5th April 2024. Mike Quinsey.


5th April 2024. Mike Quinsey.


Time marches on and matters are still causing great concern for many countries who feel threatened by the happenings upon Earth. There is no sign of any let up but rather a move to take sides for their own protection. Peace seems far away and the war in the Ukraine seems to be escalating with the Russians pushing forwards. We know that the West is reluctant to force the issue for the fear that they themselves will become more involved. It is a delicate situation calling for sensible actions that will not cause the war to spread. For our part we stand aside trying to influence the outcome so that a solution can be found that will eventually bring peace.


The effect of the world’s troubles seems to have spread far and wide causing many problems that are resulting in far more problems than first encountered, that along with the Earth changes is making survival very difficult. The Earth no longer functions as it should making life intolerable for so many people with little hope of it returning to normal. We observe all happenings and can see the most likely outcome that we try to avert, but we can only go so far so as to not to interfere with your freedom of choice. The voice of the people is muted and has little influence on those who would lead them into a world war. We mention these things not scare people who already fear that the actions of those who lead their nations into unspeakable troubles.


We remind you that you are at the end of a period that still follows the old ways, whilst the new ways of living are coming in very quickly and “fighting“ for recognition. There is a battle for control of the Earth, and we are pleased to tell you that the Light will always eventually win. Be assured that there are many forward thinking people waiting in the wings, ready to come out and lead man forwards to a far greater future of peaceful cooperation. It must come as the old ways of working are no longer adequate for the new society that is coming.


These are times when there is a lot of sorting out to be done so that the way is cleared to allow the new to arise. It is hard to see it amongst all the turmoil taking place but it is there waiting its opportunity to be introduced. So do not lose heart as the changes are coming that will see great steps forward leading to a new road to happiness. It has been planned for a very long time and nothing shall prevent it from appearing. It is your destiny and one you have fought for eons of time. Fortunately you have never given up hope for a brighter and happier future.


Your focus should be to spread harmony and send out feelings of happiness and love, as this will help lift people up when most are feeling low and worried about their future. If you get an opportunity tell them that in reality all is well and what a wonderful future beckons. If it can be achieved these positive energies will help others you may meet. Your aura will be filled with them and they attract other souls to you who will feel them.


From time to time we mention that your mere presence can help uplift souls as you are mixing with them. So keep your vibrations as high as possible as they can be healing for people as they come into contact with them.  Negative energies abound at present and are sometimes used for witchcraft, but have no fear as your aura fully protects you. Some souls are so open that they have little or no protection against the negative energies, but you do by ensuring you keep your aura closed and shut at all times using your mind’s eye.


You can see aura’s by looking past the person, but it does take time and practice. Healers check your body in this way, and can see if it needs healing. You can help in this respect by mentally visualising your aura intact and nicely enclosing your body. One that is very open is prone to letting in unwelcome energies that could cause you illness. Some souls are lifting their vibrations so much they are becoming natural healers using the power of thought. You too can do it, but it will take longer depending on how much you have developed. Your aura is your protection against unwelcome energies that could cause you illness, so it is advisable to mentally see it with your mind’s eye and see it intact.


Your power of thought can enable you to become a healer but experience is necessary to reach a level where it is possible. There are of course different levels of healing but like most things practise makes perfect. If you try it realise that your “patient” can feel the energies moving into the aura so you can get confirmation of success. If you think of taking it up seriously join a healing group, so that your development can be monitored and Spiritualists are a well-established group.


Understand that what you are experiencing now is necessary to clear old karma and evidence of the ways of those who use might and power to achieve their own aims. We can oversee what is happening now and will use that knowledge to move events in such a way that ultimately they work for the Light. So in the immediate future events will result in a way that the dark Ones were not prepared for and unable to alter the outcome.  Be assured that we continually assess what is happening on Earth and are ready to use our influence for your betterment.


You have been kept in the dark for so long that you have been denied advancements that would have given you a far better quality of life. However, advancements that have been held from you will greatly lift you up. Yet the challenges you have faced have made you much stronger, and able to face whatever the dark Ones have done to keep you under their control. As we have often told you of late, your future is assured but meantime you have to bear the problems that currently assail you, but the good times are coming and nothing can stop them.


It may seem incredible but every soul on Earth at this time was aware of the future that they would have to experience. Naturally they agreed to have the experience and it is partly for clearance of karmic responsibilities. Times are very testing at present but every effort you put in will be well worth it, helping to raise your vibrations, and is essential if your life plan was to prepare yourself for Ascension. Your Guides are working with you and will ensure you are successful.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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