There is no opposite to Love because Love is All.

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Here in the non physical realms we are watching with joy as the human collective, each and every human, shows signs of awakening.  Yes, your awakening is happening now, and the anguish that so many are presently experiencing is leading them inevitably and most positively towards Love as they have come to realize that there is no other meaningful direction in which to proceed.  As each one calls personally on Love – and It is always present or available in many forms such as: forgiveness, acceptance, prayer, meditation, allowing, willingness, compassion, empathy – often in desperation as nothing else is working, they are effectively opening to the truth that they themselves are beings who are Love and who desire only Love, and in doing so they are also starting to recognize that Love is who all others are as well.  The Love Tsunami is greatly intensifying worldwide as more and more of you open yourselves to It and become fully aware and most willing partners with It in your collective awakening process.  Truly, all is well!

God is Love, is All, is the Source of all of creation, is the eternal life force that provides for every need that a created being could ever conceive of.  For example as a gross over-simplification: a human body is composed of trillions of interconnected cells in a multitude of bodily systems that operate in total unity, interdependently and unfailingly, to maintain it perfectly, while knowing and honoring the fact that they are essential and irreplaceable elements within it.  As humans in form most of you have lost or forgotten this similar knowing about yourselves, and so attempt to operate as independent autonomous beings, which you are not.  Personal autonomy is seemingly an enormously powerful egoic belief system into which you have been enculturated, based on the fear of the possible imminent collapse or destruction of your bodies, and it operates to protect them while happily destroying others, if it seems in any way advantageous to do so.  And this, of course, is a recipe for total disaster and devastation, even though such a state could never come into existence.

Your egos are fear-driven and always have been.  You have often been told that fear is the opposite to Love, but this is incorrect as there is no opposite to Love because Love is All.  Love accepts, comforts, encourages, uplifts and inspires those who choose to allow themselves to become aware that It is always there for them, that they are eternally and inseparably enfolded within It, instead of hiding from It, for It is indeed their true nature.  Fear is an unreal sense that quickly arose in your minds when you constructed and entered into the illusion in which you experience yourselves as humans in form, and found yourselves apparently alone and abandoned in a vast universe that was unaware that you even existed.  You felt and believed yourselves to beunseen, unheard and unloved, and this was terrifying for the individuality that you now identified as yourself – your physical body and its ego – and neither of those are real.  Your true state, your true knowledge of yourself as One with Mother/Father/God, was lost and forgotten on entering the illusion, and replaced by a deep sense of unbearable isolation.  And, as you well know, the whole purpose of constructing and entering into the illusion was to experience separation.  What you did not realize and could not have possibly imagined was how totally alone and abandoned you would feel.  And the seeming reality of that unreal state that you experience is terrifying, and as a consequence you spend much of your human lives seeking the comfort and support of love from another, unaware that you are Love!

To awaken is to know yourselves once more as you truly are, a differentiated and individuated divine being in eternal inseparable Union with Mother/Father/God.  Knowing that once more will fill you with joy and wonder, it is an amazing ongoing experience that has never ceased to amaze and delight you in every moment, even though you appear to have been in an eons long state of forgetfulness of this unchangeable divine Truth.  You have a saying: “Home is where the heart is.”  Truly your heart is always and uninterruptedly expressing itself within the divine Heart because that is where it resides in every moment of your existence.

You are Love, that is your natural and eternal state, and any sense or feeling you may experience that is not in perfect alignment with this divine Truth is totally and completely invalid.  You are all beings of of intense perfection and beauty – infinite perfection and beauty – because that is how Mother/Father/God created you, because it is the only way that She could create you.  Your awakening is your awakening from seemingly eons of pain, suffering and the trauma of unworthiness which have never occurred, and which could never occur.  That Truth is very difficult for you to accept because the environment in which you are experiencing your human lives seems so intensely real.  The seemingly valid and intense reality of life in form was your intention when you imagined and thus constructed that unreal state.  You know that it is unreal simply because it is not and never could be aligned with the Love that you are in every moment of your divine eternal existence.


What you are experiencing as humans in form that is not of Love is utterly unreal, and it is your and God’s intent that that you awaken.  You are all the beloved children of God – every single sentient being without any exceptions – and She is gently and lovingly nudging you into wakefulness so that you awaken into the joy that you are, gently, peacefully, and without trauma of any kind.  You have already experienced far too much of that as you have lived the nightmare of unreality in which it seemed to you that Love was absent.  However, It was not, and never could be, because, as you doknow deep within yourselves, there is only Love.  Joy and bliss lovingly await your final and inevitable choice to awaken and to be consciously and eternally fully aware of your Oneness with Mother/Father/God.

With so very much love, Saul.


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