Ascension Update: the Eclipse Cycle Opens


Hello Beautiful  —

Welcome to the first Eclipse Cycle of 2024. We’re already feeling the energies and this afternoon (Friday, March 22) there were 2, M-Class Solar Flares, which kicks everything off in a big way. 🔥✨

Eclipse cycles are always about transformation.

Eclipses are part of the fuel of our ascension. They always provide an opportunity and the energetic support to release things, to complete things, and to shift into things that are more aligned with your higher potential and your higher path for expression.

A huge part of making the most of a portal or energetic opening like this is having clear intentions. I find I also benefit from deepening my self-care routines, expanding self-love, engaging with forgiveness, and deliberately choosing to let go and shift what I want to change, what has felt stuck and anything that feels limiting, or like it no longer calls to me and lights me up.

Remember that you are here to be who you truly are, and to express the truth of your being, sharing the beauty and power of your presence and light. Your life is meant to be centered around YOU. Your joy. Your desires. Your inclinations. You are the hero in this story that is your life — you are the main character.

Most of us were conditioned, encouraged, and taught to pay more attention to others and to please others. What would your life be like if from now on you instead paid more attention to what was trying to express through you and what your life is trying to be and become, by considering your heart-felt desires as divine guidance?

As we enter this time of up-leveling, increasing our inner light, and moving into higher frequencies, it can be helpful to reflect on what in your life needs to change to be more authentic and natural for you.

It can also help to notice where you might benefit from becoming more free of the past.

How much of the time are you oriented to the past? How much of the time are you thinking about the past? How much of the time are you bringing the past into the present and projecting it onto the future, expecting the same kinds of things to happen? Are you limiting what you feel you deserve, or can expect, based on what you have allowed or experienced or felt you had permission to choose, in the past?

Ascension is a path of liberation. This Eclipse Cycle is all about reclaiming our power and becoming even more free.

What is yours is always trying to flow to you and manifest in your experience. All that you are is always guiding you along the path that will lead to your full blossoming.

You can empower so much of this simply by creating space. and in a sense, decluttering by letting go of the past. For me, what helps me let go of the past is self-love. Out of love for myself, I’ve decided to assume and trust that I’ve always done the best I could and so? I bless the past with love, knowing this. And then let it go.

I let it go, by remembering this choice, and then turning my attention away from it and towards what calls to me and what I want.

Sometimes you have to make those decisions to pivot and reaffirm your new choices again and again and again, until it becomes a new normal and is what you natural think, expect, look towards and identify with… So each time something you’re trying to change, or release arises, remember your new choice, ie. “I bless the past with love and let it go.” And then turn your attention to the life you are choosing to claim and create now.

Also? You’re free to choose in the present, what you want, à la cart.

So much of human history people have believed that others controlled their ability to get what they want. There was this co-dependent, horizontal way of conducting ourselves and trying to control others to get what we wanted, or please them, or influence them. And this was accompanied by ideas of limitation and lack, and that if you get something others don’t, or if they have it, you can’t have it…

But in truth, we are each completely free. And the SOURCE of our being is infinite!

We can choose what we want, and create it by claiming it, identifying with it, and conjuring the energy of having it, in our bodies through movement, writing, vision, etcetera. Whatever helps you feel into the energy of it. When you feel the knowing that what you want IS YOURS and already within you, and know that by being in the energy it will flow into experience. Then? You have it already! And you feel the satisfaction of it, now. And you enjoy this day and all the moments as you walk it out, as it flows into being. When you learn to trust that what you create always starts with you feeling it as YOURS, you begin to boldly try on more and more of what you suspect would be fun and expand your experience…and wow! Imagine what we can create together, when we learn to trust ourselves and our innate Creator powers!?!

Are you using this incredible capacity within your mind to use your will to make a decision that serves you and aligns with the life you want to experience and express? Are you allowing the past to limit what you feel you can have, be, create or express? Is there part of your life that really needs self-love? Forgiveness, or even to admit you don’t know how to make the shift and to invite and ask for more help from your Family of Light and Spiritual Support Team? These are all great questions for considering how you’d like to focus and participate in the eclipse cycle.

The first eclipse is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on the 24th/25th, followed by a powerful Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, on April 8.

But again, the energies are already here and the effects of all of this will be felt well into 2024.

Take time to consider your life, generously and centered in your heart.

Give yourself the freedom to choose what you want, what you really want.

And if you don’t know how to believe in what you really want, you can start simply by expressing your willingness to learn to believe in what you want. Then call upon and ask your I AM presence, your Divine Self, to give you the consciousness so that you can believe in your heart-felt desires.

You are abundantly supported and loved. You came here to remember your innate powers and CREATE from your unique and beautiful harmonic perspective. We need your joy, your expression, and your light. 💗

These are empowering, and amazing times! I am so glad to be sharing them with you.

Wishing you a creative and empowering journey through this Eclipse Cycle!

With love,


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