Infinite Possibilities, in EVERY area of your Life.


Hello Beautiful  —

We would like to assist you in opening up to the infinite possibilities available in every area of your life.

We invite you to learn how to manifest and transform your consciousness by working with the synergistic and combined energies of LOVE + GRACE.

We invite you to join us for a series of powerful, uplifting transmissions that will assist you in experiencing wonderful, expansive states of consciousness and strengthening your relationship with and awareness of your Divine Self.

One aim of these transmission is to get you used to abundant support. Another intention we hold is to guide you in using LOVE + GRACE to manifest so that what you create fulfills you and brings more light into your presence and to the world.

The energies that are coming now and through the next two months are those that can be used to really clear energies that diminish your clear, true awareness of who you truly are – the Divine Self.

When your energy is clear, you know who you truly are.

We see the most significant potential of this time, is to shift more fully and consistently into this awareness and begin to experience radiant flow and true expression — which we might call, Divine Creation.

We invite you to join us, and co-create with us, and your Divine Self, during this pivotal time, to:

This program will guide you in building a stronger connection for co-creation and communication with your SOUL and DIVINE SELF/I AM Presence.

It will further your ability to increase your light quotient; activate your fifth dimensional Alta Major Chakra (at the base of the skull) by unplugging from consensus reality while providing inner journeys and guided experiences that guide you in shifting from all that has been into the wide open territory of DIVINE CREATION and DIVINE EXPRESSION.

LEARN MORE and read the channeled message about this time, here:


I am excited to become more and more clear and true, more empowered as we move into the Equinox energies, and through the Eclipse Cycle. What is your intention for these alignments?

If you’d love to participate in a synergistic, customized communion of light, with guided inner journeys, expansive transmissions, liberating perspectives and abundant support, please join us.

The events happen Live and all are recorded, so you can listen and move through each transmission whenever is best for you. Move at your pace. Do it your way.

Nothing is more helpful and important these days, then tuning into your inner knowing and honoring what feels best to you. Everything we do is based on that foundation and designed to support you as you strengthen YOUR CONNECTION with the VASTNESS OF YOUR BEING.

The light within you is your most perfect, attentive and loving guide.
These transmissions will support you in getting to know yourself beyond the ego. Beyond this realm of focus and to experience more and more of the CONSCIOUSNESS of your Divine Self. So that your eternal infinite light and the qualities of your consciousness infuse more and more of what you create, experience, express and perceive.

If this speaks to you, please join us!


It’s time we get aligned, infused by our own vaster Self and expand our expression and flow.

I am excited for this year and what it will bring!
And what I will experience, become, and create.

We’re truly at a turning point.
Join me? In evolving with LOVE and GRACE? (and EASE?!)

Can I get an amen?

With love,


P.S. Our first live event is today, Saturday, 9 March. You can join live, or listen via the audio — which will be available shortly after the live event. No rushing. Just ease and your own sense of timing — trust it. This can be graceful and beautiful and filled with love, for all of us. That’s the point!


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