Feel the magic!


Hello Beautiful  ~

The expansion we all want and are calling forth, is being generously, massively brought forth in our world! 

I am feeling the reality of this, more and more each day. And eager for the experiences in which we personally receive the amazing energies and transmissions that we have summoned  to empower our evolution at this time.

Lightworkers, wayshowers and those who are consciously evolving are being prepared now, to Light the Way, for the world.

Have you felt within you a sense of sacredness about these times?

The energy and guidance is now available and being offered to us now, to embody the higher potential within our wholeness and upgrade our LightBody!

To activate our 5th Dimensional Blueprint, to be able to accommodate, integrate, anchor and embody the incredible high frequencies streaming into our world. 💛

The energetic potential of this time, has changed — opened up and elevated, BIG TIME!

In light of this, and in support of our ascension, Our Non-physical Friends, now invite you to join us, for a new, Conscious Evolution program:

INITIATIONS into the True Self.

For those of you new to Conscious Evolution programs, I have to tell you that they are other-wordly — magnificent. Magical. Beyond anything I ever think they can be.

I am a receiver/conscious channel of them, and even after doing many of them, I’m still awed by how they answer us, in ways that blow our minds and exceed all our expectations.

I now simply expect the emails I consistently get marveling at how what was given was what someone felt to focus upon and do, themselves, right before receiving the transmissions…and how validating that was.

Or how the message spoke to, “exactly the challenge I was experiencing and made it clear how to focus in order to release it.”

How the remote energy work last night was so powerful, I woke up knowing I had been working with the Pleaidians while I slept and could feel this pink, light all around me.

And the messages when someone is searching for the words to express how different they feel — how vast… How close to GOD/SOURCE/THE DIVINE… How much more real and alive the subtle energies are to them.

How through the messages they feel so much clearer and have more agency in their own lives.

How there is this sense of being SO MUCH MORE and feeling so blessed. 

THIS is the ANGELIC REALM, friends!

They simply love us so much and give to us, so generously.

The Remote Energy Infusions combined with brand new weekly channeled transmissions and the suggested practice focus, are full of wisdom, inspiration, activations that feel personally spot on, week after week.

Somehow, the transmissions give to us the answers, insights, and shifts that we’ve asked for. We feel seen, met, held, the support of the Angelic Realm is palpable, real and powerful.

This is multidimensional co-creation, with wonderful, loving beings, who are timeless and see our potential, know our hearts and want us to thrive.

It’s a great gift and honor, for me always to receive one of these programs.

Becoming the True Self begins this Saturday, 11-11. You can learn more here:

👉 https://expectwonderful.com/ce-xix-true-self 

Today I asked Archangel Metatron, what we could expect from this program and here’s what came through:

  • Guidance to work with the Elemental Dragons and your personal Dragon and Unicorn to help you transform, evolve, and empower your fifth dimensional energy presence;
  • Receive, activate and open to integrate your 5th Dimensional Health Blueprint, or higher;
  • Initiate your conscious connection Etheric Communities on Planet Earth; Shambhalla, Telos, Hollow Earth and more;
  • Initiation into your Divine Purpose for true expression. Open to your golden future expression and begin to receive the visions and capacities to empower your ascended purpose;
  • Initiation of the harmonization of your 5th Dimensional Heart Chakra;
  • Initiation into perfect vision of Oneness and your 5th Dimensional Abundance Consciousness;
  • Ongoing Remote Energy Infusions, including support to sweep away denser energy, transmute the old and integrate higher light quickly and easily;
  • Initiation of your 5th Dimensional LightBody with Archangel Metatron who will also activate and ensure you PERMANENTLY ANCHOR your 12, 5th Dimensional Chakras, and release any 3rd and 4th dimensional chakras, from your unified presence, and more!

WE are being prepared to Light the Way, for the world.

It is time, if you wish, to embody the higher potential within your wholeness and upgrade your LightBody to stream the higher power available to you.

If you’d love to feel a closer, deeper connection with the Angelic Realm — the Archangels, the Unicorns, the Dragons… To FEEL the presence and connection of they in your Life and to feel your own LightBody activated, your 5th Dimensional Chakras, open and light up, and to move into the new year, in a state of elevated presence, radiance, clarity and well-being?

Here’s your ticket to all that, and more.

Ready to feel the magic?

Your reality and your sense of Self, can open and transform, shifting your reality in ways that are beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

This is the nature of this time we’re living in now!

This new program will activate 5th Dimensional Energy structures within us! There has been nothing like this available to us, until now!

I would love for this you to receive all the empowering perspectives and energies inside of this experience  ~.

The Dragons, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Unicorns and your Divine Self are holding the door open for you, and ready to share their gifts! 💛

If you would like to join us, click here.



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