the BLISS of Fulfillment: Empowered Divine Creation


Hello Beautiful  ~

Welcome to 2024! As our lives energetically up-level in a profound and significant way, there is a very beautiful and profound deepening available now and happening within many of us…

This change is empowered by all the Higher Light we’ve received, integrated allowed to activate us and transform us. And by our devotion to ascension, self-love, healing, moving beyond separation AND by the flow of energy and information from our I AM presence, our Divine Self.

Archangel Michael and the Golden Galactic Dragons say this new way of being brings us to the threshold of BLISS! I can feel it when I received this today. You can read this shimmering new message here:


KNOW THIS! You are FREE to fully align with the higher dimensions and the ascending energies in our planet and ourselves and to experience your life as the most radiant, abundant, beautiful and blissful experience you’ve ever known!

We have more capabilities than we’ve yet allowed ourselves to receive and access.  We can allow ourselves to receive what we might consider miracles — things that we don’t or didn’t know how to create ourselves, or which feel beyond our reach.

I have personally experienced profound healing of my LongCovid — which in the past seemed unimaginable to me! This has been so empowering and inspiring.

We can learn to create our presence and our lives, unconditionally. 

In fact, we have always been free to do this, but now, as we are embodying more and more clarity and higher light, as our self-love has grown so much, this is becoming more and more natural and accessible to us.

Introducing a NEW Conscious Evolution Program ~

Archangel Michael and the Galactic Dragons are offering new transmissions and empowerments to assist us in moving into the CONSCIOUSNESS of DIVINE CREATION.

This is the consciousness, of unconditional creativity. Sovereign authority. It’s what we came here intending to be and experience. 

Much of what empowers this, is our MINDSET, our sense of IDENTITY and our orientation to Life. And working with our Divine Self to expand our flow, access and request gifts of consciousness and deepening our ability to feel clarity and guidance from within.

The potential of this, is enormous! And the possibilities for ease and joy and pleasure and fun? Immense! 

What a wonderful way to begin this new year!! 

READ THE NEW Message and see if this speaks to you!
From the Golden Galactic Dragons & Archangel Michael

I have already received some of these empowerments from the Golden Galactic Dragons in the past few weeks ,and they’ve manifested in my experience in a way that is so natural, and different — so much more relaxed and calm and uplifting and joyful!! I feel such deep peace in my day to day life. I am so eager to share all of this with you.

It is time, if you wish, to embody the higher potential for DIVINE CREATION within your own wholeness.

 I would love for this you to participate and receive these Angelic Energy Infusions, Activating Transmissions and Attunements, and easily integrate the empowering perspectives and energies offered inside of this experience.

The Golden Galactic Dragons & Archangel Michael are lighting the way… Opening up this field of golden shimmering light for you to join and receive from. If you’re ready and would like to receive their liberating empowering gifts, click here. 💛

Sending you all my love and best wishes for a wonderful new year!
Blessings in abundance,


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