A Message to Lightworkers – March 29, 2024 🐬


Hello my Friend!

Blessings on this Good Friday! For many the precursor to the celebration of the Resurrection of the Christ Being.

And for all, the rebirth of spring

Today’s Message shares a bonus chapter from the book Messages of the Spirits of Abundance, on the Divine purpose of Gold.

Gold Frequencies: Healing, Wealth & A Secret Energy Language

Last week the Collective finished the Gold Frequency webinars, in which 30 wonderful Light Bringers and I took meditation journeys into the Golden Pyramids of the Sun, to work with the powerful and renewing Golden Light particles there.

We sought new direction for our lives, and an unveiling of our true selves, including past lives spent in the great civilizations, such as Egypt at its high point.

So I wanted to share a bit about the gifts that Gold essence brings us.

In this Message, the Lords of Gold explain:

“Our element of Gold is a powerful one on many levels, and few people understand why that is, or how that came to be.

“Gold is of such a high vibration on this planet, that it need not be given a Divine mandate. And yet, yes—it has a Divine purpose.

“It was used in many ancient pyramids to assist transmissions of energies and of messages, aiding communication technologies and psychic transmissions between persons and groups around the Earth, through space, and even between galaxies.

“It was also revered for its ability to hold information, and to facilitate shifts in vibrational frequencies, including in portals and stargates.

“It speaks a rare language, one grasped by the wise priests of Egypt during the time of Egypt’s period of high awakening, and in other great civilizations.

“It is a receiver of and a connector to the wisdom of the higher realms, when spoken to in its own energetic language . . . “

Go here for the video of the Message, and here to read the Message on the website.

Both are embedded with beautiful higher energies of Love and support for your path.

Sending much Love, and many blessings of New Life!

P S  Thank you so much, with all my heart, for your beautiful support of this work!

It means so much that so many are reaping support and encouragement from these channelings.

On May 11, I will be doing a live event — a half-day retreat here in Santa Fe, New Mexico — with my amazing energy healer friend, Ina Lanara.

We hope you will join us, whether online or in-person —

More on that soon! 

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