Make the most of the 11:11 Portal 💛


Hello Beautiful  ~

Welcome to the 11:11 PORTAL 🔥 How are you doing?

11/11 is one of the 8 points of Light in the spiritual year, and always a time of starting again at a level higher. This year there are HUGE energies of higher dimensional light streaming in and being anchored into our world.

This higher light is disrupting so much that is of lower frequency, that was structured in separation. In your own life that can feel intense, and sometimes you feel or sense the energies as they are being dissolved — if you know this, you can just let go and allow it.

NOW is an important time, for LIGHTWORKERS to cultivate calm, alignment and inner peace. To be the LIGHT in the world, inspiring hope and demonstrating what is possible.

Whenever there is an enormous infusion of higher light, like today, you have the opportunity to use the incredible energies streaming in, to shift into higher frequencies, embody more of who you truly are, clear and release energies that no longer serve you and to create what you want. 💛

This is a wonderful opportunity to take some time to open inwardly, call forth a connection with All That You Are ( I AM, Divine Self, True Self…whatever words you prefer) and your spiritual support team and ask for clarity in embodying and expressing your highest potential.

Sit with self, and really think about what you would like to invite in to your life. What is it you want to feel? To experience?

We live on an abundant universe. Learning to believe you are supported in evolving and manifesting what you want, takes practice, but is worthy feeling your way into and focusing on enough that you can make this knowing REAL to you.

LIFE LOVES YOU. The Universe and All That Is is supporting you, in each and every moment. All that you are is ALWAYS guiding you into the path of least resistance, and the past of your highest good. The things that you benefit from focusing on, will always be presented to you now. Learn to TRUST and have FAITH in life.

You have the opportunity to tap into these energies to manifest a life you love and to further your ascension journey. Give thanks for all that you are already blessed with. Take your time to bathe in this energy 📝

Gratitude and how you are feeling when you do this is the key 🔑

If the energies feel intense to you, which they may, call upon Archangel Metatron, and ask for an axiatonal alignment and a spiritual integration and alignment. This will properly align your personal self with the cosmic energies.

You were made for this! Let this portal expand and elevate you!
Love and blessings,


This energy is fueling our evolution. The potential is HERE, right now, for increasing our light quotient, anchoring and embodying higher dimensional expressions of our own wholeness and aligning with and co-creating the emerging new 5th Dimensional world.

In our NEW Conscious Evolution Program — BECOMING YOUR TRUE SELF we’ll be opening to receive, with grace and ease, and at a pace that is perfect for each of us, individually, the downloads and transmutation of our presence, to move into Higher Light expression.

Conscious Evolution Programs are amazingly empowering.They are powerful, life changing experiences.

All Conscious Evolution programs include both energy work and practical channeled guidance. You receive weekly remote energy infusions, while you sleep and in-depth attunements, activations, channeled messages and material that guides you, with specific practices and activities, in expanding your conscious awareness of the connection with your I AM or DIVINE SELF.

If you’re ready to feel your own power and the immense and very personal love All That You Are, has for you — in a palpable real way, Conscious Evolution programs can show you how and lift you into that more clear, true multidimensional awareness.

Our new program starts today 11-11, and is going to be filled with INITIATIONS, that empower our ascension. 🔥

If you’d like to join us ENROLLMENT IS STILL OPEN.
You can find all the details HERE.

We’d love to have you join us!



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