December Solstice with Archangel Raphael 💚



Hello, Beautiful ~

This December Solstice is a going to be a glorious finale to a unprecedented year of continually increasing and elevating energies streaming into our planet, the Earth Itself moving into the 5th Dimension and the higher light and non-physical beings coming close to us more so now than ever before….

I’m sure you’ve felt the incredible energies which are purifying our fields, clearing out obsolete patterns and energies and creating space for more LIGHT.

The energies now present and emanating from our planet and into us, span the 3rd to the 11th Dimension!!!

Never before has there been such a huge spectrum of energies present, on Earth and the opportunity to deliberate call forth that which we want and need to boost ourselves into the state of presence and being, we want to live in and create from.

On this December Solstice  Archangel Raphael has invited us to join in a Lightworker Collective Celebration, in which we will connect with and co-create with our 7th Dimensional Ascended Self and the energy of the Christ Consciousness, empowering all that is good and beautiful within your Eternal Self, to shine forth NOW.

The December Solstice always provides us with an opportunity to embody more of the Christ Consciousness…

The Christ Consciousness is the consciousness of the SOUL rather than the consciousness, of the fear-based, separation energy we often call “the ego.” It is golden energy and light that can further our evolution and as we embody more and more of this higher light, we become radiant with coherence and clarity.

All of us are meant to embody the Christ Consciousness.

It was not and is not only Jesus who can and will embody this energy,  and it may help to understand it beyond Christian terminology — everyone is the Christ, or everyone is the Buddha, the Atman, the Eternal Self.

We are each create as Eternal Divine Beings and awakening initiates a process of transformation and exaltation — the path of personal and planetary ascension — and includes embodying more and more of this beautiful Golden Energy that is our Divine Self.

Your inner radiance has been growing all year. NOW is a powerful time and presents us with a powerful alignment to fill ourselves with Divine Energies, unleash Divine Qualities like love, aliveness, joy, harmony, insight, vision and inspiration. So we might feel our own magnificent beauty and be a blessing of light, love and wholeness, in the world, and to everyone around us.

– We hope you’ll join us! –

Our live Solstice Celebration with Archangel Raphael is on THURSDAY, 21 DECEMBER 2023 at 11:30 AM pacific timeand will be approximately 90 minutes long (depending on the channeling).

This will be a Transmission Experience of healing, expansion, empowerment and exaltation…

The channeled energies shared and the guided inner journey will assist you in:

  • Knowing your TRUE IDENTITY beyond the ego, beyond separation;
  • Having an increased ability to connect with the Infinite, Illumined and Eternal Self within you;
  • Give you a huge boost you on your ascension path; and

This will be a richly layered, multidimensional higher light experience that will work with your energy on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, supporting you, clarifying you and filling you with a deep sense of connection, the very real knowing of your ascension path and expanding your connection with your non-physical support team, or Family of Light.

This event will be recorded and the audio recording (.mp3) will be available shortly after the live event is over — same day — for streaming and/or download (device permitting). So you can join live, if that works best for your OR listen later, via the audio — the energies of the Solstice are already pouring in and you will get the FULL BENEFIT from participating live, AND from listening to the audio recording.

We’d LOVE for you to join us!




You’ll receive a confirmation of payment sent immediately to the email you used in your purchase.

Look for a separate email within 24-hours, from me, with details for joining the Live Event. Please note that if you sign up during the live event, you’ll receive the recording, afterwards, for streaming/downloading. No emails will be sent out during the live event. Thank you!



P.S. Also? The Solstice Event is included as part of LIMITLESS BEING, a new program that started just a little while ago + Enrollment is still open.

This event included 5 Transmissions, and including working with the energies of 2024 AND generating/creating momentum for a BEAUTIFUL NEW WORLD. 🥰

If you’d like to learn more, click here… and if you join LIMITLESS BEING, the Solstice Celebration is included.


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