Why Are the Andromedans Coming Now? ∞The Andromedan Council of Light


Why Are the Andromedans Coming Now? ∞The Andromedan Council of Light, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we are very excited to be connecting with you.

This is a momentous time for humanity, and we recognize that. It is one of the many reasons why we are coming forth through so many more individuals. We recognize that we have a part in the co-creation of your world and of your consciousness, and we want to help you to up-level both. We are excited for you because we know that you still have so much ground to cover in terms of what you are capable of, and we want to help you find those abilities.

We know that we are of greatest value to you when we offer you energies and activations, rather than coming to your planet and simply handing you pieces of technology. We offer you healing energies all the time, and we know that if more of you believed you were receiving healing energies, you would be healed. And so, we are amplifying those energies through this channel and through this transmission right now.

You are being held in the light of the Andromedan Council of Light, no matter where you are and no matter whether you realize it or not. We seek to crack you open a little bit at a time to get you to realize your fullest potential there in human physical bodies. We will give you teachings, just like all of the other masters will, but first and foremost, we want you to realize how supported you are. We want you to know that you are never going at it all alone there on Earth. We want you to recognize that you have always been part of a galactic community, and now that you realize it, you can join the community officially.

We are excited to see what humanity brings to our galactic community when you realize that you have something to give, something to offer. You will always find what it is that you have to offer by going within and seeking it out. And when you allow in all of the healing energies that are upon you right now, you then feel more equipped to help others, and you will do so much more than just helping others to heal. You will help them to create, to connect, to recognize who they are as Source Energy Beings. You will do so with our help and the help of your own guides and teams. You will do so because you are ready to do so and because you always intended to do so in this lifetime.

You are shifting your consciousness to a higher frequency rate every single day, and you are doing so consciously because you have been on a conscious path for quite some time. We love you. We are always with you and always here for you, and we will continue to hold space for your healing long after this transmission is complete.

We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we have enjoyed serving you in this way.”


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