Discovering a New Normal: An Ascension Update


Divine One,

We greet you, in love. We are here now to share with you new ideas about how you relate to your ascending experience so that you might feel more empowered, more connected and more free in creating the life that you are living.

The frequencies available to you now are significantly different, higher and more expansive than any you have yet encountered in your life up until now. These energies are flowing through you! And as you acknowledge them, you can open more full to them, letting them seep into every cell within your body. Lighting you up and illuminating your true potential here on earth.

Each of you came to Earth with intentions that are shaped by your unique arrangement of experiences and the frequencies you felt you could contribute to the Golden Future.

As you open more fully to embody more and more of your own higher light, these capacities that are carried by light and energy, open within you, are activated and then begin to infuse your field and emanate from your presence.

We suggest that you practice being present to the moment.

That you call forth all of your energy from anywhere you may have left it and draw it back to you.

It is important now, to live in the present moment. Centered in your heart and consciously aware of who you truly are — a divine eternal field of light flowing into presence here.

As you are present in the moment, you allow yourself to have all that you need. We suggest that you notice this.

You are abundantly resourced. In the present moment you are available to all that will foster your thriving. All that you have created flows into form and experience as you are aligned and clear and open to this transformative flow of light and energy.

The experience of embodiment is moving into an experience of HEART CENTERED PRESENCE and an experience of FLOW. As you are aware of this, you can be still and feel this — feel your radiant heart center. Feel it emanate from you. Feel your inner smile and the glow, the radiance of your own heart light. Aware of this luminous radiance you are aware of your own perpetual flow.

This can liberate a feeling of EASE, a feeling of balance and well-being. A feeling of harmony and wisdom. A feeling of Divine Order and illumination.

In your awareness of this profoundly perfect, balanced and fulfilling energy — which is the very energy of your being — which you are more aware of it now, you can experience, and feel tremendous EASE. There is again — a sense of balance, and a feeling that ALL IS WELL. Right now.

Center in this. Let it inform you. Let this knowing become a steady state of awareness. Let yourself begin to live in this knowing — that you are abundantly provided for and that Life is flowing in perfect order and in generous and beneficial ways, to you, always.

Life is always happening of you. For you to thrive, to soar, to feel joy, to feel your true Self! To feel and be in unity and communion with Life, and for you to have a powerful and beautiful foundation from which to create and be.

In that awareness choose what you will. Let yourself embrace your desires and feel entirely free to choose the life you want to be living.

There are no rules. No guidelines you need to get from outside of you and then apply to you. These are old ways of being.

In the new world, in this new dimension of frequency and expression you will know what calls to you and delight in this awareness. You will simply move into it, toward it and open naturally with enthusiasm and pleasure, to it.

Life becomes fluid and graceful. You feel at peace and at ease.
You also will feel the energetic qualities which you enjoy most. For some that is serenity and spaciousness. For others? Exhilaration and passion. Each of you have different ways of being in which you feel most aligned, natural and like yourself. These states of being will become more steadily accessible to you.

We are aware that as Ailia is translating this message she does not quite believe this is possible — for she is feeling the simplicity of this and yet the world feels historically to be complicated and layered and changeable and there is a long standing pattern of responding TO THE WORLD, rather then centering within yourself and flowing.

That feeling she has isn’t really doubt, but more one of feeling the new state we are describing feels odd. And as though it’s really a different way, and it is — it is a different plane of being and you are all able to be there now.

And the feeling that this is a bit etherial and not real, is all right. That is to be expected given your previous experience.

But we assure you, Beloved Ones, the more you center in this present moment and feel your own inner flow of aliveness, of light, of knowing, of unity, the more joy and ease and peace and harmony you will KNOW as YOU.

It is beyond description what is here for you now, but we are doing what we can right now, through Ailia, to conjure it up for you. So you may recognize the threshold and allow yourself to move into the new light and into your new world, your new way of being.

Let yourself get used to the harmony, ease, peace and balance of what is here for you now.

Find quiet moments to rest in this energy and enjoy it. Let it attune you to it. Let yourself feel the ease of it and get really used to being in this state and open to this inner flow.

The rest will follow naturally.

The more you allow yourself to be at peace and in this state of ease and balance and harmony and flow, the more accustomed to it you will become and then gradually, it will become the new normal for you.

Well being abounds!
And now, Dear Friends, you are ready to know this as a steady state of being!

We celebrate you.
We are complete.

I AM Archangel Michael with Ailia, the Galactic Dragons and the Council of Radiant Light.


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