, and even when someone has been unkind to you. You need not join those in denser vibrations. You can, instead, choose a happier train of thought and, in so doing, grant yourself the freedom to live in a vibration of love. Here, on the path of heart, you will find the grace, goodness, and guidance you so dearly desire.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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