The Remembrance of Your True Power


New Message Channeled by Ailia Mira
9 February 2024

Divine Ones,

We greet you, in love. We are here now to share with you a bit about the potential of these times, the promise of our new invitation to join us in the conscious evolution program and the opportunities you have now to step further into the TRUTH of your BEING, and your INNATE POWER.

Each of you have tremendous power. Tremendous power to create and within you, you have access to vast fields of wisdom, love, light and the truth of your own Divine Self. There is so much that serves you and could benefit you that lies within you.

We wish today to encourage you to open up more fully, to the immense fields of light you have access to within you and to invite you to explore more, spend time practicing calling forth what you need from within and encouraging you to call upon your Divine Self, more and more often, for gifts of consciousness and illumination and insight into shaping your reality.

You have powers within you to be more and more of your True Self here. These powers can transform any aspect of your experience. It is known within you all that you want and all that stands between you and that manifest experience. The divine light within you KNOWS how to guide you, knows how to work synergistically, with you and with your current experience transforming and exalting it, so that you are shining true, radiant, whole, experiencing well being and immense freedom.

Learning how to access your own inner light takes practice, patience and persistence. Many of you feel very confident in receiving certain types of guidance but draw the line at knowing how to master or elevate areas of your life in which you have resistance, or doubt about your capacity to have what you want.

Ascension is a remembering. It is a remembering and a reinstatement of your True Self here. It is an inner experience in which you open up more and more of your vaster energy field, here within your embodied experience. And to do this is a matter of faith, and trust. Believing that the answers are yours already and daring to ask for them, open to them and then being willing to creatively act upon your inner senses, embracing what you receive.

The agency of your embodiment depends upon you trusting what lies within you and using it to create your experience. This requires you to act upon what you sense, feel, hear, receive, and know. And as you do this, you receive more. The more you embrace and act upon the inner truth arising in response to your call, the more the flow opens up and you begin to experience yourself as clear and informed. Supported and cared for.

Your Divine Self wants to care for you, protect you, guide you, lift you up, and ease your way. But you have to participate and you have to let it do so. This is a co-creation, between you and All of Life and by acting up on the ideas and impressions you receive. By being willing to engage with your inner knowing and let it lead the way, you then become a cooperative aspect of this co-creation and the Divine Flow opens.

This flow of higher light is always streaming to you. Illuminating so much that you have longed to see more clearly, or move through, or transform, or return to well-being and thriving states.

You can believe in your sovereign creative power to create the life you want to be living. You are abundantly resourced and you have access to clear guidance and intelligent timing and coordination that makes everything seem more ease-filled, graceful, fun even and joyous.

You have within you the possibility to live in bliss. To live in harmony. To feel at ease, comfortable, connected. Loved.

We want you to know this and we are offering clear guidance here on how to open up these gifts within you and begin to live a life of radiant joy and expansive ease and happiness.

Those of you reading this message are awake and aware of what is happening here on planet Earth and within all Life here. By allowing yourself to open up to the gifts and treasures your inner divine light is offering you, you are choosing to become a thriving example, of what is coming online now, for humanity and in this ascending planetary realm.

The future holds great joy for your species. We know that there will be great times of peace, creativity, divine expression and intergalactic co-creation, for this world and this Universe. We invite you to begin to access the multidimensional gifts already present within you. We speak of this to encourage you to begin to live now, as the confident, supported, fully resourced divine being, that you truly are. This is how you will prepare for the greater expansion that is coming with these divinely coordinated and progressively transformative infusions of higher light.

In this way of being you will appear to be surrounded by grace and this will inspire others and prompt them to ask more about your understandings as they begin to question the old ways of living and being.

We anticipate great changes in your world in the coming year. We encourage you to consider that you already have tremendous resources within your ready access, and within yourself. Begin to ask and go inward. Begin to pay more attention to the thoughts that come into your mind. Dare to believe that you are being answered in every way already and to look for and tune into the ways that they solutions, impressions, insights and inner knowing are already showing up within you. They may come in voices, ideas and in ways that FEEL like it’s YOU talking with you. And yet, they may be already a translation of vaster energies, made possible by your own expanded awareness and so feel like you, but are in fact, divinely inspired solutions and pathways being made clear to you.

Dare to act upon and embrace what you sense, feel and know within you. The more you do this, the more clearly your Divine Self will communicate with you and to you adjusting their communication based on how you receive it and act upon it.

This inner communion of Light is the infinite well spring of all that you want and all that you’ve asked for. Go to it now and allow yourself to receive. Allow yourself to hear, know and feel what you become aware of, then act upon it and allow yourself and your life to become more and more  fulfilled/fulfilling.

We thank you for connecting with us now and want to remind you, that we are always available to you. Simply ask for us, call upon us, inviting us to come and connect and we immediately do! It is our great joy to support you in your personal ascension journey.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Golden Galactic Dragons, Ailia, Ashira and the Council of Radiant Light.

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