The Pleiadian Message for Humanity

Channeling the Pleiadian Collective: Watch the Channeling
The Pleiadian Message for Humanity
Have you ever pondered how simple acts of kindness and compassion can send waves of healing across the universe?

Join us as Wendy Kennedy connects with “the P’s”, a celestial collective hailing from the Pleiades, to unravel the mysteries of Earth’s ascension and uncover the profound impact the year 2026 will have on our collective spirit.

Through her unique ability to interpret their Light Language and delve into the rich history of their presence on Earth, Wendy offers us a doorway to an extraordinary journey.

It’s an exploration of heart and cosmos, inviting us to align the deepest truths of our hearts with the ancient wisdom of the stars.

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by Wendy Kennedy
9D Pleiadian Collective: Disclosure Timeline
The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, keepers of timelines and records, forecasts a deadline for public disclosure.

Wendy Kennedy answers questions of ET contact and global disclosure on behalf of light beings located in the constellation called the Seven Sisters. She discusses how all humans have the ability to channel any form of creative expression.

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Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America
For the first time in history, six of North America’s most prominent spiritual channels are united in exploring their process.

The spirit guides and other entities coming through each channeler have a strong, yet distinct personality. The unimaginable messages are delivered through space and time from powerful entities empowering humankind.

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Interviews with Extra-Dimensionals: Wendy Kennedy
In 1995, Wendy Kennedy began channeling, at first with her own angelic guides, before becoming reacquainted with The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, she primarily channels at her public events and private sessions.

In addition to Pleiadian Collective, she works with beings from Sirius, Lyra, Arcturus, and other higher dimensional, celestial beings.

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