Life in the New, Higher Frequencies



It’s time to take the leap that calls to you.

Your Divine Self and Soul has set you up with triggers and invitations, visions and longings to activate you into finally deciding it’s your time to thrive.

Are you willing to chose joy? Abundance? The timeline you dream of? The support you’ve always wanted? Are you ready to let go of ancestral patterns of playing small, suffering, feeling guilt or shame for just being human and not doing it all perfectly?

There are new ways to think about yourself, your life, what’s happening and what’s possible that are available to you and which can set you free.

First, as the ascending energies present challenging aspects of our life to us, may we tend to anything that is showing up, with clear intentions.

The intention and energy with which we do things matters. 

Once you understand what you’re being presented with take time to consider how this might be a path of liberation. Dare to really believe it is HERE TO SERVE YOU. Open up to what you want to come from this. Then expand. Call upon your Divine Self and asked to receive the consciousness that empowers you to see the bigger picture — the divine perfection — the possibilities for this that are the most beneficial for you and for everything that is.

If taking action on this or handling it feels challenging, ask for help. Repeatedly. Until you can move through it. This may take hours or days. Keep inviting support, breathing and relaxing and trust that you are being answered, and the illumination, energy, clarity and insights you need are flowing to you. Let things line up and expect it will work out for your highest good.

Expect that you will be supported in wonderful ways and that everything that is, is always awaiting your invitation to assist you.

Then? Begin to think like this way about everything. Begin to open up like this to your life and what is showing up, every day. 

Practice expanding your sense of possibilities. Practice clarifying what you want, elevating it and being intentional.

Practice aligning before you take action. Practice believing in the infinite abundance available to you, the expansive support awaiting your invitation to come forth and elevate everything. Start inviting it, and operating from a higher frequency and higher perspective.

This is the nature of living in higher consciousness and higher frequency and it’s HERE NOW. And you can step into it by doing these simple things. It’s easy and fun and the more you do it the more natural it becomes.

This is a way of being in which you’re really leaning into the underlying unity, the undeniable interconnectedness of everything that is.

Remember — In the same way that you love to help and support those who are learning what you’ve come to know, our non-physical friends, living in higher dimensions, are available to us and reaching out to us all the time, wanting to share their guidance, insight, energy and support.

This whole conditional experience that most of us have had most of our lives — of going it alone — is the biggest lie of separation.

We are not alone in anything. 

We are surrounded by loving beings of Light. Infused by our Divine Self. We are seen, known, tended to and dearly loved.

But remember this too — since we live in a free will universe, nothing can, or will override our beliefs. We have to learn to believe in the abundance available to us, and to invite it in. It’s up to us to decide we’re worthy, now. As we are. And ask for what we want and believe we can have it.

Consider, deeply, my friends that you do not need to EARN ANYTHING. It’s all, already yours for the asking and the believing in.

Imagine what might be possible for you if all this became vividly real to you, and you knew it, and trusted in it, and acted upon it. Pretty freaking awesome!!! 👏 🤩

It’s simple a matter of making it real. And you can make anything feel familiar and then more natural and then real, by focusing upon it and thinking about it, repeatedly.

It’s time to love yourself enough to be bold! Dare to live an incredibly abundant and supported life. Give yourself the best. Think bigger. Ask for more. Learn to let it in. It’s time to be totally free!!

This is the life that’s meant to arise within you and emanate from you, reshaping everything in your vision of what’s beautiful, fulfilling, aligned.

What calls to you? It’s really already yours.  Learn to feel this as real and watch the magic happen.

With so much love,


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