Break with the Past & Initiate the Life You’ve ALWAYS wanted.


Hello Beautiful  —

We’re having a wild thunderstorm this afternoon, here in Los Angeles, where it never used to rain. I love all the rain we’re getting now and that often when it rains, I remember that nothing is written in stone. Nothing is done and over. Everything is fluid and mutable and things can change dramatically, unbelievably, miraculously, and in wonderful ways.

When I reflect on what I’ve been shown of late and all I’ve channeled and sensed energetically…

I KNOW that now is a time of HUGE HUGE HUGE new beginnings, and the soft subtle opening to discovering a life of UNLIMITED CHOICES.

It’s a time, in which unexpected endings and new experiences can happen, seemingly overnight. For example — long-held frustrating states of being an suddenly resolve, fall into a completely new arrangement, when a new, previously unknown path, appears. One simple discovery, that happened effortlessly and just came into our awareness and? GAME CHANGED.

A time in which the simplicity of our TRUE POWERS comes to light and our ability to deliberately focus can be wisely applied to change everything.

To heal and revitalize our bodies, fill our bank accounts while being who we are, connect us to our Soul Family and allow our relationships to blossom and deepen.

We’re entering a potent time for creative expression and inspired change. It’s time to find the life that is centered in who you truly are — the one that has always called to you, and live it.

And the energies alignments coming this month and next, reveal opportunities everywhere to make this so.

Understand, first of all, that the March Equinox, is essentially the start of the astrological year.

Bring to that awareness, the understanding that Numerologically, 2024, is a Universal 8 Year, which is a very powerful energy, linked to creativity, soul expression, transformation and some say? Infinite Personal Power.

An 8 Universal Year takes all the wisdom acquired in the prior year, and converts it to success, power and authenticity.

8 also represents the infinity symbol and there is a quality to this year that is about completing cycles, instead of constantly repeating them. Aka: BREAKTHROUGH!

One of the most powerful way to work with the energy of this year, is to identify the loops we repeatedly create within our realities that do not produce the outcomes we desire and decide NOW is the time, to change this.

We can transform anything through the power of LOVE with the power of GRACE.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to start bringing everything you find stuck, difficult, challenging or triggering INTO the heart chakra.

Activate your heart chakra by putting your attention upon it and breathing, intentional, in and out. The heart chakra will activate and expand. If you don’t sense or feel it, trust it is activating and imagine it expanding into a pure white ball of light tinged with gold and pink light surrounding you.

Then bring anything you wish, into your heart chakra, with clear intention and focus. Let the magic of YOUR HEART-LIGHT work on anything and everything.

Everything is workable, in the heart. The light of our hearts can clear everything. Resolve anything. Open up everything. It’s our super power. Our ability to love. When something comes up which you don’t know how to handle, or which feels uncomfortable, or unbearable, just bring it into the heart. Let the energy of LOVE transform it.

AND? To make real magic, also call for the energy of GRACE to flow into your heart-space and inform this desire for flow, evolution, upgrades, healing, manifestation, inspiration, etc…whatever your intention is.

Grace is the Elohim of the Silver Ray. The energy of Grace empowers us to do what we couldn’t do by ourselves. GRACE is like lubricant: it loosens stuff up, engenders flow, eases the way.

Grace is the Divine force which allows you to make a complete break with the past in each NOW moment.

And the potentials lining up for now, are about becoming TOTALLY FREE.

Our LOVING, non-physical friends have suggested a very aligned and beautiful opportunity to co-create from now, up to the Equinox and through the Eclipse Cycle.

A program in which we EVOLVE, deliberately, with GRACE + LOVE shifting into a state of DIVINE CREATION.


This program will guide you in building a stronger connection for co-creation and communication with your SOUL and DIVINE SELF/I AM Presence.

It will further your ability to increase your light quotient; activate your fifth dimensional Alta Major Chakra (at the base of the skull) by unplugging from consensus reality while providing inner journeys and guided experiences that guide you in shifting from all that has been into the wide open territory of DIVINE CREATION and DIVINE EXPRESSION.

LEARN MORE and read the channeled message about this time, here:


May we all become FULLY FREE and CLEAR TO SHINE and EXPRESS who we truly are!

You can learn to work with the energy within you and flowing in, to create what you want, with ease. This is your natural capacity to work with consciousness and energy. This is who you truly are.

Are you ready now, to claim your innate powers of Divine Creation and strengthen your connection to the Infinite Abundance of the Universe?



You were made to remember who you truly are, reconnect with the Divine Light within you, open to that flow and the world, and let your Inner Light lift you into higher consciousness and fuel your Divine, Authentic Expression.

Ready to start playing with the power and light of your True Self, here?

If you feel the call, I encourage you to trust yourself and jump in!


As we journey towards living our most vibrant, radiant, soul-alive life, my intention is that we provide opportunities for you to connect within and illuminate your path. And that our programs, posts, messages and offerings create space for you to receive the specific experiences, insights, connections and ways of being that open you to the life you KNOW you are meant to be, live, do and have.

Yes? YES!!

Okay then.
Here’s to your radiant shimmering NEW BEGINNING…!

All my love,



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